Spiritwalker, a duo based in the Bay Area, Tbird Luv and Evan Fraser fuse global sounds of percussion, strings, winds with nature sounds and their voices to create an original blend of songwriting, improvisation, and storytelling. Their music is positive, healing and inspirational.


Tbird & Evan met at the California Institute of the Arts while working on their degrees in World Music. They fell in love after being best friends for 11 years and now they are sharing their love & music with the world.

Coming from classical flute background, Tbird Luv spent time studying & imitating the sounds of birds in an estuary & in nature with her flute & vocal techniques. She is also influenced by Persian classical music, Indonesian gamalan, African music, indigionous folk traditions, Shamanism, Sound Healing, avant garde, as well as blues, rock, electronica, Tom Waits,
P.J. Harvey, Bjork, & U2 to name a few.

Evan is a multi-instrumentalist with a vast world instrument collection who specializes in kalimba (African thumb piano), jaw harps from around the World, N'goni (African Harp), lap steel guitar, ambient soundscapes & loops. Evan switches naturally from one instrument to the next bringing an array of moods and tasteful sounds to the music. Spiritwalker's eclectic and global sound evokes the natural world with songs and instrumental improvisations, each note played from the heart, leaving the audience entranced and inspired.


Eyes Make Water

Written By: Tbird Luv

It's funny how eyes make water,
yes I am my mother's daughter,
why do you choose words that sting?
you know they last a long time in my memories.

Yet the distance between us grows stronger and your presence it lingers no longer,
Though you'll always be a part of my heart.
You're in my heart
So deep in my heart.

So long baby bye bye
yea certainly I cried
I even asked myself why
it had to end this way.

Its the water from eyes
my eyes they keep cryin'
It's the water from my eyes, my eyes they keep fallin' it's the water. 2x

Set List

45min.- 1hr sets (about 10-12 songs).
Instrumental improvisations and singer-songwriter style inspirational love songs with instrumental accompaniment and vocal harmony.