Spider Nick & The Maddogs

Spider Nick & The Maddogs


The “Maddog Sound” is a blend of many musical styles including - Ska, Rock, Reggae, Surf, Swing, Shag, Rockabilly and Soul played with the raw passion of Punk. Visit www.spidernick.com to see the band performing live.


SPIDER NICK AND THE MADDOGS is an award winning powerhouse, ska, punk, skankin' party band from Long Island, New York. They have been on the scene since March 1996 and have played over 750 shows, not only on Long Island and in New York City, but also upstate and western New York, Montreal and Toronto, Vermont and New Jersey. They have received extensive press (CMJ, Newsday, Gig Magazine, Notorious Magazine, NY Daily News, etc.) and radio airplay locally, on college radio and around the world.


The Maddogs have recently released their third CD, “Bone Dog” (February 2004).
The band’s previous two recordings, “Voyage To The Palace of Kali” (1997) and “Firepit” (1999) have sold a combined 8,500 units to date.

Set List

Spider Nick and the Maddogs perform a mix of their own a originals and some eclectic covers that range from Bob Marley's "One Cup of Coffee" to Harry Belafonte's "Angelina" to the theme from the old "Spiderman" cartoon, to War's "Cisco Kid" and a tribute to the punk rock of the 1970's......and everything in between!!!!