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Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2014

Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States
Established on Jan, 2014
Band Metal Hard Rock


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"All the Ingredients"

"Spiral Trance has all the ingredients for success."

Jonathan Cohen
LA Rock City News - Jonathan Cohen LA Rock City News

"Defying Categorization..."

Spiral Trance is a band on the verge of explosion. They may not be a name you know yet, but you will. The experimental sound that this band brings to the table has not quite been defined, with a unique mix of hard yet introspective rock that defies categorization.

Paul Karcz, Bill Lyles, Matt Stevens and Andy Zupke have already released three albums (All in Due Time, As We Are, On Our Terms) and toured the country. And now their video debut, “The Me You See”, displays the intense artistic performance quality of Spiral Trance with a production that exalts all the expressive nuances of the music.

The song lyrics are depicted in the video with an angst so eloquent it would seem a contradiction, yet the two elements combine as if they were designed to be one. "The Me You See" tells a story of the illusions and facades that can be so much easier to palate than the truth of human nature. The video by Producer and Director Jimmy Sammarco showcases refined and personality-rich production quality that Milwaukee is lucky to have in the local music scene. Be sure to check out the debut video and more here: www.jimmymakesmovies.com.

The performance quality and the difference in their sound set Spiral Trance apart in the modern rock genre. Their debut video gives them the platform they need to shine on and captures the borderline progressive edge that proves most rewarding.

Stacy V.
The Examiner
- The Examiner

"Total Package"

"You have to be careful with a band like this, they could very easily steal a show. There is a deepness to their music and it has the power to capture you, and for a moment the outside world can disappear. We need to keep an eye on this band, they have the ability to go far. Spiral Trance are the total package."

Firewalk Music - Firewalk Music

"Mind Blowing..."

This mind blowing first full album places Spiral Trance in the league of the top bands to watch and listen to closely! They have carved out a completely new genre that melds very creative alternative/ metal/ old school rock all in one neat package of amazing sounds. The variety found within each of the ten tracks makes you feel as though you are listening to several bands, all with an amazing kick ass talent for whichever genre or style they perform.

“This Time” starts the CD off with a brilliant use of strings and piano and enough theatrical sound to where you are intrigued as to whether this is truly a metal/alt rock band. But, as this powerful ballad progresses, you find out that they are quite capable of machine gun drumming and full on riffs to quench even the most ardent headbanger's thirst. “End This Lie” is another track that uses this melodic, theatrical sound mixed skillfully with an assortment of sultry, melodic, and full on metal vocals. All the while keeping those great drum and guitar riffs throughout an ever changing tempo song. This tune is clearly a standout for showcasing all the talents of each member of the band. “Man Up” and “Offering” take you directly to the full on angry metal sound in a perfectly executed manner. That attention to precision and production is completely found throughout the entire CD.

This band is a jewel mostly undiscovered by many fans, but that will change with one listen of this astounding CD. Their shrewd use of intricate and often amusing lyrics combined with the total package of great musicianship and great vocals will make them a shining star within the universe; and it will be theirs to own with continued offerings such as “All In Due Time.”

The time is NOW to get this album and rock out from start to finish.


MUEN Magazine - MUEN Magazine

"A True Experience..."

"Onstage, a fury is released that can shake the hardest metal fan to their core. Seeing a Spiral Trance show is an experience that will stay with you."

MKE Metal - MKE Metal

"Star Power"

"Exuding star power and a pure, raw energy, SPIRAL TRANCE does a deadly live show as well as providing superb material from the recording studio..."

Dirty Dave, KCLA Radio Los Angeles - Dirty Dave, KCLA Radio LA

"Bat Heads"

"Although they haven't trashed hotel rooms or bit the heads off of bats, Milwaukee's Spiral Trance still rocks hard. They will mesmerize Summerfest "Big Gig" goers..."

Molly Snyder Edler
On Milwaukee.com - Molly Snyder Edler On Milwaukee.com

"Crafting Their Own Sound..."

Spiral Trance blends the style of metal that emerged around the dawn of the new millennium with occasional unexpected rhythms and light progressive instrumentation to give way to a variation of modern metal. With a sound that hearkens to acts like Drowning Pool, Disturbed, and Tool, but with the added sensibility of an act like Metal Church, Spiral Trance have made strides toward crafting their own sound. Easily accessible, hook-laden, and traditionally heavy.

Bluesy guitar solos, guitar harmonies, occasional synth programming, strong guitars, competent drumming, and a presentation that’s readily accessible to metal mainstreamers and outsiders, Spiral Trance have made an attempt at improving modern metal. “All In Due Time” is for metalheads into the accessible, cuss-laden, new generation of metal post-2000, only with a more traditional feel despite the modern production. - Metal Underground

"Miller Beer"

"The best thing to happen to Milwaukee since Miller Beer"

WZRD 88.3 FM - WZRD 88.3 FM

"Well Written, Lyrically Strong..."

Success in the music business requires a magical combination of talent, perseverance and opportunity. So for the folks who don't kill time at work surfing the rock blogs and aren't hip to the hottest hard rock and metal out there, let me introduce you to Spiral Trance. With their sophomore album, the first with new label, Rat Pak Records, entitled 'All In Due Time', they show us what can happen when you produce a well written, lyrically strong offering. The album shows their continued growth and developed maturity and something about the music just pulls you in. 'All In Due Time' is a solid effort and has tons of excellent musicianship. It also has plenty of hard rock energy and makes for good listening with lots of jump up and down moments. Favorites include the hard hitting "Dead Set," "Man Up," "Lard Ass" and the bands lead-off single "The Me You See." Hell, there isn't a song I don't like on this album! It is surprisingly well-developed with an energetic and refreshing sound and I’m hard pressed to think of a young American band whose prospects I’m more excited about right now. These boys are "dead set" on making you insane indeed!!

Tina Peek
The Big Rock Show
Crusher Magazine
- Tina Peek, Host of The Big Rock Show, Crusher Magazine


Still working on that hot first release.



“Freedom from convention, music with intention.” This has been the motto for Spiral Trance since day one and it is this very motto that has set the indie-metal quartet at the forefront of their peers. Without regard for any one specific genre, Spiral Trance have seamlessly carved out a niche for themselves by introducing a progressive, indie element to the modern, hard rock world.


On the back of several EP’s and five self promoted national tours, Spiral Trance emerged from the studio to deliver their most diverse and cohesive offering to date. From the gorgeous piano melodies and metal guitar attack of title track Triggers, to the relentless guitar riffing and sing-a-long chorus hooks of the closing track Blacklight, hard rock and metal fans alike will have something truly unique to embrace.


2011 and 2012 took the band across the country and back playing on their previous release All In Due Time and thus commenced writing for their upcoming release.  2010 began with the music video premiere for the album's first single, The Me You See, shown to a sold out crowd in their hometown of Milwaukee, WI.  The video has been awarded Official Top 10 Status by the Las Vegas Film Festival, and among the best of over 1000 film entries from 30 different countries.  In conjunction, The Me You See was also a featured download, and playable track in the popular, worldwide game Rock Band, when the game's creators, Harmonix, launched the Rock Band Network in the spring of 2010.  2010 also saw Spiral Trance win for the second year in a row as Hard Rock Artist of the Year at the Wisconsin Area Music Industry (WAMI) Awards, an award they previously held in 2009. Just three years earlier, the band won the 2006 Song of the Year award for their song Hellacious.  In 2008, Spiral Trance was one of 20 unsigned artists hand-picked to perform at the Rock Solid Pressure Industry Showcase in Tampa Florida, hosted by industry pros and radio personalities, J-Rock and Patty. Subsequent radio play of their single Dead Set on the nationally syndicated Rock Solid Pressure Radio Show garnered Spiral Trance the coveted Q's House Artist Of The Year Award from Orlando-based A&R scout Quinton Sheer. In 2007, the song Breathe Again was licensed by Mississippi-based Lightning Lab Productions for use in the film documentary, Solid Bodies, The 50 Year Guitar War, featuring legendary Allman Brothers guitarist Derek Trucks and blues prodigy Joe Bonamassa, among others.  In addition, the songs We Are and When After Comes were featured on two E-Books penned by Master of Horror writer Alan Dane.

Spiral Trance gained national publicity with two nominations and performances at the Los Angeles Music Awards in 2001 and 2002 as National Artist of the Year. In 2002, Spiral Trance placed in the Top 10 at the ASCAP Grammy Showcase Awards for their song Hellacious and again in 2003 for Breathe Again.

Spiral Trance has enjoyed consistent Top Three rankings on BroadJam.com in more than 10 categories, including Number Two in the World and Number One in Rock and Hard Rock, respectively. 


Spiral Trance has done numerous hard rock showcases, including the world famous Whisky A Go Go in Hollywood, Calif., The Rock Solid Pressure Industry Showcase in Tampa, Fla., Chicago's MECA Music Conference and Milwaukee's internationally known music festival, Summerfest, where they've played to enthusiastic crowds for the last several years.


Spiral Trance has charted on more than 50 CMJ radio stations throughout the country and received airplay on several national stations, such as KWTF in Waco, Texas, WJJO in Madison, Wis., WLUP in Chicago, Ill., and KCLA Radio in Los Angeles, Calif., among many others.


"Exuding star power and a pure, raw energy, Spiral Trance does a deadly live show as well as providing superb material from the recording studio..." says Dirty Dave of KCLA Radio in Los Angeles. "Spiral Trance is one band not to miss."


Spiral Trance is the epitome of a band rooted in determination and persistence; performing as a finely tuned machine and continually working toward a groove that only occurs when energy is focused in solidarity.


Dead Set on making you insane…

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