Spicy Soup Featuring Kenny Johnston

Spicy Soup Featuring Kenny Johnston


Spicy Soup plays contemporary electric jam band music that consists of smooth jazz, worldbeat rhythms and latin flavors.


The music of Spicy Soup is contemporary electric jazz.
Modern sounds applied to many different rhythms and styles of music in an instrumental format. Vocals are included in some of the tunes we play but the main voice of the band is Saxophone. It is important to understand that we have lead guitar songs, keyboard songs, wind machine songs, sax, flute and bass songs. We are a very creative band with much talent that allows us to be very diverse in our voicing which makes us different than a lot of other contemporary jazz groups.


Spicy Soup released an album last year (2006) titled,
Spicy Soup, Chunky Soup. The album is available for purchase as well as songs you can listen to from our website. We have been receiving radio from an over 30 independent stations around the country.

Set List

The set list is composed of all original songs. The set list varies based on the event we are playing. For example, if we are doing an indoor low key event we start off with some of our more relaxed tunes and then gradually build up the momentum. However, if we are playing a festival or concert we try to hit the crowd with our best stuff up front and also be aware of what are tune selection is to best meet the needs of that event.