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Spit For Athena Fun Facts
Written By Elizabeth Chabez

Spit For Athena formed in August of 2001, in the city of Coldwater, Michigan. Levi Bailey (vocals, guitar) and Matt Budd (drums) were already in a local Coldwater hardcore group together called Noma, but eventually decided they wanted to explore musical directions outside of hardcore. Already accustomed to each others tastes and styles, they decided to start a new band. Levi wrote Spit’s first ten songs, and brought them to Matt, who approved them and added drum parts. The name Spit For Athena somehow fell into Levi’s lap, and they officially felt like “a real band”. Now they just needed a bass player.

Levi had considered asking his friend, Melanie Cumming, if she’d like to try her hand at bass. She’d recently been given a guitar as a Christmas present, so she seemed like a decent candidate. Since she’d never been in a band, though, Levi doubted she’d be interested. It took the persuasion of Levi’s friend Marc to finally prompt Levi to ask Melanie if she’d like to join the new group. She immediately accepted. Learning to play the bass even as she was learning how to be in a band, and playing shows even before she was completely comfortable with the songs, Melanie quickly proved to be an important addition to Spit For Athena.

Spit For Athena’s sound makes some think of a heavier version of The Pixies, or a noisier Smashing Pumpkins, with influences ranging from The Cure to Converge, from Today Is The Day to Imperial Teen and Saves The Day. In addition to the music, Levi’s lyrics have managed to offend as many people as they have moved, dealing with such subjects as SIDS, rape, suicide, sexism, and his mother’s struggle with drug addiction. Since forming, Spit For Athena have played over a hundred shows in three years (including shows with Trustkill recording artists Walls Of Jericho, and Dirtnap sweethearts The Epoxies), self-financed the recording of three albums, signed to Friction Records of Grand Rapids, MI and New Jersey’s Eyeball Records, and managed to make it through several scary episodes together, and hope to make it through several more before the Apocalypse.

-Elizabeth Chabez, January 2004
Elizabeth Chabez is the editor and creator of Rule Out The Mutilated Shadow, a monthly publication out of Coldwater, Michigan. She also had the pleasure of briefly dating Levi Bailey.


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