SPIFF is a powerful rock experience created through the synergy of the 5 members. Powerful harmonies and strong instrumentation support captivating melodies and lyrics. The group's stage presence is as commanding as the music performed


It's difficult to explain the presence of strong hooks in songs conceived in an "off-the-cuff" manner, but that is part of the magic of SPIFF's chemistry. They share a vision and subtle communication, always creating together as a group.

The songwriting has matured past the band's humble pop beginnings to something more aggressive, yet accessible. Lush vocals and harmonies combine with strong instrumentation to support captivating melodies and lyrics.

The past year has been one of steady growth. SPIFF played at '03 Midpoint Music Fest, '04 Chicks Rock Fest and "Chicks on the Road" micro tour with Nashville's Mink. SPIFF also performed at the Blue Chip Cable Awards, as well as joining two dates of the Skywater Records' "Women Express" tour featuring Chicago's Rainy Day Crush, and The Rebekka Fisher Band.

Currently driving for regional and national exposure, SPIFF eagerly pursues the many opportunities that have begun to sprout from their past efforts and groundwork.


SPIFF: The EP ('02)

Various short run CDs

Set List

The band is capable of performing up to an hour of original material in common circumstances. Other set durations and arrangements can be accommodated with prior discussion.