Our music is deep and concerning. It is powerful yet subtle. It is creative and unique.


Unique today is this exploration of new sound and exposure. So many ideas intertwine with feelings and concept. It truly is amazing the effort.
I have made much effort in writing and creating unique music. I am a solo artist and the band has just formed. My influences are pretty much everything, I have been building and building towards something great. I can feel it. I seek those with ears and hearts and minds. I just wish for someone whom has connections to hear my art and realize how it can be a great thing. Growing up in rural Nevada, I really do not know anyone out there. Help...


I was showcased on Rock 104.5 KDOT with my song "This Cruelty" with a live interview. That was truly fun. I did Garage Band for a while. I now have a setlist on www.SoundClick.com/SpindL. Goto that URL my site there and hear 23.This is mostly demo material, I have not yet professionaly recorded a single tune I've made. It is time, I do believe it is time.

Set List

I usually play 8-12 songs in a set at the local coffee houses. I get great applaudes and it is fun. Everyone tells me that I could do so much more. I just have no idea who to ask or where to go with that.