Spirits Of Old

Spirits Of Old


Spiritful, Soulful in it's essence, Synchronistic & Superheterodyne in it's overall flow, A Stemmata of collective knowledge on musical attributes & influences. Above all, Steadfast in our dream of musical flight.


July of 2006 saw the destined meeting of 2 spirits; Ashley John & David Blumberg.... Born & raised in Singapore/England & Sweden respectively, both these spirits set out to Perth, Australia to complete their education at Murdoch University. This is where we star-crossed. The both of us call ourselves the ‘Spirits Of Old’. There isn’t much to say about us just yet, for we are still young as a band.

David & I feel we have been here many times before. We acknowledge that there is no coincidence in the crossing of our paths with one another, and we certainly know our common purpose. We aim to fuel this common purpose through our joint song-writing in order to propel our aspirations toward the infinity that is, music. It is this clustering of our reverent thoughts that results in the music you hear from us.

For those who have inspired us & for those who've forged their souls' names within the framework that we seek, we offer our humble thanks. For without your inspiration, we would have no common aspiration.

Synchronicity is the cause of the formation of this band, with the subsequent effect being the culmination of both beats & rhythms to engulf your mind long enough to send you into another world. Feel us, & enjoy what we feel we were born to do.


Love In Isolation

Written By: Spirits Of Old

Love In Isolation

Leave them….

Leave them all behind…

Sail with….

Sail with me….

Hold on…

Hold on to your heart…

Cause I’ll be…

Waiting for you…

Walk with me

Through fields of gold

Send out a thousand doves

Forever is here to stay


Come & spread your wings…

Sail with…

Sail with me…

Leave them…

Leave them all behind…

Be my….

Wonderland High


The edit of 'Love In Isolation' had been aired on radio in Singapore (Lush 99.5 Fm).

In addition to that, David & I have won 1st prize in a podcast contest in Singapore, taking us to the finals of that contest where we stand to win a Mac notebook.

For more details, click on the link below.


We have yet to complete more songs that we hope will make up a complete EP by mid '08.

Set List

We have yet to perform live. As it is, there is only the 2 of us making all the music that you hear. It would be difficult to replicate that live without additional members.