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Spirit Hair

Athens, Georgia, United States | SELF

Athens, Georgia, United States | SELF
Band Alternative Rock




"Spirit Hair - Stop Talking About It & Start Making Out With Dudes"

Down to the band name, everything about local outfit Spirit Hair screams "joke." Song titles like "Psychopathic Lice" seem designed to warn potential listeners: you're in for some mild fun and not much more. To some extent, it's valid; the band operates with tongues in cheek, its members' musical eccentricities proudly on display.

The surprise is that the songs are so solid. The aforementioned "Psychopathic Lice" packs a punch, shifting gears in under three minutes from driving, hook-laden rock (complete with harpsichord) to weird, bouncy carnival-pop (complete with "ba-ba-ba"s) and back again. "Witch" is unobtrusively psychedelic, rich and swirling and vaguely reminiscent of Pavement circa Terror Twilight.

The record's second half is a bit of a letdown after the promise of the earlier songs. "GullahBulle" is a languid slab of indulgent oddballism; "Air Force One" falls into the cloying They Might Be Giants-style pseudo-kiddie-pop trap the band skirts elsewhere but successfully manages to avoid. "Fever" is a standout, an unapologetically Floydian trip through hazy guitar clouds and acid keyboard rain that puts the band's true inner strangeness on display. - Flagpole Magazine

"Record Reviews: Spirit Hair - Stardon"

From the opening chimes and beeps of “Bug Eyes” to the synth-beats of the closing tracks, Spirit Hair’s StarDon rarely allows a moment to get by without filling it with gleeful psych-pop with a dance twist. These happy hipsters know how to make a killer groove last for an entire album.

The band claims that the record was meant to be one of “skeptical hesitation,” but hesitate to listen to this album and you’re more likely to miss something great. In a single song, you can pick out bits of psychedelic rock, power-pop, blues, jam and Americana. “When the Moon Began to Fall” is an instant ear-worm with an incredibly catchy guitar riff that melts into a full-on jam-fest complete with noodley guitars and pulsing, tap-worthy beats.

“Oblique” is the odd track out here, throwing a slow groove into the middle of the dance party with special guest John Fernandes on violin. With a very quiet arrangement and introspective lyrics, it is reminiscent of mid-career Leonard Cohen. Thankfully, the transition to and from “Oblique” is as smooth as the sultry whispered vocals that mark the song. The vocals morph with each track but strike true every time. It never feels like you’re listening to a different band; each song makes its statement and moves on. Next time you hold a party, throw on some Spirit Hair and you’ll be guaranteed to have a great time. - Flagpole - Athens, Ga


Stop Talking About It (2012)
Stardon (2010)



Spirit Hair is a art rock band that debut our first LP Stardon in 2010 featuring guest appearances from John Fernandes (Olivia tremor control) and Thayer Sarrano (formerly of Of Montreal). In 2012 Spirit Hair released our second LP titled "Stop talking about it and start making out with dudes" (with special guests BP Helium from Of Montreal, Julie Diles from Majic Missile, Randy Skinner former horn player for P-Funk and Johnny Buckner former member of Jackpot City) both albums were recorded and produced by Kyle Spence (Harvey Milk) and both have been made available for free download at our website www.spirithair.net . We have been reviewed in flagpole and stomp and stammer. We have also performed at the 40 watt, caledonia lounge, tasty world, eastside lounge, the independent (auburn AL). The band consists of five members Shanon Morris (vocals,bass guitar), Stephen Keown (vocals,keyboards), Taylor Sproull (drums also former member of Southern Bitch and current drummer for Dodd Ferrelle), Marcus Thompson (guitar) and Neil Golden(vocals,keyboards also former member of Elf Power, The Glands, Japancakes and is a current member of Shonna Tucker's band, A and Golden Brown).