Spiral-Shaped Mind

Spiral-Shaped Mind


filthy beats, crazy melodies, fun fucked up music that will make you dance your ass off.


Spiral-Shaped Mind always keeps the party going and the music flowing. SSM is like taking a trip to the inside of my head. Constant beat and repeating melodies. I have a huge fascination with electronics and the science behind it. SSM will keep you dancing and you wont want to stop. Trust me! My main influences are Kraftwerk, The Prodigy, Praga Khan, Wendy Carlos, the list in endless. I feel my music is different from other electronic acts because I mix movies with my music and science and electronics. I'm an electrogeek!


Hz to Breathe-2008
2)Prisoner 655321
4)Class War
5)Medicated Generation

A New Age of Ruin-2009

2)Like Fingerprints
5)Arecibo Message
6) No Disassemble
7)Cloudy Black Diamonds
8)Liberate te ex Inferis
9)End of Line

Signaling The Aliens-
1) Bad Pixel Shading
2) For Fear of Little Men
3) Disco Biscuits
4) Dummy Up
5) In My Body
6) The Horrors of Mankind...
7) Revenge-featuring Sir ...
8) Fear of the Vibrating ...
9) If I Cant Have You, No...
10) Music Makers
11) Zombies(Whats Them)
12) Real Rain
13) Signaling The Aliens

Set List

Set List-
Prisoner 655321
For Fear of Little Men
In My Body
Like Fingerprints
The Horrors of Mankind
-Dance Jam-
Signaling the Aliens

I'll play a set list from 45min-1 hour and half depending on how long the venue/rave wants me to play.