We love to play thought provoking, Christ centered rock music. Our songs are original, though we have the ability to tailor our sets to the needs of the venue and can include praise and worship music, either acoustic or electric.


This central Georgia group began its ministry in 1997 as a Southern Gospel band but over the intervening years God impressed upon its members to modify the band’s sound and go in more of a Christian rock direction to reach a broader audience for Christ.
It is difficult to pin down Spiritfield’s sound as there have been many musical influences to the group as well as the individual members. Many of these influences include Eric Clapton, The Beatles, The Allman Brothers, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Matchbox 20, Third Eye Blind, Third Day, Audio Adrenaline, Switchfoot, GS Megaphone and many others. Spiritfield’s sound can best be described as a mix of contemporary Christian and southern rock with an alternative twist.
Spiritfield feels blessed and is very excited to also be a part of the Artist Alliance program of Open Doors. Open Doors is an international Christian ministry whose vision since 1955 has been to strengthen the Persecuted Church worldwide (www.opendoorsusa.org). Open Doors accomplishes this through many different avenues, including smuggling Bibles and other pastoral aids into countries where these items are not available or permitted. Spiritfield and the other members of the Artist Alliance help to raise awareness and promote Open Doors’ ministry.



Written By: Spiritfield

You can see the pain I hide, behind these eyes
You can see the truth I hide, behind these lies
You can hear my cries for help, when I don’t make a sound
So I’m lying here, with my face on the ground
Crying out from inside, crying out from inside

Don’t hold back, don’t hold back Your love from me
Give me all You got, won’t You pour it out on me
Well, I wanna know, how much You love me so
So, I’m crying out, yes, I’m crying out from inside

Just like a house of cards, I began to fall
Then I found myself, you know I found myself, up against the wall
I was tired of dealing with obscurity
Tired of all these things, you know I’m tired of all these things blinding me
Crying out from inside, crying out from inside


Desperate, I come to You, humble I will go
Looking for a second chance
You can see things that I hold inside
inside, inside of me



Written By: Spiritfield

I’ve been told that You always have and always will love me
Till the end of time
And every road, it leads to You and away from You
So carry me, one more time

Sometimes I can feel You close to me
Even though I am undeserving
Show me what I am in Your eyes
To Your name be praised

I wanna know will you be there in the morning
I wanna know will You be on my mind
Wisdom lies in the heart of each believer
So I know You will love me, Yes I know You will
Love me till the end of time

What kind of day will You bring me
What kind of life will I live
All I know is I am not afraid no more to speak Your name
So let it reign


She Runs

Written By: Spiritfield

She’s tired of livin’ in a topsy turvy world
All her dreams have passed her by when she was a little girl
Now that she’s grown, her innocence is gone
‘Cause she don’t care what’s right or wrong---anymore
She don’t care what’s right or wrong, no she don’t care

She run and she run to catch up with the sun
But the world is telling a lie
How can she see the truth with the blinders on her eyes
She’s runnin’ scared and leavin’ a trail of destruction in her path
How can she see, she needs a love that lasts

Her life is not the same since her boyfriend went away
She just sits and mopes around just thinking of the day
When things were good, the way that it should
If she cared what’s right or wrong---anymore
But she don’t care what’s right or wrong anymore
No, she don’t care


Her life is gonna change, eventually, it seems
She just started thinking more about her childhood dreams
She finally sees what she came to be
‘Cause Jesus cared about her---all along
Jesus cared about her all along
Yeah, Jesus cared

She run and run and caught up with the Son ‘cause He never told her a lie
She finally found the truth, He took the blinders off her eyes
She’s running to Him and going on a straight and narrow path
she finally found, she finally found a love that lasts



Spiritfield has independently released 3 CD's. "You Are Holy" was released in 2001. "180" was released in 2002 and their latest EP, entitled "The Morning EP" has just been released this year. "180" and "The Morning EP" are available to purchase at the website.

Set List

Spiritfield's set list varies according to the venue and what the people want. Our "usual" set list lasts about an hour and includes:

Original Songs:

Lonely Alter
She Runs
The Prayer
Holding My Hand
Hey Now
I Love You
The Prayer
The Conversation
Dripping Water
and more!!

Covers/Praise and Worship

Every Move I Make
Jesus, Lover of My Soul
Shout to the Lord
Beautiful (Third Day)
and many more!!