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Spilt Pupil

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Unique and 'intelligent' already sparking label interest. creative and different from whats out there!


Born and raised in Bristol, in the southwest of England, Marcus Antony Forbes began writing poetry as a young child. It would not be long before his passions for both music and poetry alike had joined forces and he had penned his first song at the age of thirteen.

Soon after, together with his cousin and two friends, he formed the London-based rap group, Nxus (pronounced “Nexus”), which toured the capital with countless successes and quickly gained recognition on the underground scene. Although the group would eventually part ways, Marcus considers the experience and those skills which he learned from it to be invaluable. With newly-gained confidence, he began to create and develop his song-writing abilities as a solo artist; it was then that Spilt Pupil was born.

The name Spilt Pupil refers to a dark marking in his left eye. “The name is unusual”, says Spilt Pupil. “It’s unique, it’s different; and that’s why I like it”. By the end of 2008, Spilt Pupil had released his first mixtape, ‘Day is Dark’, which earned him even more acclaim, not only in the UK but abroad as well. “It is easily one of the slickest produced mixtapes I have heard”, said one critic. “One to watch for the future: he could be massive”.

Amid the furore of increasing interest in the artist among the music industry, and with a highly-anticipated debut album in the works, Spilt Pupil is definitely a name to look out for


Day is Dark Mixtape 'Released 08 and had coverage in 7 states over in america, described as one of the best mixtapes heard by one critic'

Operation Spilt 'June 2010' Coming Soon

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