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"The Horror, The Horror"

Pretext: We recently changed our name from Dawn Brings Vengeance to Spine Splitter, so when they mention DBV in this article they mean us)

If Stephen King's authorial output had a soundtrack, Fredericton's Dawn Brings Vengeance would be the lead track, or so says the band's vocalist Scott Godsoe.

"A lot of my influences come from horror movies, and I read a lot Stephen King and H.P. Lovecraft," Godsoe says.

Shudder all you want, this band intends to be around for awhile. With DBV not even a year old, the guys are already gearing for the release of their first E.P.

The five-track CD will be available for the first time at their E.P. release party at the Musiplex on May 22, where they'll be sharing the stage with Montreal's Society's Ills and Humanifesto, along with local bands such as The Dirt Track Dates and We, The Undersigned.

The release party will be the final heavy metal show hosted by the Fredericton Musiplex.

"It's going to be a good metal send-off for the Musiplex," says Godsoe. "You can expect brutality at its finest."

2010 ECMA Loud Recording of the Year nominees, We, The Undersigned, say they're pumped to be part of DBV's first official foray into Fredericton's music scene.

"It's pretty cool, because I live with their drummer and their bass player is my boss, so I've watched them go from looking for a band, to being in a band, to finally having an E.P. and playing shows," says We, The Undersigned's bassist, Jai Sadler.

We, The Undersigned will be playing tracks from their latest full length album, Bleed the Constants, released in late 2009.

Godsoe says he's looking forward to joining We, The Undersigned as they work to establish Fredericton's metal scene.

"The scene here is really growing, but there's not a whole lot of metal bands," he says. "I just wish there were a bit more open-mindedness from bar owners to host these shows." - Here Magazine


Damn The New Machine (E.P) - May 22nd, 2010



Emerging from the shell of Dawn Brings Vengeance, Spine Splitter has triumphantly formed to grind your bones to their chaotic brand of back breaking death metal! Now nearing their conquest of total massacre to all brave enough to pay attention, they issue a single warning: BEWARE!