Spicy Moustache and the Flavor Saviors

Spicy Moustache and the Flavor Saviors

 Asheville, North Carolina, USA
BandHip HopFunk

Spicy Moustache and the Flavor Saviors hits the Funk on the head, with lyrics that get stuck to the side of your brain, horns blazing in your ear drums, and rhythms that make chairs obsolete. When these spicy sounds get up inside you, dancing will ensue like the Big Bang of motion.


Deep in the temperate rainforest of Asheville, North Carolina, Spicy Moustache is in their underground secret laboratory plotting their next move, cooking up mystic formulas of rhythm and rhyme and releasing them through the air streams infecting the humans above with the urge to dance, party, and stick their love on one another.
But how did this funky entity come to be? I'll tell you....

The night they met, Jon handed Elie and Eric a business card with only the words "Black Bear" and a phone number on it, and said "Call me if you ever need ANYTHING."
Months passed and Elie, Ben, Greg, and Eric's funky music group decided it was in need of a singer. Elie looked on the table and there was the card laying there from so many months before, so he called the number and said "I need a singer for my funk band." within a few hours they were all sitting around a fire, jamming, rapping, and creating creation with their individual sounds becoming one living dancing ball of music. Within a few moments, the horn section was filled, the guitars were plugged in, the drums beaten, and the microphones cranked to give birth to Spicy Moustache and the Flavor Saviors.
In just a few weeks they were ready to take on the troubled world with their batch of funky medicine, spreading joy deep into the souls of those who ingested it into their ear holes.
This combination of Funk, Hip-Hop, Soul, Rock'n'Roll, is the musical panacea the Earth has been waiting for, activating the brain, ridding minds of worry, and turning listeners into human magnets who stick together and dance all night long. In short: It's love-making music.


we have a demo released; samples of which can be heard on these websites:



Set List

Our typical 2.5 Hour-ish set consists of these songs:

1. Lay Your Address On Me
2. Pass the Peas (JBs Cover)
3. Satan's Garage
4. Peace of Mind
5. Moldy Wet Underwear
6. Spanish Booty Love
7. Quatro Crazy
8. Love Juice
9. Cycle
10. Funkacolypse
11. Sad Song
12. Have a Drink
13. Inter-Dimensional Sex Party
14. Space Rim-Job
15. Endless Summer
16. The Jester
17. War Machines
18. I Was Born to Love You
19. Mercy Mercy Mercy (Cannonball Adderly Cover)
20. Gonna Fly Now (Theme from "Rocky")
21. Sleep
22. Nine
23. Quarters
24. I Will Succeed
25. Pizza Flavored Lady
26. Mr. Clean (Freddie Hubbard)
27. Deported
28. Bring the Funk
29. Pop Gun