Spilway mixes Punk, Rock, Metal and pop to form a concoction that never ceases to rock your pants off. The band was formed in Harrisburg Pa and there’s never a dull moment, some adult Language but Plenty of good old Fun. Whatever that means


Hard driving, High energy Punk rock based would be the best way to describe the music of spilway, But stopping there would probably not do this band any justice. Some of the music would be considered folk rock, some of the songs lean more toward the progressive end of the spectrum. All the songs however have a high degree of artistry and honesty, but are melodic and solid enough to be enjoyed by all listeners. And of course the unpredictability and impromptu attitude of the band always makes their live shows a truly unique and exciting experience. Unlike staring at a wall.
Spilway was formed in the winter of 2001 with guitarist and vocalist Ben Wilhelm, Bassist and vocalist, Dave Johnston, Drummer Mitch Flickinger and guitarist Alex Blauch. The Band started playing shows about six months after forming. After playing a Dozen of local punk shows Recording then became the main objective. Then after several releases, the band started playing lager clubs most notably Fat Daddy’s in York PA, and Peppers in Berwick PA.
The band has a wide range of influences, but then again don’t they all. When you listen to spilway you will hear elements of, Nirvana to the Beatles, Greenday to radiohead, bass lines that remind you of red-hot chili peppers and primus. The drumming has all the speed and energy of the best punk rock with the heaviness and intensity of Metal. All ingredients forge something fresh and new but still easily recognizable.


Tussin Hean

Written By: Ben Wilhelm

Im not your, good luck charm
Becouse im way too Cunning.
I am sick with worse Germs,
use curse words fuck yeah hell yea,
You are nice
chew on ice
my cold sores
Without eyes i am blind
you can waste my time
i dont owe anything
and the same for you
Im brave but full of shit
im scared of everything
and i owe everything and the same for you.

Want coffee, yes have some
the english are too many
I am god I work in
very mysterious way.


4 song demo

Set List

Spilways set list consits of the following original songs.
1.Dish In 9.Second Best
2.Tussin head 10.LGA
3.Patience 11. ROAR
4.Delema 12.TPF
6.Fiona apple video