"Marissa Nadler and Joanna Newsom better watch their backs. If there is any justice in the world, the throngs of bearded and bead encrusted modern free folk freaksand forest maidens that make up the new weird underground will bow down before Jane Herships, the woman who is Spider"Aquarius Records SF


Jane Herships has been playing extensively in NYC since her debut in December of 2004. Having played the guitar since the age of 14, she has only in the very recent past finally had a go at songwriting. What transpired is a truly stunning debut from a beautiful new voice in homespun folk-rock. Since then she has played San Francisco's Mission Creek Fesitval with Edith Frost, The Starbucks Salon w/ Jose Gonzales, Monkey Town with Josephine Foster, and SXSW. Other projects include Magic Star, a band collaborating with world renound artist and fashion designer Susan Cianciolo, which recently played in The Netherlands at Sittard’s Museum for Contemporary Art, and The Burners a lady rock duo with fashion photographer KT Auleta. Now having extensively toured both coasts, her eagerly anticipated album "The Way to Bitter Lake" will be released in the fall on Storyboard Records. Jane currently resides in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

label - Story Board Records
publicity - Howlin Wuelf Media



"The way to Bitter Lake"

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