SP (formerly studpuppy)

SP (formerly studpuppy)


SP (formerly studpuppy) is a New York City band
The music is rock and roll, with hints of punk and
powerpop wrapped around catchy melodies.


SP (formerly studpuppy) started out as just a group of musicians
looking to play and have a good time.
Lee & Shaz met through a mutual drummer friend, and then they
found Philiipe and Eric and the band came together
very quickly. Before they knew it they were playing NYC's most popular venues
to large crowds. Then put out their debut EP simply titled"studpuppy"


EP called "studpuppy"
Second CD in the works under the new SP name

Set List

Substantial Energy
The Arguement
Turn The Corner
Lights Off
Two Sides To Every Story
Dysfunctional Parts
Walking In Circles
TV Sucks You
In Focus
Closed Doors
Dumb Kids
Stolen Song
Distance Between Time & Space
Walking In Circles
End of the Nineties


Cover Songs:
Take A Letter Maria-RB Greaves
The Seeker-The Who
Do It CLean-Echo & The Bunnymen
Inside Out-The Mighty Lemon Drops