Spice Works

Spice Works


Spice Works is pure energy. In the convergence of eastern and western influences the sound of Spice Works is one of a kind. Yuki, Takuma, and Marcus bring the taste of groove rock to the table to create a meal that leaves all its patrons full, but always coming back for more!


Biography of Spice Works

Spice Works is an organ/bass, guitar, and drum trio of the highest pedigree. Formed in the beginning of 2005 in Boston at Berklee College of Music, this internationally collective band unites three highly skilled players from across the physical and musical globe. Takuma Anzai, Yuki Kanesaka, and Marcus Rezak have spent their lives making music and becoming masters of their instruments. Together, they create a sound so exhilarating and unified that it defies explanation. Anzai’s empowering drumming, Kanesaka’s gymnast like organ/bass grooves, and Rezak’s impressive guitar work meets in a convergence of groove-rock-funk and jazzy improvisational atmosphere that is bound to leave every last person dancing and smiling.
With the release of their debut album, “The Riff”, Spice Works has achieved a new level attention in the Boston area. This album was recorded in 3 hours, within weeks of the bands formation and composition of their music. The album’s songs offer a glimpse into the band's arsenal of musical abilities, such as heavy American rocking, to jazzy global sounds, to breakneck funk workouts, and their own signature style of songwriting. The album presents the bands varied creations and ability to write in a way that appeals to a large variety of listeners who may like rock, jazz, funk, or even R&B, but it is almost impossible to “classify” this bands genre. That is why leave it up to the individual listener to decide for themselve.


All songs are available for full download at our web site: www.peacefulsound.com/spiceworks/

"THE RIFF"- 9 song EP

"Live at Berklee College of Music New Music Festival"- live video footage.

Streaming audio and video on Spice Works website.

Set List

Typical Sets are 1- 1.5 hour long. 2 set shows are what we play consisting of 30% covers.
The Riff
Its Your Thing
The Jammer
Sunny Day
Mighty Mighty
Honeymoon Baby
The Theme of Spice