Spirits of Music

Spirits of Music

 Lubbock, Texas, USA

Psychedelic hip hop Funk Rock with occasional Latin flav.


Music infinitely flows throughout. Then, intravenously, it emerges from within.
The Spirits of Music is a three-piece-band that strives and maintains focus on the bright & positive nature of the universe. Atmospheric experimentation gives birth to all.
During the fall of 2006 AD Jeff, Matt, and Colton began to jam. Thus, the Spirits of Music was born.
For the following six months, anything occurring outside of the room with the light-blue blanket was a blur. The Spirits of Music surpassed all. However these newly-forming, dimly-lit dreams were exhausted. The Spirit's first spectators were the police. After relocating, their new environment offered an unexpected improvement; the ability to record their first live demo. Immediately the group began to perform. Their first show was also their first fundraiser. The Wounded Warriors of America gives aid to the veterans of America. As the Spirits continued to perform, they found themselves playing bigger and better venues until finally finding themselves headlining in Lubbock's Canyon Amphitheater.

The Spirits of Music have performed private parties and weddings; they've rocked the Curtain Club in Dallas and played multiple standing ovations in Austin. Colton, Jeffrey and Matt are fueled by unyielding dedication and are constantly consumed with breaking past the barriers of opposition.

Beginning in October of 2007 and ending in February of 2008, the Spirits recorded their first, six track EP at LuminousSound studios in Dallas, Texas. Audio engineer Bradlely Prakope of (B-Side Audio) recording.



Written By: The Spirits of Music

I don't go to the hospital,
Why would I want to live
Momento meant invitation sent
Everyone shows that behaves

Some people give their lives
For just one chance to live
I give my life for a chance to play
I give my life let's pray

Open up your eyes
Surprise and Rise
Look to the sky
Cause heaven's wise

Hell if I've been taken by my mind
I tell myself how long I've been trying

Love is all that I seek
Time will remember me
Live in big family of Compassion

Open up your mind
Surprise and Rise
Look to the sky
Cause heaven's why

Hell if I've been taken by my mind
I tell myself how long I've been trying

Love is all that I seek
Time will remember me
Live in big family of Compassion


Written By: spirits

i'm telling you to encourage you
i don't want you to lose your sight
you can always think about whats happening in another part of town
but that will never keep you company
what will keep me around
love is such a lonely outlaw
i smile when she comes around
time maybe not our ally
time will reduce us down

when we were amazed
not when it was dim
was it now is it in
was it then will now ever come again

i'd be beautiful if i'd never felt your kiss on my head to lie awake and dream of you

lately i've been telling myself just what the sun means to me how we float around in gravity traversing through our history
but that will never keep me company
what will keep you around


Written By: spirits

i dont know what you've been told people never change
sometimes they will promise you but they never change their ways

i don't know what i'd have done if i lost my monologue
dad came through and saw my eyes when the bride had gone took off

such a lovely life don't get knocked up

well listen son you have no fear your never gonna get another dollar bill you go to the bar and you drink all night end up inside in a fist fight oh shit in a pool of blood and spit

well i'm not your dad but you made me mad i'll take you down to protect this town who are you after for whom are you gunnin' now you gonna get what you got comin' i'm pissed you took a shot at me and missed

well listen boy here's the truth you earned yourself the noose dont try to run you cant hide with popped out eyes you cant see to cry

baby now save me now i need you to come cut me down what your pregnant now i need you now save me

blues part was never rehersed, the band forced me to sing here, i guess its cool, im no jeff fajans or stevie ray

actually this whole song is one cut live in the studio, brad even mixed and printed this track in twenty minutes.

What We Know

Written By: spirits

never fall in line
say whats on your mind
tell it like it is
we'll tell it like we feel

light up a candle you pray that a candle you light will never go out

she said she never followed me
i know thats a lie
so tell me what you think
we all know truth inside

a prowling pressure building low
a roaring lion ready to blow
continuing relentlessly please dont slow
you know i really want you to
by the way i look at you

Tell Her How You Feel

Written By: spirits

it's hard to ask you i dont want to rush into shallow disaster im a master of my mood i've spent it all have nothing left to give if you tell me you love me i'll live i'm always hoping searching for a sign i'm fascinated about the end of time do not embarrass love you have too long to live soaring down the mountains gliding down the hills

tell her how you feel

treat the little lady like you love her so dont treat her like you would treat a ho the first time i saw you i almost lost my mind we werent together you still preocupied my mind at first inclined my body ached to want to spoon you seem focused on the savior focused to commune tell me lady is it time to dance say yes in answer by grabbing my hand

tell her how you feel

lead me to where the beat will keep us up let us use that which overflows the cup who is jealous who in here in mad who has forgotten everything you have if lately is sober yesterday is over if lately is over yes today is over
she's a killer
i thought i told you

Road Trip

Written By: spirits

windows down driving late at night
out of frown big town bound while we ppp to the right
look at the moon be there soon stars are shining bright
you can start low if you promise to let go

leave 'em alone turn off your phone your mine
nothing to fear whisper clear lend me your ear
i can tell all to well what you like
honey pass it we'll outlast it feel loves might

we'll drive tonight like there's no tomorrow


2008 EP recorded at Luminous Sound in Dallas, Texas.

Set List

Original songs, 3-4 hrs. Only inspirational covers are played: Incubus, Sublime, Gorillaz, Matisyahu, Jimi Hendrix, Zepplin, SRV, Roots, TOOL, Snoop, etc....