Spindrift is like a breath taken neck deep in 200 feet of water 9 miles off the coast just before you slip below the surf to Davey Jones Locker. Spaghetti Rock n Roll the way the american indians would have liked it.


Why? A bio, what does it really say? Is this supposed to be a laundry list of who, what, where and whens? Does a bio really make you feel the same way that a killer riff or a symbolic lyric make you feel? KP likes to write music, he has been releasing records for 13 years. The public loves him in his tight jean jacket and bulging package. He makes the young girls cry and the yopung bots die, he takes you to that place you havebeen to since you showered with your father. Take alisten to this kids stuff and you'll sure be glad that you did.


1991 - Spindrift
1992 - Potions
1993 - In Between Times
1994 - Not SHy Anymore
1995 - Delete Me
1996 - In of my mind
1997 - Follow This
1998 - Too #1
1999 - Strange Range
2000 - We come From the United States
2001 - Who Waht When Where How
2002 - 10 Million Asians Can't Be Wrong
2003 - Songs From The Ancient Age
2003 - The Legend of Gods Gun
2004 - Space is Between the Years

http://myspindrift.com for tracks etc

Set List

40 - 90 Mins. 10-25 Songs