Spinderson, a Pop/Rock band from Northern Illinois with catchy-melodic songs, and a positive attitude. Think Bleach or Cheap Trick with some Beatles influence. They have been playing shows in the Midwest for the past 6 years, building a loyal following of fans.


Spinderson is a four piece band in their late teens to early twenties. They have been playing shows in the Midwest for the past six years. Playing their own original music, the band has started to build a loyal following of fans and continues to expand their audience.
With their catchy-melodic songs, they'll have you singing along the first time you see them perform. Always playing, always writing new songs, Always striving to improve. No Rock Star attitude here, just a dedication to the music and how to make it better.
This band is always positive and outgoing with their fans.
Spinderson has appeared on T.V. in Madsion, WI. on two occasions and also have been nominated for a "RAMI" (Rockford Area Music Industry) Award.
Influenced by The Beatles, Cheap Trick, Bleach, The Snaggs, Collective Soul, most of their songs are based on old style Rock & PowerPop.


Friday Night

Written By: Andy Spitson

I'm not afraid to say
You have a nice body
And it's true
Things between us
Just don't feel the same
We can hang out
And watch a movie
Or we can play

It was Friday Night
When I met you
Into my life
You screamed
I will never forget you
And everything
That you mean

I don't have to stop
For I'm with you
And I like how you're cool
With what we do
Rock and Roll
And roll
And let's go
You were always ready
To hit the road



I'll Be Right Over (Yeah Yeah Yeah)

Written By: Andy Spitson

I love the way you look
When we both meet
I'd love to just
Sweep you off your feet
I can't stand
Not having you around
I love the way
You make my name sound

I have all night
I'll be right over
Throw all your worries away tonight
I can't wait till we're together
Cause you know
You make me feel just right

See it in you eyes
Every night your in my arms
Never seem
To want to let that go
Your smile
Makes a world of difference to me
Just thought that I would
Let you know



(please note that the demo recording on the EPK has an
earlier version of the lyrics for the second verse.The above is the final version)


Current Demo: Everytime You Lie
Friday Night
I'll Be Right Over

Set List

Set: Normally 35-60 minutes


If Love's Not The Word (New)
One Week To Go (New)
Too Nice, Tonight (New)
Lights Down (New)
Sinking In (New)
Wondering (Love's Not A Tough Start)
Never Look Back
Not The Last Day
Mind Solution
Peppermint Foil
She's Always There
A Moment Can't Wait
Friday Night
Everytime You Lie
Times We've Been Thru
The One Hit Wonders
I'll Be Right Over
Get Over Me
Til She's Gone

(A Sample of Covers we Do)

Walk The Line (Johnny Cash)
Tell Me Why (The Beatles)
Over My Head (The Fray)
Learning to Fly (Tom Petty)
Takin' Care of Business (BTO)
Rebel, Rebel (David Bowie)
Don't Do Me Like That (Tom Petty)
........and more........