Spirit of the Stairs

Spirit of the Stairs


Dynamic Instrumental Rock - Wordless stories that illustrate emotions familiar and forgotten. "This is to you what you make it. It means something different to each person, each time they listen to it".


-"What you wish you would have done differently..."-
Formed in Wichita, KS in early 2003, SotS set out to "try something different". Bringing a solid "rock" element into the normally placid instrumental music scene. Where most instrumental rock lives within a world of epic arrangements and slow swelling changes, Spirit of the Stairs strive to explore mood and melody within and between songs creating explosive moments not to be soon forgotten.

We have been fortunate enough to share the stage with artists such as: The Appleseed Cast, Bailer, Story of the Sea, The Safes, The Gunshy, Engineer, Daywithoutdawn, Read Yellow, Mustangs and Madras, Black Xmas, Unwed Sailor, Gutbucket, The Esoteric, The Life and Times, Your Name in Lights, Houston, Ricky Fitts, Black Gasoline, and many other local and regional acts of varied genres.


"The Shape of Hope" LP - 2005, "This Song Smells Like You... Dancing" Single - 2005, "Spirit of the Stairs" LP - 2007 - music is available for purchase or to listen to on our myspace page.

Set List

We have played from 20 minutes to 2 1/2 hours. We usually mix our songs to create a ebb and flow of energy to maintain attention. Each performance is an original experience.