the mutiny

the mutiny


The Mutiny, from Miami, Florida, will put a swagger in your heart-beat and boom the rock and roll out of your closet. Hard hitting drums, eerie guitar solos, and fat thundering bass in league with raspy drunken vocals come in concert for a toast to the revival of the rock and roll spirit.


The band, mostly brought together by childhood friends, started off very strong. The band quickly was swept into rehearsing at an empty lot with a rusty old fire-truck, stealing electricity with extension cables from a surrounding residence. Within a few short weeks, the band asked eachother, "How bad do we want this?". The band from that point on, threw itself at every gig it could play, and has now risen to a level of who's who in the Miami and South Florida music scene after two very successful releases.

The Mutiny has played as far out from Miami as the Midwest and continually plays the South-East. Some large concerts have included:

*Rock Against Bush;
(Opened for and introduced Rosie O'Donnel for her Political Address) 2004

*Garagestock; 2005
(Played the small stage, and then the main stage twice. Played the last slot, closing the show.)

*Michale Graves (singer of The Misfits); 2005
(Opened for him on his tour supporting his latest album.) 2005

*The Mutiny CD Release Party! 2005
(The Mutiny released their album at Miami's "Best" (New Times) with 40 litre kegs of Heineken and supporting acts such as Libyan Hit Squad off of Bony Orbit Records!)

*The Vibrators (Iggy Pop's band with David Bowie in the early days); 2005
(The Vibrators have been around since 1976, have toured the world as Iggy Pop's band and by themselves dozens of times since then. They have played with everybody including the Sex Pistols and the Clash) 2005

*The Independents (Joey Ramone's favourite band of all time); 2005
(Joey Ramone of The Ramones loved the Independents so much, he became their full-time manager and producer during his last few years. He promoted them every-day up until his recent death.)

*Against All Authority (kings of Hopeless Records) 2005
(Opened for Against All Authority, the most famous rock band to of come out of Miami in the past ten years.)

*Blowfly (The Original Dirty Rapper!) 2006
(Opening act for Blowfly, who has written mainstream music for decades and recorded over 40 albums! He wrote music for K.C. and the Sunshine band, has recorded with the Red Hot Chili Peppers and is on Dead Kennedys' Jello Biafra's record label Alternative Tentacles.)


Black Hawk

Written By: Written by: The Mutiny

The purple dawn brings a galleon,
And the silhouette of every sailor.

Black Hawk stays the dive alive.

The purple dawn brings a galleon,
And the silhouette of every sailor,
And the lonely widow- she drowned by the sea.
The lonely widow drowned by the sea.
She's waiting for notice,
That her man would return,
What she don't know is that,
He ain't never coming home.

The question is why?
For the silhouette of every sailor,
We watch cross the dawn,
Cross the dawn.

He's rushing headlong straight to his death,
Now he's rushing headlong straight to his death,
The black hawk that stalks the path,
The black hawk that stalks the path,
Is watching for the sailors,
He's watching for the sailors.


2004 "Beecher's Bible" [Demo|EP]
2005 "The Mutiny" [Album|CD]

Set List

Exit 2A
Up North
Easy Rider
Bottle of Wine
By the Gallows
Sailing High Seas
Seven Years
Black Hawk
Proud to Hang
Rock and Roll
Heart Attack

The set can be adjusted for different events, regarding time and style.