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The best kept secret in music


"Bizarre Magazine"

"SPiT LiKE THiS are riding the crest of a lovejuice wave... they add a blistering contemprary spin to the classic sleaze rock formula!" - Bizarre Magazine

"Insomnia Magazine"

Featuring 21 tracks and lasting 77 minutes, SCARY TALES: The Collection is the ultimate in sleaze rock. The CD pretty much consists of everything that this excellent band has recorded so far with previous Ep's and also has some brand new tracks on there for your audio pleasure. SPiT LiKE THiS aren't afraid to tell it how it is and pull no punches with this trashy and sleazy classic of an album. The album simply oozes sex and sleaze. This is ultimate glam and sleaze rock and it's very, very best. On this evidence, SLT are well on their way to becoming the new Cramps. - Insomnia Magazine

"Powerplay Magazine"

Since their inception many a sexed moon ago, Spit Like This have been all about Playboy love, sex tapes, cigar cuttting, lipstick smearing, pirate styling sleaze rock and making their homemade sound breach more than the streets of London. Well, with recent EP Sleaze Sells...But Who's Buying did just that. Amazon was spitting like this, HMV online was too and many an online rock chart carried the bands name loud and proud. So while the boys and girls make the follow up, they've decided to treat their 'slutz' with a career spanning best of. Scary Tales: The Collection has arrived and has even been banned by Asda. Rock and fucking roll.

The CD itself follows all five previous EPs and even packs on a couple of extra shots for the purists. Asshole (Parts I & II) is a yodelling sex cry which eventually pumps into a fast as fuck punk swagger. Hooked On You is Eurovision meets Ron Jeremy; synth heavy and melody driven with the bands usual stamp of Adam Ant and Johnny Rotten shot through an electro-disco cannon. Trust Your Instincts (2003 and 2005 versions) still carries the now immortal SLT line "Selling used panties on eBay sure is a way to make your living, but its might not be something you should tell your dad about..." with the '05 version getting more vote thanks to its new shiny speed and packaging.

And thats just it with Spit Like This. They are a band of many beasts. Punk, metal, glam, little bit pop, full on theatre and as the eras roll by, its easier to see the amount of invention that comes out of the bands timeline. Not Dead Yet screams like a punk monster on heroin with its endless barrel roll guitar lines, piercing drum beats and punching vocals. Rebel Lover has always been a favourite of mine and as the hook injected track kicks off the second half of this collection. And it is the stock on the Dragged Kicking And Screaming EP that marks the best for me, it was about the time I started listening to these renegade crew. As Obscene (But Not Heard) and Who Needs You (I Don't) rings through the speakers, its easy for this reviewer to spark into a nostalgic sing-a-long. Hahaha..."If I wanted a date with your mum then don't you think I'd have asked her".

Then onto modern day with Rocky Horror punk tune Trick Or Mistreat, chav basher Gay Man and Playboy playground rhyme Dragged And Kicking In Screaming. The end is one for the fans, Down On You sounds like it's picked straight from the score of a band musical. Maybe West Spit Story, Grease (-y sex) or The Loin King (ok thats awful I know). Someday is the bands original swansong anthem, spat (no pun intended) lyrics on a pulsing bed of instrument noise as the album closes with a couple of live tracks.

Well, I don't know when the next SLT product is going to infiltrate shops. I don't know if the band knows but Scary Tales: The Collection is the perfect intermission - Powerplay Magazine

"Organ Magazine"

SPIT LIKE THIS – Sleaze Sells….But Who’s Buying? (But) - Ah yes, back on track and wired and weird and sleazed up, like The Rocky Horror Picture Show going all the way and then some more, wear what they tell you and do it now. Their first ‘proper’ single, they already have a massive following and a million ‘offensive’ t-shirts out there – the last demo hinted at compromise, none of that here, they’ve seen the error of their ways. Think Adam Ant, The Godamn Whores, T-Rex, Motley Crue, early Twisted Sister (when they were still a punked up shock rock band right back at the start). PVC nurses uniforms, boys in high heels like new york dolls, think sleaze and porn and wholesome things like that – total trash rock, ridiculously shaped guitars, raw raw operatic rocky horror trash rock - chav baiting, fetish strutting, over the top sleaze….. the kind of band that your parents worry about, a band to throw your underwear at - ban this filth now… - Organ Magazine

"Kaleidoscope Magazine"

"Opening tonight's gig, SPiT LiKE THiS weren't the hardcore punk band that some might have expected...instead we got a glammy cross that was 30% Guns n' Roses, 60% New York Dolls and 110% glorious attitude! Songs littered with expletives and societal put downs, they put on a great show and were fun to watch - unless you were one of the 'lucky ones' who got showered when the guitarist (called Wank Sinatra apparently) spat fake blood over the audience... The lead singer - Lord Zion to you scurvy ratz - strutted about with all the r'n'r swagger of Jagger, Johanson, and Steve Tyler, whilst most of the blokes in the audience went on about some female bassist called Vikki Spit (who I couldn't see cos they all stood in my way...) All in all this was a bloody good gig from a band that embody the rock'n'roll lifestyle and will happily annihilate all posers, pretenders, and townies - see their website www.spitlikethis.com for more info and great merchandise!" - Kaleidoscope Magazine

"Glitzine Magazine"

"Wow! I was totally into this, only to find it was just 3 songs.

Spit Like This are one helluva band that slams sleaze down your throat over and over again. The only way I can describe the band, is take Gemini Five and replace the vocalist with Michael Sweet, with that said, meet Spit Like This.

This is only a 3 song EP, but every song is a winner... 'Rebel Lover', the very Beautiful Creature vibed 'Obscene (But Not Heard)', and the keyboard enthused 'Who Needs You', with a chorus that a guy can sing to his girlfriend who is never satisfied and is always on a constant bitch-mode! Ha Ha! Spit Like This is an excellent band with all the sleaze you could ever want. Check them out!

Spit Like This "Dragged Kicking & Screaming", 10 out of 10 stars. Sleaze down your throat" - Glitzine Magazine


"Absolutely one of the most outrageously sexy and blatantly RnR bands out there. Not only are they entirely self financed by their quite brilliant T-shirt sales site SmellYourMum and eBay sales of Vikki's used panties but Lord Zion (as yon scary vocalist likes to be known) is renowned for his pyromaniac tendencies, SPiT LiKE THiS custom Hearse not to mention his penchant for writing the kind of songs that leaves you wondering what the fuck just happened." - FMH


"The Pop Shot!" EP (2002, Megabucks Music)
"Anarchy For Two" EP (2003, Megabucks Music)
"Dragged Kicking & Screaming" EP (2004, Megabucks Music / Re-released 2005 with distribution via Proper)
"Sleaze Sells...But Who's Buying?" EP (2005, BUT! Records / Megabucks Music / Distribution via Proper)
"SCARY TALES: The Collection" Album (2006, BUT! Records / Megabucks Music / Distribution via Proper)


Feeling a bit camera shy


SPiT LiKE THiS was formed in the dying hours of 2002 by Lord ZiON and ViKKi SPiT who discovered that their notion on what made the perfect band was identical. Excitedly, they realized that the nucleus of this perfect band had now become one and the Big Bang occured shortly thereafter. Choosing the name followed, in honour of the spitting contest they had enjoyed on that fateful night. Then followed 8 months of hell.

No money. No help. No home. Against all odds they struggled against this adversity and, through the sale of Vikki's used panties on eBay, they managed to scrape enough cash together to fund their first EP, "The Pop Shot!". They also created an offensive range of t-shirts, designed to bring in the cash - along with raising their notorious profile - under the guise Smell Your Mum.

Soon things began to take off. CD's were selling. T-shirts were selling. The press was calling. Every review stated how much this duo shined so they decided to press on and record CD number 2, "Anarchy For Two", which charted their lives from launch up until that point.

"Anarchy For Two" was released to rave reviews. It was around this time that they first garnered the interest of a Record Company. However, they knew that things would not be complete until SPiT LiKE THiS was complete. And so, the search began.

In order to make this "perfect band" a reality, there were certain characteristics needed from potential members. Hunger. Tenacity. Ambition. Drive. Bravery. Determination. As with all things that were meant to be, finding the perfect members was not the difficult task they thought it would be. In fact, the complete line-up was determined within 2 weeks! SPiT LiKE THiS was now a fully formed animal. Let the games begin...

Within 2 months, they performed live together for the first time. Intense rehearsals meant that their debut, at the Metro, London, went down a storm. And so followed gig after gig, rehearsal after rehearsal. To-date, SPiT LiKE THiS have supported such bandz as Wednesday 13, LA Guns, The Damned, Fozzy, Trashlight Vision, The Ga Gas, Rachel Stamp and Crash Kelly in venues all around the country. They also recorded their first EP as a band, "Dragged Kicking & Screaming".

Their live shows go from strength to strength. SPiT LiKE THiS 2006 is one of the most outrageous, debauched, talked-about events on the circuit. This is why they were voted The Trashiest Band In The UK in October 2004 - in fact, SPiT LiKE THiS won easily. To be frank, it was a foregone conclusion.

December 2004, readers of KERRANG! magazine voted SPiT LiKE THiS # 8 in the Best Unsigned Band category of the Reader's Poll. This was without any prompting or promoting on SLT's behalf but, what do you expect? SLT do not immitate, they INNOVATE, so it is little wonder that the jaded masses are getting turned on by them.

In May 2005, they released their debut fully distributed EP, "Sleaze Sells...But Who's Buying?". This EP shot to Number 1 on Amazon and Number 8 in the Rock Charts. Things were certainly looking up!

The end of 2005 / beginning of 2006 saw SPiT LiKE THiS blitz the media featuring on the cover - plus 6 pages - of Skin Deep Tattoo Magazine. They also featured in the immensley popular Bizarre Magazine along with Total Guitar, Powerplay, Organ, Kaleidoscope, Devolution, Bubblegum Slut plus numerous appearances in Italian rock magazine, Flash. They were even mentioned on the UK's longest running soap opera, Coronation Street!

March 2006 saw the release (with full UK distribution) of "SCARY TALES: The Collection" - an album full of everything they had recorded to-date. 21 tracks and over 77 minutes offering total Bang For Your Buck! It is this album they are currently promoting with gigs, promo nites and personal appearances around the country.

The second half of 2006 sees the band writing and rehearsing material for their debut Studio album. The Producer has been chosen; the studio has been chosen and recordings should start in September..

SPiT LiKE THiS intend on taking over the world. Don't believe me? Well, their infamous websites (spitlikethis.com / smellyourmum.com) have surpassed 7 million hitz in just two years; their e-mailing list now boasts over 13,000 members; they have a team of over 2,500 willing "STREET SLuTz" that are helping to spread their disease and their signwritten Daimler Hearse, The Boner, has entered rock 'n' roll folklore.

SPiT LiKE THiS. Accept No Substitute.



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OrgTV (September 06)
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Hollywood TV (TBC 06)
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