Bellingham, Washington, USA

Finally, a Sexy Girl Band that plays good music!


Spindle is an appropriate name for these melody-weaving rock kittens. With poetic lyrics, passionate vocals, and intricately composed layers, Spindle creates music that pays homage to many influences, while maintaining a sound that is entirely their own. Every song haunts its listeners, conjuring dreamscapes, savoring notes like moments remembered...nostalgic glances toward an unrecoverable past. Somehow they manage to be simultaneously vulnerable and strong. The result is beautiful, lush, and strangely addictive.

Hawaii would be the last place you'd think these young, seductive rock girls were from! Now residing just north of Seattle Spindle has found its niche in the backdrop of the northwest underground. This music will take you back to the pop charts of the nineties alternative revolution; with a sound that is so familiar, yet unlike anything you've ever heard before.

Driven by lead singer and founding member, Gina Wong, Spindle is the colliding line between your classic grunge gods and fine wine. Amber Blahnik gives the heartbeat to each song, as Tammy Lee holds down the low end, merging her classical knowledge and savvy skill, all parts tightly entwining Spindle's sound.



Written By: Spindle

place this coin in the back of your mouth
(now swallow it down)
this will show you who's who & what what's all about
turn the lights down…pink & blue (yellow too)
cotton candy clouds are filling the room
just hang on you'll really get lost
if you get off too soon

you can trot, you can pace
there is no winner in this game
here, the horses take the reins
this ingénue is giving you away

a few more coins will last you the night
with carousel shoes & painted eyes
i think you'll do just fine
they'll never know what you've got inside
just go towards the carousel lights
REMEMBER: "they can't take
what YOU don't let them find…"

we go fast we go slow WE GET HIGH & we get low
we dine with devils & dance with clowns
we go round & round & ROUND...

and when we SPIN we don't care who's skin we're in
it's all FUN & games till I trip on their footprints
time & again
i turn on the lights but the room is vacant
for relishing sins I'm bridled in this desolation

we fall down, we fall out
we get up, to fall back down
it has cost you SO MUCH for this little bout
& your coins have just run out

the MOST beautiful things
come from such dark places
all these things I learn just keep filling up their spaces
my heart used to recognize their faces
from time to time I think I pick up traces...

© 2006 Spindle

Sand and Stories

Written By: Spindle

we all start from a seed
then piece by piece
we are shaped by the hands of dreams

well, it's not easy to believe
in the places that exist outside of me
but I have to wonder...
where I wander
when I fall...
when I fall asleep

whenever I step outside of me
I find myself on Fiddler's Green
I'm never alone when I fall...
when I fall asleep

© 2006 Spindle


Written By: Spindle

blankets of white
i couldn't tell earth from sky
poison from pie
a cool kiss from frostbite

fire and ice
earth and sky
i will do what i can
i will find you again

eyes on the prize
the sun is getting dim
you can light your way
but when the blizzard kicks in
they say, "move fast,"
they say, "snow can cut glass..."
in avalanche...

i couldn't see the light
and every time they opened
the wind burned my eyes
secluded in snowblind
i will do what i can
i will find you again

eyes on the prize
the sun is getting dim
you can light your way
but when this blizzard kicks in
they say, “move fast,”
they say, “snow can cut glass…”
in avalanche…

© 2007 Spindle


"Weeds & Infidelities"
Tribute to The Smashing Pumpkins/2005

"hell hath no fury..."
Five track EP/2006

Set List

Our set live performances are all original, but we do like to throw in a couple of our own versions of cover songs.