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"Spirit of the Stairs"

The Shape of Hope - Spirit of the Stairs

"Spirit of the Stairs arrives in the recorded domain with The Shape of Hope, a supreme seven-track affair that's ever-unfolding and always dynamic. Opening with "Goodbye ol' crumbles," which highlights Torin Andersen's exciting, melodic guitar work (at times reminiscent of King Crimson's Adrian Belew and Robert Fripp), Kyle Hupp's melodically sensitive powerhouse drumming and the twin bass attack of Jeremy Bennett and Josh Wilson, the tune moves from a propulsive indie rock maelstrom to a quiet, prog-inflected calm and then back — or almost back — again.

Such dynamics are but part of what makes Spirit great but melodic themes — such as those heard on tracks such as the beauty-drenched "Mantha" or the cosmically uplifting "This Song Smells Like You," where Andersen plays with a fiery intensity that's rarely been heard since the early days of Van Halen and where Wilson and Bennett demonstrate the full power of their delicate interplay, also work to complete the greater picture. Perhaps "Smells" is the one song here that best encompasses the unit's range of possibilities but such statements might also sell short the feelings evoked from "A Single Eye in the Shape of A T" and the aforementioned "Mantha."

Even more impressive is the band's ability to evoke complex emotional responses such as in the largely full-throttle "Nathan" (written for a departed friend), where listeners are pulled through a driving, almost angry rhythmic and melodic onslaught that slowly gives way to a cry for light in the dark until the song ends in a quiet, solemn and restorative kind of sonic prayer. The Shape of Hope stands as a lasting testament to Spirit of the Stairs' musical powers and suggests that there's more to be written, more to be said and more to be embraced. In short, it's a great record from a great band and it couldn't have come along at a better time."

- Jedd Beaudoin, F5 - F5 Wichita


"The Shape of Hope" LP - 2005, "This Song Smells Like You... Dancing" Single - 2005, "Spirit of the Stairs" LP - 2007 - music is available for purchase or to listen to on our myspace page.



-"What you wish you would have done differently..."-
Formed in Wichita, KS in early 2003, SotS set out to "try something different". Bringing a solid "rock" element into the normally placid instrumental music scene. Where most instrumental rock lives within a world of epic arrangements and slow swelling changes, Spirit of the Stairs strive to explore mood and melody within and between songs creating explosive moments not to be soon forgotten.

We have been fortunate enough to share the stage with artists such as: The Appleseed Cast, Bailer, Story of the Sea, The Safes, The Gunshy, Engineer, Daywithoutdawn, Read Yellow, Mustangs and Madras, Black Xmas, Unwed Sailor, Gutbucket, The Esoteric, The Life and Times, Your Name in Lights, Houston, Ricky Fitts, Black Gasoline, and many other local and regional acts of varied genres.