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Toronto, Ontario, Canada | Established. Jan 01, 2000 | INDIE

Toronto, Ontario, Canada | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2000
Solo Hip Hop Pop





Spesh K's Export Eh makes like a greatest hits album as it includes gems from previous albums, along with several fresh new tracks. The album's strength lies within the solidly diverse beats. Renowned Halifax producer, Classified, handles production on ten of the album's 13 songs, and he successfully builds on his mounting hype by laying out ten hot beats.

The Anonamyss produced 'Anonamyss Letters' is a breath of fresh air on an album containing little content beyond party hungry tracks. The song's concept deals with anonymous letters written by those struggling with life in this world as recited by Spesh K. 'Six Emcees' is straight fire dealing lyrical blows at the hands of Spesh K's clique: Classified, J-Bru, Mic B, Jay Bizzy and Bonshah. 'Can't Stop Me' is a conscious track depicting Spesh K's struggle to stop dealing drugs and eating at his own profits. 'Outbacks to the Fax' might lack lyrical content, but its distinctive country flavour makes it a unique head bopper. 'The Hungry Emcee' is an ode to Spesh K's unhealthy addiction to marijuana, causing him to spend his grocery money on weed instead of food.

There's no denying that Export Eh is a club-oriented album. As the second album released on Halifax's potent record label, Change The Game Records, the lyrics don't clutter your mind and the beats are bangin, which makes for a nice fuel injector for any party. - HipHopCanada.com (Troy Neilson)

"VIDEO REVIEW: Much Music - MediumRotation"

Sit down, Gorillaz – in this corner: Spesh K. Proving Jamie Hewlett isn't the only artist that can create memorable alter–egos for musicians, Halifax–based Copernicus Studios bring this Bradley Cayford–directed clip to stunning life. "Knockin' 'Em Down" puts Spesh K in the Little Mac role in Punch–Out!!, kind of like a real–life Captain N. The combo of pixel–perfect on–screen scenes and gameplay tricks (getting a friend like TK to help you out with the rapid button–press to get your guy to stand up after a knockdown) is cut seamlessly with Akira–worthy anime scenes of Spesh playing the game and going up against a schoolyard bully. Too much fun. - muchmusic.com

"ALBUM REVIEW: The Main Event"

"It's Going Down," appearing midway through The Main Event, is a perfect introduction to Halifax MC Spesh K, who counts this as his sixth album. In this song, all of his favourite topics are covered, as Spesh brags and boasts his way through raps about hip-hop, his skills, his 'hood, girls and weed. His delivery is hype and hungry, and the lyrics are witty but those topics are pretty much the extent of his subject matter. The beat is also a typical Spesh K pick, with Rayne Drop's contribution an exciting victory anthem, the type that would accompany a Rocky "last chance to win" training sequence, so maybe it's perfectly appropriate considering the title of the album. When the beats aren't being bombastic they often venture off into strange territory, like stoner anthem "Stay High," with S-Cape Artist's stripped back bass beat and out-of-tune singing, the bilingual "Manges tes Mots," with Hoodlum's synthesized horrorcore and guests Le Lunitique and Cordata, or Travis Veige's interesting and subtle sample selections for "Waiting," a trip-hop love song for hip-hop. Spesh also scores a couple of underground rap stars, with Sadat X contributing his personalized raps on what should soon be a college radio staple, "That's It Y'all," also featuring Moka on the hook, and Copywrite contributing his punch line raps on another bold and brash anthem, "Ready to Rumble," although his opening lines are a little unfortunate. In his obvious bid to go all out, Spesh K could have done with a bit of restraint, but The Main Event still ends up as his best album so far and could get him the attention he's hoping for.
(Independent) - Exclaim! (Thomas Quinlan)


Spesh K has compiled a mix of live performances, radio interviews, behind-the-scenes scenarios and the video for "Manges tes Mots" to create 90209, a solid slice-of-life look at an indie artist's struggles to succeed. Less time could have been spent on the concept behind this project and more on the Classified tour, but Spesh and producer/camera man Chris Companion have picked some great live songs to highlight. Sure, no info is given for any of these songs, or the video, but plenty of info can be found on the bonus CD of all-new tracks masquerading as a "soundtrack" to the DVD. While mostly mellow songs with R&B hooks, "Lets Get High Tonight" and "Test the Dress Code" are the only tracks hype enough to remain in any Spesh K live set. Spesh fans will likely appreciate the CD, the big bonus of this package, but DVD extras also include a photo gallery and a breakdown of the movie by scene. None of it answers my one lingering question though: What's the deal with that one Juggalo and his Supersoaker water cannon?
(BunOne Productions/New Vision Projects) - Exclaim! (Thomas Quinlan)

"ALBUM REVIEW: Big Special's House"

Obviously familiar with branding, Spesh K titles his tenth album after his two-year-old IndieCan Radio show, on which he plays Canadian content hip-hop, both underground and more mainstream. And if he doesn't have an intro for his show yet, "Welcome Y'all" would serve well as the intro there too, establishing the welcoming environment of the house Spesh keeps. On record, that house is built out of songs about hip-hop, booze and bud, making moves and a pair of love songs featuring both sides of that relationship coin during the more meaningful latter half of the album. The beats are either big, mid-tempo head-nodders or mellow, R&B-inflected slow jams, most by Spesh K's special weapon, Rayne Drop; his highlight is the one-two punch of the slow, warped "Funky," followed by the drum-and-recorder minimalism of "ABG." The twinkly, new age keys of DJ Heights, combined with the African and island vibes of "Cant Stop Me Now," make for a good transition into acoustic stoner anthem "I Wanna Get High." It's a strange flow, but it works. On the very next song, "Rock With Me," Sadat X steals the show with a phoned-in, but funky verse. The latter half of the album may be rap ballad-heavy ― only Philthy Pro's creepy synth beat for "I Got This" stands out ― but at least the front half has a few keepers and some successful experiments.
(Independent) - Exclaim! (Thomas Quinlan)


For his newest album, Fax 4 member Spesh K flexes his witty punch lines and metaphors/similes over some decent Classified production. Unfortunately, none of the production here is comparable to Classified’s recent breakout album, Boy-Cott-In the Industry, and many of the songs have a tendency to blend together. However, the tracks that do stand out from the pack are well worth a listen. The album starts off strong with the amped-up beat and braggadocio lyrics of introductory anthem "Spesh Is Coming,” while an appearance by punch line comedy rapper D-Sisive (where has that guy been?) is more than welcome, as are Classified, J-Bru, Mic B, Jay Bizzy and Bonshah, who get raucous with Spesh K for the kick-ass "Six Emcces.” But, the highlight of the album is "The Hungry Emcee,” Spesh’s ode to weed that sees the Halifax, Nova Scotia, rapper choosing the sticky green over his greens, or any other food. Class’s beat is smooth and laidback with a slick guitar sample. The hype track that follows, "Knockin’em Down,” is a close second. Spesh won’t flip your dome with Export Eh, but it is guaranteed to get your dome nodding more than a few times. - Exclaim! (Thomas Quinlan)


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2000 Collision - Head On



With an unparalleled live performance and an uncanny hunger for the microphone as a tool for self expression, Spesh K is poised to be acknowledged as one of Canada's greatest Hip Hop artists.

The year 2013 is proving to be a massive one for Spesh K, who just released his highly anticipated trilogy "Grand Spesh Audio" on September 17, 2013 featuring 3 albums with 3 different vibes on 1 project.

In May 2013, Spesh K travelled to Spain to film the video for 'Little Things' with Spanish supergroup Sugarfree DJs, their first single 'Not a Puppet' featuring Spesh K reached the top 40 on Spanish radio, and climbed to #14 on the iTunes charts alongside artists like David Guetta and Calvin Harris. With growing momentum and recognition, Spesh is on the way to becoming an international superstar.

Recent years have also been exciting times for Spesh, having made appearances at Nuit Blanche hosting an event with Second City, and on YTVs The Next Star. He also appeared on stage during the cypher portion of the CBC Hip Hop Summit, trading rhymes with the likes of Choclair, K-OS, Kardinal Offishal, K'naan, Thrust, The Rascalz, Michee Mee, Buck65 and more. It was such a rejuvenating experience for the Nova Scotian lyricist who has released 6 albums since 2011 titled "The Rayne Maker", "BSH Warm-Up Show", "Big Specials House", "512 in the 416", and "Sir Real".

The albums were recorded and mixed by Spesh K in his own home studio aka Big Specials House, and have received tens of thousands of downloads worldwide.

In 2009, Spesh K won the East Coast Music Award (ECMA) for Rap/Hip Hop Single of the Year for the song "The Main Event". He was then nominated for 2 more categories in 2011, one of which was Hip Hop recording of the year for the single "Cant Put a Price on Love" featuring the multi-talented singer/actress Cory Lee who plays Ms. Oh on DeGrassi. The video was directed by Davin Black and released to Much Music and Much Vibe in November 2010. "Can't Put a Price on Love" received generous play on both stations, leaving music fans wanting to hear more of Spesh K. "Hip Hop Since" is the latest collaboration between Spesh K and Davin Black, debuting at MuchMusic in July 2012. 

After releasing 6 singles to Much Music over 6 years, hundreds of thousands of views on YouTube, and frequent radio play worldwide, Spesh K is one to watch for, gaining more fans in each city he visits and carrying the rep for one of Canadas best live performers and music creators.

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