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SPIRITWO – Okay so Foundling jumps right out and grabs us, it stops everyone – what’s this? Who’s this? It made Tim cry with pleasure – tasting sweet and beautiful, no one knows where this came from. Well we do, it arrived unexpectedly in the post from Israel and she sounds kind of like PJ Harvey or an off kilter Tori Amos and all tingly and that parpingly soft synth (whisper this – I think I like this version of one of the more restrained Cardiacs pieces of beauty even more than the original) I could walk with angels but I’d rather walk with you - ghostly lady. Hang on though, there’s something more in the spine-tingling air with the wind chimes and delicate majestic splendour. Foundling may have grabbed us first but but but, all eight tracks here are special and different and like those Dresden Dolls getting in to the dark and body of light glitching tonight alone in the dark to give you the spooks. Dresden Dolls, Lori Anderson, PJ Harvey, Sea Nymphs/Mr & Mrs Smith and video films you took out ten times before – and like nothing you heard before either. Noir pop, art deco pop from the hardcore sex store, secrets of the human mind – and when you don’t expect it, great big rushes of Kate Bush euphoria in a cabaret style – choosing constantly. Yes, Dresden Dolls and Devil Doll, like all the films you can’t see. So so original, an animated magic box, a box of chocolates - I don’t know which one to pick, I want then all in the room of baroque and electricity and straight jackets and Sugarcubes. Sometimes we have to give up the things we wanted because? We’re dancing around architecture again and whatever’s behind the big brown eyes and sugar rush pop fun - or it would be if that wasn’t such a devalued statement and pop means nothing anymore – sketchbooks songs, delicate worldly knowing innocence and rules of nature that change the feature – and one day soon all this lo-fi sketchbook stuff will give way to great big clever warm glowing pop songs to hang all your hats on. Adopted like a foundling and ready to fly……. A beautiful eight song demo that we really must do something with
- ORGAN zine London

"some of the most happening sounds we've heard in a long time, best wishes and all the best with new single"
- cream of the crop


"Foundling" - SPIRITWO first single with ORG Records
Radio airplay - Xfm (London) Jhon Kennedy, Resonance FM (London) The organ show


Feeling a bit camera shy


SPIRITWO stands out by her diverse vocal talents and unique appearance, coming up with her very own brand of alternative pop.
She's a POP TRICKSTER - her name implies of duality in spirit, and also her music needs a different musical term... Dark Pop?? Brutal Glam?! Both beautiful and hard, People keep trying to define what it is - sparkly light and dark deep: polished songs with a progressive hardcore twist. Pop tunes embedded with experimental breaks.
On stage this new persona comes to life – Sonic trickstery and extravagant magical sights and outfits that takes the audience to a playful journey.

SPIRITWO been compared to great individual singers such as Nina Hagen, Diamanda Galas, Laurie Anderson, PJ Harvey, Bjork, by her powerful ability to create fresh, original, wild tunes.

website: spiritwo.com