Spicy Moustache and the Flavor Saviors
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Spicy Moustache and the Flavor Saviors

Asheville, North Carolina, United States | SELF

Asheville, North Carolina, United States | SELF
Band Hip Hop Funk


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Bele Chere Spotlight: Feel the Funk with Spicy Moustache and the Flavor Saviors"

Story by Emily Foley: Photo by Jasmine George - Post Date: 07.20.2012

Spicy Moustache and the Flavor Saviors make their debut at Bele Chere after performing around Asheville as a local favorite. Bending multiple genres, the band forms its own sound of funkadelic hip-hop, while spreading a message of compassion and social awareness.

“We’re a combination of funk bass lines with a conscious, hip-hop message," says Jon Jones, singer/rapper for band. "Our message is mainly of unification and love. We want positivity and change, and that hopefully projects from our music. Sound-wise, I think we’re our own genre, or if anything a large mix of all genres: rock, soul, funk, etc."

The group consists of Jon, Elie Herzog (bass), Ben New (drums), Greg Tunstall (trombone), Eric Merchant (guitar), Eric Guyton (trumpet), Tim Sawicki (tenor sax), and Simon George (keys). Spicy Moustache and the Flavor Saviors began in 2010, playing house shows and smaller clubs around the Asheville area. Their main musical devices have been funky riffs that force onlookers to dance and lyrical insight that lingers in listeners’ heads.

“I think we can take our music anywhere," Jon says. "It stretches across many types of people and cities. We love Asheville but we are definitely trying to come from a world perspective. The people of Asheville have a worldly mindset, too, but we do not want to become pigeonholed into a certain scene or style. Instead of having a genre where we’re trying to touch a certain person’s interest, we want everyone to be able to enjoy and relate.”

The band formed around a love of jamming and impromptu music making. Jon looks back to his first night playing music with Elie, Ben, Greg, and Eric Merchant (who began the group) as a freestyle jam session. He says the raw talent of the musicians was too rare to not utilize their sound. With a new album under way, and rave reviews from local venues Spicy Moustache is on its way to attracting the attention of music enthusiasts (locals and visitors) who are looking for a creative twist on funk and soul.

“We play in town a lot. Bele Chere is exciting for Spicy Moustache," Jon says, "not only because of the crowds it will draw in, but also because it will be a crowd we would not usually get to play for. We’re hoping to give listeners some encouraging words and funky tunes to bring home from the weekend.”

Spicy Moustache and the Flavor Saviors will play Bele Chere on the Coxe Avenue Stage July 27 at 5 p.m. For more information about the band, visit spicymustachetheflavorsaviors.bandcamp.com/. For more information on Bele Chere, visit belecherefestival.com.
- The Laurel of Asheville

"(VIDEO LINK) Spicy Moustache and the Flavor Saviors at Montford Music & Arts Festival in Asheville 2011"

Passed by the Montford Music and Arts Fest and heard some great music. Spicy Moustache and the Flavor Saviors http://www.facebook.com/pages/Spicy-Moustache-and-the-Flavor-Saviors/17268894... - AskAsheville

"Spicy Moustache and the Flavor Saviors at Mo Daddy’s"

By Precious Barksdale


I’ve heard a lot of creative band names in my time, but never before have I heard a name like Spicy Moustache and the Flavors Saviors. What a unique name for a band! Their name alone should have people curious to know how they sound. Mo Daddy’s is known to bring many talented bands to their bar and venue, but this band tops their variety of creativity. Correct me if I’m wrong, but this is the largest local band I’ve seen in Asheville. This band has a wide selection of musical instruments as well: the trumpet, trombone, saxophone, bass, drums, keyboard and tambourine. No wonder the band was so loud.

My only question is how did they fit so many members on such a tiny stage? Anyway, the show was definitely worth my while. A combo of all the genres I like: Funk, Soul, Rock and Hip Hop. My favorite part of the show was the funky attire of the bass player, Elie Herzog. He looked like Pimp Daddy Kane in his fluffy red hat and platinum suede jog suit. Lol. The crowd had to warm up to this band before they decided to step onto the dance floor. Spicy Moustache and the Flavor Saviors also play at the Boiler Room and many other venues downtown. They’re Tuesday night regulars this month at Mo Daddy’s. Stop by the bar one night and see them perform. - Lush Life Today

"Soco Street Stage Gets Off to Great Start"

Slinky drums, thumping bass, a four-piece horn section, backup singers and the smooth, hop-hop stylings of lead vocalist Jon Jones made this hopping funk band a must see. They really funked it up! - Montford Newsletter


we have a demo released; samples of which can be heard on these websites:





Deep in the temperate rainforest of Asheville, North Carolina, Spicy Moustache is in their underground secret laboratory plotting their next move, cooking up mystic formulas of rhythm and rhyme and releasing them through the air streams infecting the humans above with the urge to dance, party, and stick their love on one another.
But how did this funky entity come to be? I'll tell you....

The night they met, Jon handed Elie and Eric a business card with only the words "Black Bear" and a phone number on it, and said "Call me if you ever need ANYTHING."
Months passed and Elie, Ben, Greg, and Eric's funky music group decided it was in need of a singer. Elie looked on the table and there was the card laying there from so many months before, so he called the number and said "I need a singer for my funk band." within a few hours they were all sitting around a fire, jamming, rapping, and creating creation with their individual sounds becoming one living dancing ball of music. Within a few moments, the horn section was filled, the guitars were plugged in, the drums beaten, and the microphones cranked to give birth to Spicy Moustache and the Flavor Saviors.
In just a few weeks they were ready to take on the troubled world with their batch of funky medicine, spreading joy deep into the souls of those who ingested it into their ear holes.
This combination of Funk, Hip-Hop, Soul, Rock'n'Roll, is the musical panacea the Earth has been waiting for, activating the brain, ridding minds of worry, and turning listeners into human magnets who stick together and dance all night long. In short: It's love-making music.