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Spinning Lucy


Booking Contact : Dave Lash (215)300-2030 & dave@spinninglucy.com Alternapop - sometimes dark, sometimes bright, always catchy & energetic. Four seasoned musicians created Spinning lucy, Philadelphia-area powerpop/rock band.


The light in the darkness; the silver lining; failure and forgiveness. These are the topics explored again and again throughout the songs on Spinning Lucy's debut CD, 'The Everything Pill.'

Though Spinning Lucy, a Philadelphia-based power pop/rock band, may not yet be familiar to you, they soon will – thanks to the release of 'The Everything Pill.' Though the songs are entirely original and stylistically varied across the CD, listeners have compared elements of their work to bands like Rooney, Fountains of Wayne, the Killers, and all the way back to Big Star and Cheap Trick – so fans of everything from modern melodic pop/rock, '90s post punk, to '70s power pop will find much to like on The Everything Pill. It is a lovingly crafted musical rhetoric that should – in its style blurring hooks and composition – sound almost familiar to you… but not quite. This new CD represents Spinning Lucy’s coming out party; and what a party it is.

As primary lyricist and vocalist of the group, Will Roberts’ lyrics tackle topics from love to loss and back again. From the brutally honest (“all the best rides get disassembled, eventually”), through the cautiously optimistic (“If you forgive the monsters in me, then I’ll forgive the ghosts in you”), the songs can take a listener for a ride across an emotional landscape. And if you aren’t inclined to listen to lyrics, the songs themselves are infectious, memorable and catchy; and it’s hard to not roll down the car windows and sing along.

Most bands get their start in the basement, and Spinning Lucy is no exception. The group formed around DC-transplant Roberts and Doug Johns, a Jazz-trained drummer from Boston; and after a short bout of trial and error became a unit with the addition of Brian Pylant, veteran of the Philadelphia-area music scene on guitar and vocals, and Dave Lash, another former DC musician on bass. Inevitably, the band fled the basement for a new weird but super-sexy studio they could call their own, full of musical instruments and homebrewed beer, and has continually honed their sound and feverish live performances on stages throughout the East coast. This is just the beginning.

In the summer of 2007 Spinning Lucy went into the studio to start recording its first full-length CD, which over the next 10 months evolved into their summer 2008 debut, ‘The Everything Pill’. Recorded in New Jersey, mixed in DC, and mastered in California – like the CD itself, the songs take the listener on a thrill ride. Pop darkness with just the right amount of light.

All the best rides get disassembled, eventually.



Written By: Song: Spinning Lucy; Lyrics: Will Roberts

Is there a black cloud in your way?
A fitting ending for your day
I’ll watch for signs
You keep your head down, under mine
But you have to find out for yourself
Everything’s fine

Is there a dark spot on your sun?
or is the drama overdone
Your greatest show
Put on your best act and go
Your greatest strength is common sense
But no one else knows

What is your starsign
How do you feel?
There’s plenty of time
What is your starsign
What does it mean?
‘cause everything’s fine
Everything’s fine

Has your bad luck now run out?
Or is your star sign now in doubt
And I’d accept it otherwise
But you’ll use it to distract again,
Then improvise…

That'll Be The Day

Written By: Song: Spinning Lucy; Lyrics: Will Roberts

Hey Eggshell
You don’t wear your age so well
I won’t be the one to blame
If the wind blows, and the wall goes
Only one soul can put you back together
If it gets through, and it gets to you?
That’s a good sign because there’s something there that matters

Hey tongue tied
Only works if what’s inside
Shouldn’t find its way out
Hold tight, not a smooth ride
I apologize for being so literal
Your scared eyes look on the bright side
All the best rides get disassembled eventually

No promises made
No guarantees
Am I giving up tomorrow?
No, that’ll be the day
And to guess what’s next
Not a possibility
So I’m crackingvunder pressure?
No, that’ll be the day

Hey lazy bones
Better throw away those stones
Little Miss, you made mistakes before
Now you’re back home with your wishbone
If I didn’t know I never would believe it
The truth is that we both missed
that if you don’t learn from history you’re bound to repeat it


Written By: Song: Spinning Lucy; Lyrics: Will Roberts

Here’s how it happens
You wake up and its all gone
And it happened again
So won’t you listen to me?
It’s not your fault
Tis never anyone’s fault
I know you think you are experienced
But you’re just now crowning

Would it be so bad
To admit that the answer’s not there
Would it be so bad
And why won’t you listen to me
You surround your self
With exactly what you should avoid
I know you think you are experienced
But you’re just now crowning

So be careful of
What you take literally
I can’t imagine
If you will even remember me
Take a good look and
pray for a little more time
Take a breath or
Your anger will escalate
Your mind is closing but
My eyes will dilate
Take a good look and
pray for a little more time

Look me in the eye
And tell me that you’re all right
And I’ll let this go
So why won’t you look at me
And you twist the truth into
Perfect little packages
I know you think you are experienced
But you’re just now crowning


The Everything Pill, 2008

Set List

We play all original material, with the occasional genre-appropriate cover thrown in on occasion; our sets are usually approximately one hour.