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Austin, Texas, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2009 | SELF

Austin, Texas, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2009
Band Pop Alternative




"Daytrotter: Sphynx 'Where Everything's Epically Gold Plated and Booming'"

Where Everything's Epically Gold Plated and Booming - Daytrotter

"SXSW: Thousands of gigs later, fest is a wrap"

A late addition to the bill, Austin-based Sphynx, had listeners dancing to its glam pop. - USA Today

"Homegrown Festival Escaped Mother Nature to Put on a Killer Party on Saturday"

For many festivalgoers, the following band was a pleasant, Aqua-Net drenched surprise. Hailing from Austin, glam-rockers Sphynx are millennial's answer to Queen - but "with two Freddie Mercury's and also Phil Collins" according to their Facebook. (They're modest folks, too...) This electro-pop trio could give Andrew W.K. a run for his money in a headbanging contest, while still hitting those falsettos and looking fabulous doing it. - The Dallas Observer

"Austin's Sphynx Glams Up ACL Fest"

"In case you forgot how this whole ACL Fest thing works, Austin glam band Sphynx shook off everyone’s cobwebs noon Friday. If there’s another cover of Haddaway’s “What Is Love” at this festival, I’m sure they’ll eat their matching skintight white denim and leopard print jeans.

That head-bobbing moment (“A Fest At the Roxbury”?) wasn’t entirely unexpected if you got one look at the electropop trio on the Austin Ventures stage: synthman Cory Dennis in a white and gold leather jacket, guitarist Aaron Miller in the fur coat straight from Joan Crawford’s closet, drummer Todd Harris giving tiger-print blazers a good name. And to top it all off: a bunch of long hair ripe for the whipping.

Miller was quick to remind the crowd (which rightfully filled out after initial sparseness) that the band are hometown boys living their dream at Zilker Park. And they did the city proud: one of their best jams, the ebulliently poppy “Orbs,” showed off the band’s penchant for light choreography and tambourine battles. At one point in the set, Harris rose from his kit and pointed his stick at the audience, as if commanding them to dance. The crowd, mostly young, obliged with gusto.

Before the triumph of the Haddaway cover, Sphynx offered their fatted calf at the headliners’ altar with a brief mashup of OutKast’s “Ms. Jackson” and one of their own songs. A final volley of tunes, including current single “Hunger,” brought the band from disco funk slithering into a set-ending surge of headbanging and top-notch shredding.

No hometown bias intended: With the moves, the tunes, the energy, and the deft use of animal print, there’s no good reason why Sphynx shouldn’t be as big as the monument they’re named after. The dirty knees on that white denim by the end of the set is proof.

(The band also noted they will play a surprise set at Austin Kiddie Limits at 3:15 p.m. Get ready, kids.)" - Austin American Statesman

"Show Review: Sphynx at Fitzgerald's"

"Sphynx owned the stage with a hybrid of the finest elements of rock and roll history, from disco to New Wave and '80s hair-rock to '00s post-punk revival. Hair-band histrionics were performed with near-choreographed precision, as the band ran in place in unison, kicked the air like they had a problem with it, and headbanged away with their hair spinning like a wobbly ceiling fan.

The self-described "Two Freddy Mercurys and also Phil Collins," seduced the crowd with brilliant new material, Sphynx standards, and two covers that nearly tore the roof off of Fitz's. Who covers The Outfield's "Your Love" in 2015? Sphynx does, and killed it in a way that made the song officially theirs. The drummer accented the beats, reminding the crowd that collective nostalgia is a narcotic worth taking in moderation." - Houston Press

"ACL Music Festival Day 1 Recap"

Nice electro pop sounds that had everyone moving. - Diffuser.fm

"16 artists that prove Lady Gaga didn’t ruin pop music at SXSW"

Sphynx: Austin’s glammed-out hometown heroes interpret pop through the lens of tight pants and Haddaway covers. (11 p.m. Friday, Palm Door on Sabine) - The Austin-American Statesman

"SXSW Picks: Don't Miss These Bands!"

11 p.m. Sphynx (Palm Door on Sabine). You know how you show up to your friend’s show at 8 p.m. on a Monday to prove to the venue that they have the fan base to play a better time slot on a weekend? You owe it to Austin’s glam-rock party-starters in such a way. - Austin 360

"Sphynx: 'Hunger' & 'What is Love (Haddaway Cover)'"

It’s been a while since I’ve covered Austin’s awesome dance party instigators Sphynx. The guys are back with “Hunger”, a soulful groover for dance floor lovemaking. Couple it with their recent cover of Haddaway’s “What Is Love?” and things are going to heat up! Get into that talk box! - The Burning Ear

"Sphynx Headed Back to Cincinnati"

They’ve known each other since they were children, building forts in their backyards and then growing up in several of different kinds of bands ranging from punk to folk and it wasn’t until they finally found the right kind of music that just clicked for the electrifying and glamorous pop trio, Sphynx. The band consists of Cory "Can't Stop" Dennis on Vocals/Synthesizers, Aaron "Won't Stop" Miller on Vocals/Guitars, and Todd "Might Stop" Harris on Drums/Percussion.

Being compared to MGMT and Passion Pit with an influence of David Bowe and Queen, Sphynx, is band from Austin, TX who always knew that they wanted to be able to experiment with their own music by using pedals and synthesizers. “We can create a lot of different textures and that keeps the writing and recording process exciting,” said Miller.

The band came up with the name a few weeks after performing an after show of Of Montreal in 2010. “We knew we wanted a one word name and we liked the idea of naming the band after the Sphinx, but we preferred spelling the name with a 'y' because it looked more visually pleasing,” said Miller.

A few years down the road, Syphnx performed at the Bunbury Music Festival in 2012. Cincinnati is a memorable city for the band because it was where they performed their, “first big outdoor festival,” said Miller. The band performed high energy songs such as “Carpe Noctem” and “Hunger,” but are taking a slightly different route on their new album, Golden Garden. “The production is bigger and wider and we focused on keeping it live with a full drumset and bass guitar as opposed to the samples combined with live tracking that we did on the EPs,” said Miller. “The synth settings are warmer and a little more retro and we tracked most of the album through two inch tape.”

The album also includes groovier tunes and some slow ones as well. “It's a more thoughtful album but we focused on making it fun too, which has always been a goal for us,” said Miller.

The band recorded the album at band member’s Cory’s Studio, the Magic Ranch, which is about 30 minutes outside of Austin, TX on his parent’s property. “We were isolated with our ideas and Cory and I were both inspired lyrically by the natural world and our relationship with it and that's a recurring motif on the album,” said Miller.

Their inspiration was also driven from being away from their loved one for long because of touring so much. “For every wild night you have, there's a ton of time spent inside your own head,” said Miller. “At the surface level, Cory's lyrics deal with relationships framed in some pop conventions, but below the surface there's a more complex, and usually darker, story.”

Miller lost his dad in 2012 and some of the lyrics on the album deal with losing someone so close. “Most of my lyrics deal with the concept of death and understanding love and my surroundings with the real awareness that I am going to die at some point, which isn't as dark as it sounds,” said Miller.

Even though some of the lyrics might be deep, the band still keeps the album bright and funky.

Syphnx, who are known for their glamorous looks and high energy on stage, will put on a show filled with lights, more props, new material, and some new covers for the concert on March 28. “We love performing and are into creating a visual experience to go along with the music,” said Miller. - CinciMusic.com

"Hank and Cupcakes w/ Sphynx"

With a sound that embodies both a throwback yet futuristic vibe, Austin-based trio Sphynx is one band that is not going to slip through the pop-music scene. They yield an effortless dance-party zeal that is catchy enough to keep you moving but funky enough to keep it unpredictable. Part of their growing popularity is due to their energetic and bizarre live performances. The group has toured the US four times and have been official performers at SXSW Festival, CMJ Festival, Bunbury Festival, and more. - Do512

"Noteworthy MP3: Sphynx - Hunger"

Valentine’s time is hunger time. “Hunger” for love, hunger for fun between the sheets, hunger to see that loved one that may or may not love you back. Not everyone gets to have the sunshine version of V-day; in fact, I’d venture that most do not. Sphynx are here to correct that, if only for three minutes and two seconds.

Sweet, sweet, dance pop will be flowing through your speakers with “Hunger”, which may or may not take you out on the floor and inject you with audio adrenaline. Your Valentine’s Day may be shitty. It may be great. It’ll be better with “Hunger” and Sphynx, either way.

“Hunger” is the first single from the band’s upcoming debut LP Golden Garden. - Sirens of Decay

"SXSW Artist Spotlight: Sphynx"

"For every act like The Sword or Bright Light Social Hour, there are legions of bands that, even if they try really hard, will never be anything except that band your old roommate played bass with for a couple of years.

That’s sort of the risk you take when going to a free show in Austin. There’s more than a good chance that you’re going to see another band with sub-par equipment playing barely passable chord progressions. I can’t deny these guys their heart and their drive and god bless them for trying hard and having a good time. But there’s a reason they’re a dime a dozen. On the flip side, however, once in a while you do catch something that’s really fucking awesome.


I watch as three men, dressed in their glam rock best, begin loading in their equipment. It’s a simple setup: drums, guitar, synthesizer. I see the gear and I see the guys and I can only imagine what I’m about to get into. I ask my friends if this is the Black Taxi we’ve come to see.

“No,” I’m told. “It’s not.”

Ten or fifteen minutes later, the band is set up and ready to go. They are Sphynx, they tell the crowd.

For the next 30-40 minutes, Sphynx hyped the crowd with an infectiously poppy and danceable set that had most of the audience crowding around the stage. The crowd cheered and danced as they played synth-centric, retro flavored rock that wasn’t afraid to hold back on, well, the rock. And as poppy as the music was, the band played with a spitfire, balls out energy that recalled the early heydays of punk rock. This, as it turns out, is no coincidence.

“I think energy-wise, we definitely draw that from when we used to play punk music,” says guitarist and singer Aaron Miller, a fact his counter-part, synth player and singer Corey Austin Dennis agrees with.

“We got really into punk and we’d go to all the punk shows, and we’d go to really high energy concerts, and so we wanted to apply that to kind of a little more like synth pop or whatever you would call this,” he says.

This inspiration does, indeed, lead to a high-energy performance. By the end of their relatively short set, the band is drenched in sweat and breathing heavy, both indications of a band that is giving it their all. But through the tiredness in their eyes, you can see the pure joy of a band that has their hearts set on the big time.

“I guess our ultimate goal is pretty much to take it all the way,” says Dennis. “I wouldn’t say [Lady] Gaga or Beiber or anything like that. But maybe like Flaming Lips status. That’s what we strive for and I guess shoot high.”

Currently Sphynx has a couple of EPs they sell at their shows, both of which were released as a full-length record titled Human Beast on a Japanese label.

Unlike many bands in the local scene that have a good live performance, the high energy of their show translates well in their recorded works. Human Beast is fun front to back, and positively full of the same no holds barred intensity that first caught my attention at their show.

As to the future, Sphynx is hoping to have a big year. The band is currently in the middle of finishing up their first proper full length album, a process that they’ve literally been living for the past few months. The boys have their own studio space in a ranch outside of town in Kyle, Texas.

“We all live in trailers around it, and so we’re just there every day [to] write and record,” says Dennis. While no one in the band has yet quit their day jobs, they’re all hopeful for what the future might have in store for them.

“We’re all committed to this and we work day jobs and just random gigs in Austin to just sustain ourselves as musicians, but we’re trying to gather everything to make our first big push into doing it full time,” says Miller.

Sphynx hopes to have their new album out by fall at the latest. Until then, the band hopes to just keep building and maintaining their momentum in the hopes of making their dreams of rock stardom a reality. Towards that end, they’ve gotten a good head start.

“We’ve been on about four tours, mostly the Southeast [and] Midwest, [and] most recently we played CMJ in 2012, and we did some tour dates with Tilly and the Wall in November. We’ll be back out on the road in April in the Southeast,” says Miller.

From this point, who knows what will happen? Could be that Sphynx, for whatever reason, can’t catch the break they’re looking for and will one day fade into the annals of the Austin music scene history. But with the kind of chops they’re building, Sphynx stands more than a good chance at making their mark on the national scene. Their newest record may not have a title, a release date, or even a label at this point, but this is a band worthy of buzz and support. With all of this working in their favor, it would not be surprising to see Sphynx have a major, breakthrough year." - The Horn

"Sphynx Pre Wild"

Sphynx, the three man group on a party jam tear, have released a new EP, titled Pre-Wild, which is chock full of electro-rock anthems. The group first reached acclaim through the release of their lead single “Razberry Wine” and their debut 7-track EP Human Beast. Human Beast definitley made an impression on us and we put it up at number 10 on our list of top 25 Austin EPs of 2011. Since their debut, the group has released a couple singles and a mixtape which have all built upon their original popularity. The group’s sound has been likened to MGMT, Passion Pit, Phoenix and also Prince. I think that the Prince comparison is spot on and highlights the grandiosity of Sphynx’s songs and the excellent pop guitar work that lead axe-man Aaron Miller throws down. At their shows, you’ll see animal-print spandex, hear guitar solos played by tooth and witness other over-the-top antics. All of these match the scale of their pop anthems and heighten the live Sphynx experience. With Pre Wild, Sphynx have again demonstrated their ability to craft catchy dance songs and cemented their position as one of the best pop acts coming out of Austin right now.

Pre Wild consists of 3 songs: “Terathon,” “Sha Dynasty” and “Orbs”. Both “Orbs” and “Sha Dynasty” were released as singles prior to the EP but all the songs on the EP are strong enough to stand out on their own. With “Terathon,” Sphynx bring out the vocoder and hand clap samples to start off the EP on a synth-heavy high. Also on this track, is a wicked call and response guitar solo and a fast-paced saxophone solo. On both “Terathon” and “Sha Dynasty,” Sphynx bring out the saxophone for solos that add a throwback vibe to the tunes. Check out “Terathon” below and listen up for the solos toward the end of song.

After “Terathon,” Sphynx turn up the guitar for “Sha Dynasty” my favorite track on the EP and one of the best party songs to come out of Austin in recent history. Featured on “Sha Dynasty” is the masterful pop guitar work of Aaron Miller, falsetto vocals and punching bass lines. If you haven’t heard the song yet check out Sphynx’s dynamic video for “Sha Dynasty” here. The band closes out Pre Wild with “Orbs”, a song that keeps the momentum going with a hopping synth lead and a soaring chorus.

Pre Wild can be purchased on Amazon and iTunes now. The band is currently working on an LP that is set to release soon. We’ll keep you posted on news and a release date for this LP as we get info. Also, Sphynx will be playing at the Mohawk TONIGHT with Tilly and the Wall. A small number of the Japanese version of Human Beast will be for sale at the show too. Doors at 8pm. Tickets $12 advance, $14 at door. I definitely encourage y’all to put your dancing shoes on and check out Sphynx live tonight. Their show is really not to be missed.

-Dan - Ovrld.com

"Live Review: Sphynx in Chicago"

SouthSide had fun dancing to the electo glam mixed with intense rock that was energetic from beginning to end ...nonstop funky rhythms and poppy beats. It was, blogspot readers, a feast for the senses. Visually, Sphynx dazzled their Chicago audience with pulsating (sometimes flashing) lights that decorated the stage and instruments thus turning Moe’s Tavern into a nightclub amidst its lighting glow. Next, came the funky fashion to heighten everyone’s experience at this party. The guys were decked out in their (faux) furry jackets and skinniest pants almost giving Cory and Aaron a Freddy Mercury look while Todd in the back rocked the drums as hard as in his Phil Collins-like persona. Now, musically, it was amazing, blogspot readers. Song after song, Sphynx gave this audience (including SouthSide) an experience where electronic and rock harmoniously existed that they’ll probably never forget. Bursts of energy throughout ...flowing rhythmic vibes coupled with melodic beats and thunderous percussion ...computer wizardry to build that intense momentum to keep your body moving ...excitement all around which keeps the energy running high especially during songs like Hunger. - Southside on The Town

"Show Recommendation: Sphynx"

Headlining is Austin’s Sphynx with excited and excitable molecular electro-pop. - KEXP

"Austin Music Awards 2013-2014: Best Indie Band"

1)Wild Child
2) Quiet Company
3) Sphynx
4) Max Frost
5) Mother Falcon - The Austin Chronicle

"From Folk to Funk: Sphynx Dive Into Synth Pop"

"The trio have put together two focused, not at all naive funk-pop EPs, and are prepping their first, “cinematically” driven full-length." - Pop'Stache

"[MP3] Sphynx - Orbs"

I don’t know why but Cory, Aaron, & Todd just seem like the names of 3 dudes who would get into the funked out party vibes. It’s only appropriate that they do that on the regular as Sphynx. It’s throwback. It’s futuristic. It’s happening right now and you should be dancing. You should also be doubling your pleasure with their other equally sexy and free new single “Sha Dynasty.” - The Burning Ear

"Sphynx - "Sha Dynasty""

"Maybe I just needed to crack a smile after a slew of serious SXSW bands. Sphynx is an indie power pop band from Austin with so much brightness, you’ll have to squint your eyes. Equally indie rock and electronic pop, Sphynx’s catchy vibe could be really infectious in a live setting. Sphynx are perfect for fans who need some sugar in their rock, coming somewhere in between Weezer and Passion Pit in terms of energy and quirky songwriting." - Operation Every Band

"Austin Music Awards - Best New Band"

"BEST NEW BANDWheeler Brothers
2) Ghosts Along the Brazos
3) Neon Cobra
4) Black Pistol Fire
5) Sphynx
6) Wild Child
7) The Shears
8) Ulrich Ellison
9) Sons of Orpheus
10) Liars & Saints" - The Austin Chronicle


"Today's feature? Sphynx. PEV's focus on this sweet 3-piece? That's a bit more complicated. There's so so so... so much we could talk about. They're out of Austin, Texas - a well-know breeding ground for absurdly talented artists representing every genre. We could talk about the fact that Sphynx is on the wave of innovation - creating new sonic pop sounds that's mixing some of the best synth styles of the past with beats of the future. But I'd rather focus on something else. Bromance. That's right - bromancing. Sphynx gets into how the band formed:

"Sphynx was conceived over three bottles of wine on a moonlit beach, and that's actually not a joke. It was winter of 2009 and Todd and I had rented a beach cabin for the weekend in Surfside, TX for Cory's bachelor party. We never stopped hanging out, but we hadn't been playing music together for a year or so. Anyways, we wound up having a very bro-mantic conversation that night about how we missed playing music together and how we wanted to spend our lives together writing songs. We started writing together again when we got back to Austin."

That probably deserves a collective "awwwww" - but we're pumped no matter the story that brought Cory "Can't Stop" Dennis, Aaron "Won't Stop" Miller and Todd "Might Stop" Harris back together. You'll be just as gitty once you sample the debut EP yourself, a collection titled "Human Beast". The band says "'Human Beast' is a crash course in Sphynx. Not many people knew we existed before that EP came out, so we weren't under much pressure to finish it. That was great because we were able to spend 7 months mixing the EP, which was crucial for us...We wrote as we went and played with a lot of different ideas. It was very laid back and very conducive to creativity." They continue on, about their sound: "I think the dynamic of Sphynx is a little more organic than lots of synth-pop bands. Todd uses a real drum set and the synthesizers and guitars play off of each other quite a bit. We also have two lead singers, which I think helps distinguish us synth-pop groups. Also we have lots of facial hair."

And facial hair is hugely important - just check out my mustache! Anyway, Sphynx is dropping a remix tape next month and will continue to take their energetic show to your face. Check them out and "Human Beast". There's a whole lot more to get into, so keep reading for all the answers to the XXQ's.

XXQs: Sphynx
PensEyeView.com (PEV): How would you describe your sound and what do you feel makes you stand out over the others in your genre?
We definitely get lumped in with the '80's synth-pop revival' that's happening right now and we're happy about that. It's an honor to be compared to bands like Chromeo, MGMT, Cut Copy, Reptar, etc. We're pretty much like those bands only better looking and cheaper to book. That's a joke (kind of). Really we all come from rock backgrounds, and though we are not a rock and roll band by any stretch, I think the dynamic of Sphynx is a little more organic than lots of synth-pop bands. Todd uses a real drum set and the synthesizers and guitars play off of each other quite a bit. We also have two lead singers, which I think helps distinguish us synth-pop groups. Also we have lots of facial hair.

PEV: Hailing from Austin, Texas, home, what kind of music were the members of the band into growing up? Do you remember your first concert?

There's so much music in this city that if you're at all musically inclined, it seems like you grow up and start a band. Cory and I (Aaron) met when we were two, so we went through all of our music phases together moving from country to pop-punk, to psychedelic (weird transitions, I know), to indie, and landing where we are right now. We met Todd when we were all 14 and shared a taste for punk.

Todd's phases were about the same except he had a post-hardcore phase while Cory and I were listening to psychedelic music. Cory's first favorite song was 'Hang in There Superman' by Hal Ketchum and his first concert was Shania Twain (which is where he got his stage presence from). Todd's first favorite band was P.O.D. and his first concert was Kutless (the only non-country boy in the band). My first favorite band was Simon and Garfunkel and my first concert was Jerry Jeff Walker (both of whom I still think are awesome).

PEV: What was it like trying to break into the music scene when you first started out as a band? What was your first show like together as a band?

Well with Sphynx it helped that we had all been in a previous Austin band called The El Guapos. We had a few good friends who book in town and it wound up being that our first show as Sphynx was actually the headlining slot at an Of Montreal after show. It was a ton of fun, but it made the next several months of shows a little underwhelming. Austin has a good music scene, but a lot of it is made up of blues, roots, and folk. There aren't many pop and electronic bands here and it's been difficult t - Pens Eye View

"SXSW Overflow 2012, Tonight at SHFL: Day One (Sphynx, Galaxy Express, & Les Racquet)"

"And in a weird twist of fate, yep, I get to start off with a band I’ve already heard. These folks sent me a download of their most recent full-length, Human Beast, last year, and while I sadly didn’t get a chance to fully review it before their show, I still walked away impressed.
The band does a spectacularly bouncy, bright-smiling kind of electro-pop, effortlessly melding electronicized beats, live drums, Gary Numan-esque synths, and sharp-edged (but still melodic) guitars for a sound that’s one part ’80s synth-pop (esp. on new single “Orbs”), one part Prince funkiness, and two parts unabashed party-rock — think of Sphynx as being the less-cheeky older siblings of fellow party-bounce-pop outfit Reptar, and you’ll be prepared. Recommended." - Space City Rock

"SXSW 2012 - Unique Squared Awards"

"Most Shocking Wall of Sound From a 3-Piece Award:

Sphynx, is a local Austin synth pop band that really caught our attention. We first heard their sound at the Aerobic International unofficial showcase on Saturday at Frontier Bar with our own Lonely Paul DJing. They have 80's synth sounds with beats that are easy to dance to and lyrics that are extremely catchy. They are amazing live, and put on a killer show. Their set consist of some prerecorded material but it didn’t take anything away from a tight and dynamic performance. The best way to describe their sound would be if someone took Phoenix, and somehow shrunk them while making them sound better live." - Unique Squared

"Wild Frontier Fest 2 | Day One"

"Gaudy pop-rockers Sphynx, filling in for Danny Malone, went for the jugular with their synth-heavy party anthems, and the crowd went crazy, perhaps the most energetic set other than White Denim’s(Downtown Records/Third Man Records) rock clinic later that night." - Kindform.com

"Yr. Weekend, Pt. 3: Searching for Signal (Rev’d!) + Sphynx"

"Sphynx is raucous and bouncy, all primary-colored ’80s synths and dancey drums. They’re another one of the growing gang of ’80s synth-pop revivalists (see Ladyhawke, Chromeo, or Reptar, for three more), and while my initial instinct is to dislike ‘em, the music on debut Human Beast is relentlessly, unstoppably addictive.

The band’s seriously distilled all the best parts of the synth-pop scene from three decades back and infused it with a wide-grinning glee to make a concoction that’s hard to resist."

-Jeremy Hart - Space City Rock

"Sphynx - Human Beast"

Pop songs have been written about an assortment of maneaters throughout the years, with tunes ranging from killer sax-solos and inspiring mustaches to slightly sexier variations on the theme.

But here we’ve got a new breed, sharing a pedigree with Passion Pit and early MGMT, and hailing from Austin, TX. Sphynx’s Maneater Pt. II is a fast, sugary-synth rush complete with falsetto chorus, guitar-stomp bridge and sing-along outro that is pure 80’s cheese-rock (download it right here). The whole thing comes together well, though; not too earnest, not too self-aware, the right amount of fun.

Sphynx’ three Texans have opened for Of Montreal, and this spring, they’ll perform alongside Dr. Dog, Big Boi and Dan Deacon at Denton, Tex.’s, 35 Conferette music festival. They’ve got an EP out Feb. 22 called Human Beast. Do yourself a favor and pick it up. You earned it. - My Old Kentucky Blog

"The Trillest Band in Texas"

Three-man band Sphynx, dubbed “the trillest band in Texas,” are bringing their blend of retro pop to Louisiana. They’ll be performing Nov. 14 at the Artmosphere in Lafayette and at Baton Rouge’s very own Chelsea’s Cafe the following day.

Members Aaron Miller and Cory Dennis played music together for two years before joining with Todd Harris. Together they have now created what is a 10-year musical career involving multiple bands.

They first began their trip into music with their band, “The El Guapos,” experimenting with punk, rock and indie sounds, gaining success on the Austin circuit before disbanding to attend college.

While Miller and Harris were away, Dennis opened Indie Fort Studios. Then the trio reunited again under the moniker Sphynx. They released their first EP, Human Beast, in 2011, receiving rave reviews from the southern states, as well as in Japan. Singles from Human Beast reached the top 30 charts on radio stations in Canada, across the south and New York, while a full-length version of the album was released in Japan through Thistime Records.

Their upbeat retro pop tunes are catchy and remarkably produced, blending sounds from the old pop styles with modern technology.

“Musically, we have a lot of 60s, 70s, 80s, music that we like. We’re trying to meld old pop music like Prince and Hall and Oates with more modern production and modern production techniques,” Harris says. “Cory has a studio in Austin, so we’re working with innovative techniques and new style. Stylistically, we’re more influenced by retro pop music mixed with modern dance beats.”

Their second EP, Pre-Wild, was released in October of 2012, and also garnered much praise.

Songs from Pre-Wild are fused with funk and soul elements, accumulated over their musical career. The album’s tracks feature wild saxophones and retro, disco-esque beats, making for fun nostalgic tunes that are easy to “get down” to.

Sphynx is also known for energetic stage performances, stemming from the band’s punk rock backgrounds.

“We all like to dance, we all like to have fun. Our other bands were punk bands and the shows were always really energetic, and always a party,” Miller says. “We love rowdy shows and when we started Sphynx, we wanted to keep an intense live show.”

“Energy, sweating, moving, dancing is the Sphynx equivalent of jumping around at a punk show, you know,” he says with a laugh.

Now that they’ve paired up with Regan Management Group LLC, their renowned live shows will start to be seen in more places than just the South. Miller says that Regan has really helped for the current tour and “is good at helping the band become better professionals.” Their current tour spans across Texas and Louisiana, and with previous dates stretching out to New Mexico and Tennessee.

Nov. 15 marks the second time Sphynx has played Baton Rouge. They’ll be joined by their friends, Prom Date, who are recording their first full length album, Portraits, at Indie Fort Studios. Sphynx is happy to help, and are no strangers to promoting other bands through their Facebook and Twitter posts.

In addition to a growing tour schedule, the band is planning to release their first full-length album sometime next year, working out of Dennis’s Indie Fort Studios. It’s been slow going, as they experiment with new mixing styles and cope with the time demands of being employed rockstars.

“We’ve been working on a full-length album for two years now. After we released the last album, we started working on this one. It’s hard to do with our schedules – since we all work – but we’re taking off for December to finish it,” Miller said. “We’re planning to release the first single for the first half of 2014.”

“We’re going to mix it over the winter, but we’re not sure about when we’re going to release,” Dennis said. “But definitely some time next year.” - DIG Baton Rouge

"16 artists that prove Lady Gaga didn’t ruin pop music at SXSW"

Sphynx: Austin’s glammed-out hometown heroes interpret pop through the lens of tight pants and Haddaway covers. (11 p.m. Friday, Palm Door on Sabine) - Austin American Statesman

"SXSW picks: Don’t miss these bands!"

11 p.m. Sphynx (Palm Door on Sabine). You know how you show up to your friend’s show at 8 p.m. on a Monday to prove to the venue that they have the fan base to play a better time slot on a weekend? You owe it to Austin’s glam-rock party-starters in such a way. - Austin360

"Local glam pop kingpins Sphynx on the perils of hot pants and perfect summer jams"

Our favorite fabulously mustachioed glitz pop fanatics, Sphynx, have been on the road this summer spreading their ebullient grooves across the country. They swing back into town this weekend for a Saturday glam slam at Cheer Up Charlie’s which also serves as the release party for their excellent new full length “Golden Garden,” a glittery platter of sing-along synth jams that will earworm its way into your summer soundtrack.

As a bonus, they are also dropping a new EP, “Spacecamp,” which includes this gem they debuted this week. - The Austin-American Statesman


'Human Beast' - 2011
'Human Beast' Japanese Edition - 2011 Thistime Records

'Pre Wild' EP- 2012

'Live From Earth' LP (CD/Vinyl) - 2015



Honored in 2014 with a City Hall proclamation declaring February 13 ‘Sphynx Day’ in Austin, Sphynx is Austin’s premiere pop band. Now, after cutting their teeth in dive bars and house parties across the US, Austin’s secret is out.

2017 was a key breakout year for the band that included the release of 2 EPs and playing packed venues and festivals across the US. Opening for top acts like Walk The Moon and Questlove were special highlights. The momentum continued into 2018 with the February release of ‘Patterns,’ a synth-wave groove illustrating the band’s penchant for timeless hooks with a modern edge. The single was streamed over 43,000 times in its first week and has received radio play across the US, UK, and Mexico.

2018 included their annual performance during SXSW 2018 at the ‘Sphynx & Friends Day Party’ and headlining for a capacity crowd at the popular MidCoast Takeover showcase. Shorty thereafter, the TV series Nashville used ‘Shadow’ in the season finale.However, the best was touring in the UK twice in 2018. Packing clubs and garnering praise from British press, the band is already planning their next visit to the UK in 2019. With a string of US and European club and festival appearances, singles, and videos all scheduled for 2019, Sphynx’s buzz is on the rise. Years spent sleeping in vans and touring relentlessly have shaped a band with a fresh take on pop music and a stadium-worthy live show. Real Magic is in the air!

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