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Band Christian Gospel


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Da Rubba BAND and Afroman"

Da Rubba BAND and Afroman coming to Johnson city for a Party - Kingsport Times

"Normash Reach's Out To Micheal Jackson With More Then Just A Beat"

When Normash came to me with his story, like many others, I turned away, but he stayed persistant at feeding me info. He told me about how he not only made a beat for Micheal Jackson, but how he wrote a concept Music Video Also. I dont know about you, but thats what I call an aggressive artist. This Artist can Produce, Rap, sing, and write " music vedios.


Normash called Def Jam to get a hold of L.A. Reid ( CEO of Def Jam ),
but Normash said Mr. Ried was never avilible when he would call, That when luck happend and Normash recived the in side scoop on L.A. Rieds Feelings towreds Michael's situatation. Knowing this, Normash always wanted to work with the legendary Pop artist. He just had to get some ones attention, and he did.
- I basicly took it apon myself being a friend of the Fam, to make a prodution like no other to help Micheal do at least one more album, you know...Make us Groove one more time. Thats when I wrote a music video and produced a track that both a pop star and hip hop artist can rap to. Thats when Make You Groove was born. If I look at it all. It all adds up. To add to all this fuss I can dance just like him too, even better then Usher!! siad Normash.
Normash claims that he sent three packages to an unknown source at Def Jam in New York. If its true, I geuss we all will have to wait and see what all the fuss Is about.
-Kenny Williams
Artist Relation/HHM - Hiphop Mag_ Kenny Williams

"The Roll Call has never been this good"

" That Was so tight, mann Im shocked at the lyrical freeslye you put down in just 30ty second"
- Jay Love

' Well Im happy I made it mann/
its like an H2 hummer built from a carovann/
Its like a broke man finally seein a dollor and.......( some of the lyrics used on the radios daily roll call by Normash)

Conversation between Normash and Jay Lov-
That was so tight, mann!

I told you when I called before that i had skills!

Jay Love
Mann you got it. oohhhh That was good!

I am workin on that album so I hope I got the support.

Jay Love
Well Do it mann, and we'll se what happens-
( I recorded it on tape and still trying to figure out how to get it on CD) - Jay-Love 101.9WJHM Orlando


Still working on that hot first release.


Feeling a bit camera shy


Currently at a loss for words...