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"Ace's Music"

Soon Spirit Lost was set to close out the day. Singer Austin Tepsic, guitarists Brian Smith and Joe Harpster, bassist Russ Patterson and drummer Lisa "Woo" Fazenbaker played their freewheeling mixture of modern rock, original songs and more. The group played a wide variety, spanning Live's "Dolphins Cry" and Foo Fighters' "Monkey Wrench" to Survivor's "Eye of the Tiger," Garth Brooks' "Thunder Rolls" and more. Spirit Lost also did several of their own, including "Lost Soul," plus newer songs such as "Pieces of a Stained Glass Mind" and "Journey of a Lifetime." The group again sounded sharp as they smoothly shifted between moods and textures, from harder metallic moments to more understated Tool/Pink Floyd-styled flourishes. The group finished up just as the sun was beginning to set, and they successfully brought a hard-rocking close to the day. - Jim Price -- PA Musician/www.Rockpage.net

"Relay for Life Benefit"

Singer Austin Tepsic, guitarists Brian Smith and Joe Harpster, bassist Russ Patterson and drummer Lisa Fazenbaker played a strong set that showcased their original songs. Their sound blended elements of harder modern rock with a more melodic and progressive edge reminiscent of Pink Floyd and Tool, resulting in slower-evolving, more elaborate songs. Spirit Lost did such originals as “Lost Soul,” “Burden of Life,” the harder and rampaging “Pieces of a Stained Glass Mind,” “Turning,” “Soul Seeker” and more. The group also scattered some interesting current and 90’s rock covers into the mix, including Sponge’s “Plowed,” Godsmack’s “Awake,” Audioslave and Foo Fighters numbers and more. Although only my second time seeing Spirit Lost so far, I thought this was the most focused I’ve seen them; they had tightened up considerably as an instrumental unit, and Austin has progressed into an expressive, dynamic frontman with a sense of control, varying his tension-and-release intensity between restrained and full fury. The Lion’s Den audience cheered their approval more and more as Spirit Lost’s set proceeded, and demanded an encore when the group finished; they responded with Tool’s “Stinkfist.” - Jim Price -- PA Musician/www.Rockpage.net

"Pa Musician CD Review"

Merging elements of hard-edged modern rock with detailed, progressive-geared song arrangements, Altoona-based quintet Spirit Lost guides listeners on an introspective journey from loneliness to self-realization on their debut concept CD, The New Beginning. As they traverse the musical middle ground between Pink Floyd, Tool, Alice In Chains and Disturbed, Spirit Lost explores a protagonist’s inner struggle over the disc’s ten tracks. The hard-rocking opening song “Alone” establishes the theme of loneliness-triggered turmoil, while the Floyd-ish “The Journey of a Lifetime” describes the passage of friends and loved ones through one’s life. Against a brooding, heavy-rocking backdrop, “The Misery of a Wounded Heart” ponders the pain of longing and regret, before that pain nears the breaking point of self-doubt and insanity on the psychotic “Pieces of a Stained Glass Mind” and the slow-building sonic thunderstorm “Lost Soul.” The introspection continues on the agitated “Soul Seeker (Can’t Stop),” before deceit brings things to the boiling point again on “Mistrust.” Self-realization and wisdom are achieved on “A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing” and the march-flavored “The Burden of Life,” before the protagonist takes on life’s new challenges on the closing rocker “Dreams.” Austin Tepsic’s dramatic singing style effectively conveys the story’s emotional rollercoaster ride, as his voice runs the gamut from subdued and sullen to anguished and agitated, and occasional studio effects enhance his vocal mood swings. Guitarists Brian Smith and Joe Harpster, bassist Russ Patterson and drummer Lisa Fazenbaker color and accent the emotional impact of each song with their surging arrangements, shifting rhythms and varying intensities of attack. Produced by the band and recorded at Range Recording Studios in Ardmore, The New Beginning sounds clean, balanced and full; with all instruments coming through clear in the mix. Each of the songs is distinct and stands on its own, yet the album is consistent and works as a whole set. Spirit Lost’s varied mixture of styles and cohesive story line makes The New Beginning an intriguing listen, and a strong and impressive debut. (The CD can be obtained through Spirit Lost’s website, www.spiritlost.com.)

- Jim Price

"Shinbone (Focus Band)"

(SC) Focus Band: Spirit Lost
Spirit Lost
By Shinbone Staff

Staff Writer
* What are the names, city of residence, how long they've been in the band and responsibilities of each member?

Austin is from Tyrone. He, like everyone else in the band, has been with us from the start. His lead role in the band is vocals and general horsing around.

Russ is from Martinsburg. His main role in the band is bass and some light vocal work, usually from across the stage.

Joe is also from Tyrone. His lead role in the band is guitar and screaming/backing vocals at a whisper.

Brian is from Altoona. His lead role in the band is guitar and backing vocals while blinding the audience with his reflective receding hair line.

Lisa is from Duncansville. Her lead role in the band is drummer/backing vocals, and she has become quite good at the art of stick throwing.

* Give us a brief history of Spirit Lost.

Spirit Lost started out about two-and-a-half years ago in the back room of Brian's place. We started playing shows soon after. Our first show was a battle of the bands at The Noteworthy in Bedford. As of late you can see us on area stages playing a variety of covers and originals.

* Talk about your upcoming release and everything you learned about the recording process along the way.

Our first album, titled (The New Beginning), is to be released very shortly. It's been both a rewarding and frustrating process, but worth it all in the end.

* What are some of the strengths and weaknesses of your local music scene?

The local musicians are very supportive of each other and our community. If there is a benefit show that needs a band, you know there are a whole list ready to show up and play. Bands are always willing to support each other. As far as weaknesses, we would like to see more venues to play. There can never be too many places having live music. We appreciate where we do get to play; it helps keep us on our toes knowing there are so many other good bands out there wanting more live shows as well.

* How would you describe your live show to someone that has never been to one?

Our live shows are always full of energy. You can also expect a great light show from Rick of Ace's Music in Cresson. We like to have fun with each other and the crowd with some light goofing off and general horsing around. You can expect to hear a good mix of music from covers to originals.

* What is one of the craziest show experiences that you had?

We can't decide which experience is the best, but we have two. We played a show at Crocodile Rock in Allentown and we played a show at Arlene's Grocery in New York City. The two trips involved a 15-passenger van full of people cramped for hours on end and we all know what can happen in those kinds of situations.

* What are the future plans for Spirit Lost?

We plan to continue playing for as long as the scene can stand us. We will continue to write songs and learn covers so anyone that comes to a show can enjoy themselves and hopefully continue to come out and see us.

On the Lighter Side with Brian

* If you could change one thing about each band member, what would it be?

Austin could use some eyeballs so he could actually see what goes on in front of him.

Russ needs to learn how to use a fire extinguisher so he can put out his flaming gear.

Joe could use a new hair-do cause age catches up with everyone.

Brian needs to find a good doctor to help get rid of that mirror on his head.

Lisa could always go with more black and less pink.

* If you could be any cereal mascot, who would it be?

Lucky Charms, because they're magically delicious.

* Why is farting so funny to most people?

They are flammable and can be jarred.

* Give us the adult film name for each member of the band.

Austin : What made you think it was ever OK to do that.

Russ : If the equipment's smoking, it's probably mine.

Joe : If Batman can wear it, so can I

Brian : My other vehicle is a Cady

Lisa : YouTube

* What is the most annoying sound?

Spirit Lost in action while playing musical chairs.

(The Lighter Side is a random series of entertaining or silly questions that we ask someone from the band. The person interviewed can answer as truthfully as they like or as ridiculously as they like. They also claim full responsibility for the answers provided.)
- Shinbone Magazine


"The Journey Of A Lifetime"
"The Misery Of A Wounded Heart"
"Pieces Of The Stained Glass Mind"
"Lost Soul"
"Soul Seeker (Can't Stop)"
"A Wolf In Sheep's Clothing"
"The Burden Of Life"
**All of these songs have received airplay on Q94s Backyard Rocker**



I just want to know why I'm here
My face is swollen from all these tears
It's not easy finding out who you are
But I can't stop now I've come to far
-- lyric excerpt from “Soul Seeker (can’t stop)”

SPIRIT LOST is a four-piece band based out of Altoona Pennsylvania. On stage you can expect to hear a mix of original material and cover songs portrayed though the passion of the band. Lead Singer Austin's very dynamic and high level of energy during a show is complimented by the darker Guitar style of Brian. The thumping undertones of Russ on Bass can be felt as the heartbeat backed by Lisa’s solid strength on the Drum Set.
SPIRIT LOST has played such venues as Arlene's Grocery in New York City, Crocodile Rock in Allentown Pennsylvania, The Millennium Music Conference in Harrisburg Pennsylvania and The Rock the Ink festival in Providence Rhode Island.
The SPIRIT LOST journey continues with the current release of the band’s debut album “The New Beginning” which blends elements of harder modern rock with a more melodic and progressive edge.
SPIRIT LOST is a family and whether you are a music fan or an establishment considering booking SPIRIT LOST, we invite you to that family.
Please message SPIRIT LOST with any questions or feedback. We would love to hear from you, and don't forget to tell us about yourself. You know all about us, so now it’s your turn. Thanks for stopping by and we hope SPIRIT LOST will be on a stage near you soon!