Spirit Space Guitar Cello

Spirit Space Guitar Cello


Marjory and Michael approach music as a spiritual practice. For 35 years, they pursued their muse and sound; Marjory as a classical performer, and Michael as a ‘reclusive guitar mystic’. Their live recording of ‘Spirit and Space, Guitar and Cello’ is an outpouring of pure acoustic virtuosity.


Michael Waters was raised in the remote forests of British Columbia, Canada. For 35 years he chose to play the guitar as a spiritual practice, with no intention of playing professionally. In 2004 his encounter with the indigenous medicine ceremonies of the Amazon triggered a 16 month wave of virtuoso composition and in 2005 he began performing publicly. He has recorded this body of compositions in a two CD set called The Medicine Path, and has developed a new fusion of styles that is being referred to as Acoustic Psychedelic Chill. He has performed in Canada, Uganda, The United Arab Emirates and France. Michael has played the same acoustic guitar for 35 years. The harmonics and overtones this instrument can now produce, after so many years of resonance, are astounding. Michael's website is www.ladybirdmusic.com.
Marjory Dow spent 32 years playing cello in a classical environment. A spiritual quest and desire to sing her own song gave birth through improvisation and composition, to a new relationship with her cello, Sebastian. Marjory’s voice and cello combine to produce a spontaneous outpouring that carries the listener to the heart of the sacred cello. Since 2006 she has begun to perform off the classical stage, collaborating in music centered around sacred spaces, healing and chanting.

Michael and Marjory began collaborating in 2007, leading up to a performing tour and the recording of Sprit & Space, Guitar & Cello, released in March 2008.

Both Michael and Marjory have developed a virtuoso approach in their own music, and bring this to their performances. Their shows are a mixture of their solo pieces and duets of their original materials, including the Acoustic Psychedelic Chill style using various digital effects to transport the listeners into some very surreal spaces. Their approach is also good humored in the style of folk musicians, rather than the sometimes hard gravitas adopted by classical musicians.


Spirit & Space, Guitar & Cello

Set List

Two 45 min sets

Set 1:
The Two Shamans
Sacred Cello 1
Suite: Sophie

Set 2:
Lake of Sand
Atahualpa Yupanqui
Sacred Cello 2