Spherus is a nonverbal trio show designed for larger theatrical venues. It features International Juggling champion Greg Kennedy, complemented by two aerial acrobats. Greg’s biggest shape creations appear in this show, along with dazzling artistry on trapezes, silks and spinning hoops.


The show Spherus was written and choreographed by Greg Kennedy. Some have said, what Cubism was to the art world in the early 20th century, Greg Kennedy’s work is to juggling today. Greg uses the principles of geometry and physics to create ground-breaking work with original apparatus. He is continually building new props and introducing new concepts. Jugglers know him for his award-winning creativity; audiences know him for his entertaining performance, making visual spectacles out of everyday objects.

Originally trained as an engineer, Greg has always been fascinated with geometry and physics. He quickly made a name for himself in the juggling community not only by his mastery of traditional juggling technique, but also for creating entirely new forms of manipulation. Since then, Greg has performed on five different continents and most of the world’s seas. While the travel is an adventure, his favorite thing is to be at home in his studio, developing new work.

Set List

All original manipulation work with shows up to 90 minutes including intermission. Routines include manipulation, aerial dance, juggling and unique performance pieces.