Spirit World

Spirit World


Spirit World plays dirty rock n' roll that makes you wanna get shitty and fuck.


Spirit World originated in Atlanta Georgia. Most of our members were going to college when we decided to drop out, get serious about being a band, and move to New York City to play rock n' roll. So we threw all of our shit into an enormous moving van and made the trek cross country to live in a little shack in Brooklyn.

Now, many chicks, a shit-ton of drugs, and two years later...we've bought the biggest van that dodge makes, converted our shack into a recording studio, played plenty of unforgettable shows in and around New York, built an impressive following, recorded a demo with a well known producer for a major label, secured a lawyer and booking agency, and released a 7" on an independent label.

Pretty fuckin' good right?

You have to make a lot of sacrifices to be in a band and you have to put up with a lot of bullshit, but we've always said: "It's either this or fucking suicide" and we kinda almost not really but pretty much entirely believe that.


Spirit World: Velcro is the New Black: self released: CDEP: 7 songs

Spirit World: self titled: 7": 2 songs: Stickfigure Records

Many songs are available and downloadable at our website: www.fucknewyorkcity.com

Set List

Our set usually runs 5-6 songs, 25-30 minutes