Spindle is ROCKNROLL in its true form. Spindle is determined to be the biggest band in the world.


Intrigued by an ad in a Cincinnati weekly, "Vox wanted for rock band; Built to Spill, Fugazi, Radiohead", Grant Arnow placed a call.

Arnow, originally from Los Angeles, had been living in New York City, paying his dues in the local music scene. Grant was a classical voice major in college and had flirted with considerable success as the winner of MTV's 'Say What Karaoke' in 1999.

In late 2000, at the suggestion of a friend who spoke of a burgeoning underground music scene, Grant had decided to move to Cincinnati. He finally auditioned for the band in November of that year, singing Radiohead's 'Creep'. With his brazen tenor, Arnow was the final element the band needed.

The band's roots reach back to the small suburban town of Alexandria, Kentucky. A 12-year-old Brett Scharf first picked up the guitar after his father's denial of numerous requests for a drum set. In the years that followed Scharf grew tired of playing alone. He bought lifelong friend, Chris Rebholz a bass and demanded that they form a band. Rebholz learned fast and together they developed a vast creative potential.

With the combination of Arnow's inspiration, Scharf's imagination, and Rebholz' integrity, Spindle has people taking notice.

In the span of a year, Spindle has written over 30 songs and produced an EP entitled The $6,000 Tragedy. Each member has contributed in equal part to the crafting of music and lyric. The resulting sound is refreshing, intense and melodic. Think Jimmy Eat World fronted by Robert Plant or Sunny Day Real Estate covering the Stooges' Search and Destroy. Spindle isn't afraid of controversy -- the EP's second track, 'Type A Protocol', is inspired by the race riots that hit downtown Cincinnati in 2001.

On stage, Spindle swaggers with energy and emotion. The band's intensity and unique sex appeal are ingredients that set them apart from others.

Arnow (24), Scharf (25) and Rebholz (25) are three young creative forces that are determined to make ROCKNROLL history.


April 2002 -- The $6000 Tragedy EP
"The List" is receiving considerable radio airplay.

Set List


Type A Protocol
The List