SPIRITWO winks at you with glossy dark pop that wears all elements from Electro & Rock, opening a secret door to a rich theatric atmosphere. It's about great music, through Spiritwo's character and image, giving a fantastic show.


SPIRITWO stands out by her diverse vocal talents and unique appearance, coming up with her very own brand of alternative pop.
She's a POP TRICKSTER - her name implies of duality in spirit, and also her music needs a different musical term... Dark Pop?? Brutal Glam?! Both beautiful and hard, People keep trying to define what it is - sparkly light and dark deep: polished songs with a progressive hardcore twist. Pop tunes embedded with experimental breaks.
On stage this new persona comes to life – Sonic trickstery and extravagant magical sights and outfits that takes the audience to a playful journey.

SPIRITWO been compared to great individual singers such as Nina Hagen, Diamanda Galas, Laurie Anderson, PJ Harvey, Bjork, by her powerful ability to create fresh, original, wild tunes.

website: spiritwo.com


"Foundling" - SPIRITWO first single with ORG Records
Radio airplay - Xfm (London) Jhon Kennedy, Resonance FM (London) The organ show

Set List

Shows lasts 45 minutes,
and include-

Video Store
This Dance
Inner Self (cover for Sepultura)
No such thing
Facing all this
In the pits
The best thing
Foundling (a cover for Cardiacs)