Spirit and Dust

Spirit and Dust

 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Sounds like a 19-year old discontented poet making profound observations about our world.


Spirit and Dust is our hope that the sounds feel warm in your ears while on the stay or on the go. It is Kristen Sylvester's moniker and mask for storytelling. It is our personal mystical fist in the nose of capitalism, fascism, injustice and fear. It is one of the tools we have discovered for connecting with the world.

Turn down the house lights and join in the ceremonies. Become a living anachronism as your journey takes you to fantastical new places! This music may not cure depression, re-create the sexual revolution, or make brainwashed people suddenly wake up, but it is a start.

*Check myspace.com/spiritanddust for a full list of Spirit and Dust's tour dates


Currently recording the upcoming CD "Delight" which will include:
1. Hands and Limbs
2. Rambler
3. Movement
4. Oh Nothing's Free
5. On the Road (thinking of you)
6. Lonesome
7. The Center
8. The Tide
9. We Want Our Planet Back Now

To be released on August 29th

Set List

Oh Nothing's, Free
The Center
Stranger to Myself
Man on a Bridge
Hands and Limbs
Turn the Page
This Machine Kills Fascists
We Want Our Planet Back Now
A Toast to the Voices
The Tide
Square One
Bodies of Thought
On the Road
Past Life Reverie
and many more...

Typically do not do covers. Usually fill a 45 minute time period. Can play shorter on longer depending upon request.