Spinnetics is a Chicago based jam band that prides itself on its ability to jam in a variety of different styles, while still keeping the crowd on their feet and having a good time.


Spinnetics met as a random 4-some at a Chicago Golf Tournament. After the first nine holes, the ice broke and we began to discuss our shared musical influences- like Hendrix, Zeppelin, Phish, Stevie wonder, and many more. After realizing we were all musicians, and as a foursome were not only a complete golf team, but also a complete band, an a capella version of "Freebird" broke out off the cuff. Larry Bird and Michael Jordan walked by, and asked us to kindly move so they could finish golfing, and it sounded like they called us "timeless champs", but some say it sounded more like "tunedeaf chumps". That is the legend of Spinnetics, which is far more intereting than how the band really formed.....


Live at the Double Door, Chicago 1/3/09

Set List

Spinnetics has the ability to jam all night long, not only literally, but also the song by Lionel Richie. We have a large variety of originals and covers, ranging from rock, funk, blues, disco, to reggae.