Spice Hound Music co.

Spice Hound Music co.


Brooklyn-based psychedelic Delta blues.


Spice Hound Music co. is a Brooklyn-based psychedelic Delta blues duo consisting of singer/guitarist David Askaryan and drummer Zach Hopper. The project was conceived by David over a six month period of isolation in upstate NY. This resulted in SHMC's debut EP "The Revival,” described as “blistering dirty blues" on the Edinburgh Man radio show.

After production of the EP was completed, David moved to Brooklyn where he met his new roommate and future drummer, Zach. David’s abrasive guitar style and middle-class vocals coupled with Zach’s professional jazz experience allowed the duo to create a unique sound – translating to an unrestrained and emotional live show.

Download the hit single, The New Sensation, here: http://official.fm/tracks/r8f6


Debut release: The Revival
stream @ http://spicehoundmusicco.bandcamp.com/

Set List

1 hour original set.