Spirit Marines

Spirit Marines

BandHip HopAvant-garde

You will like Spirit Marines because they appeal to your nuanced musical sensibilities without sacrificing the marauding spirit of bloodthirsty warlords essential for a captivating live performance. You will be surprised and refreshed as if you have just sipped a delicious citrus Illuminati soda.


We are each fourteen and a half years old and we are all employed as voice actors for "the Simpsons" animated television program. Together we form a loose consortium of like-minded architetural consultants whose recent clients include Kentucky Fried Chicken Restaurants, the University of Maine, and the San Francisco Dodgers.


The Wendigo - EP (2006)
Untitled Demo (2007)

Set List

1. Stunt Kite
2. Seventh Grade
3. Weeping Wizards
4.Magic Bird
5. Challenger
6. Trail of Tears
7. Eminem II

Set typically runs 25-30 minutes.