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With the release of their debut Lost On The Run EP, Spitting Images is intent on sending ripples through the Atlanta scene. This foursome melds piano driven hooks with crafty guitarmanship to create a lush, authentic sound that demonstrates sincere pop sensibility.


With such a diverse city, it is no surprise that Atlanta has become the mecca for a melting pot of creativity. Spitting Images harnesses this creativity and is intent on sending ripples through the fresh waters of Atlanta's music scene. The foursome melds piano driven hooks with crafty guitarmanship to create a lush, authentic sound that demonstrates sincere pop sensibility marked by a refreshing, raw approach to songwriting reminiscent of Ben Folds and The Foo Fighters.

Their do-it-yourself attitude is matched only by their ability to galvanize a live crowd, selling out such Atlanta venues as Masquerade and 10 High with the band’s 2007 release of their Lost On The Run EP. While critics have called their shows “sweaty, tight, and full of motion” Spitting Images has split bills with bands such as Johnny Lives, 1994, Ten Count Fall, and Bangkok Five as well as winning the 2007 Emory University Battle of The Bands. Recent highlights included an unexpected cameo appearance by guitarist Robeen Dey on stage with Robert Randolph as well as live mashups of Soulja Boy’s “Crank That.” This growing momentum naturally led Spitting Images to announce a November 6, 2007 re-release date for Lost On The Run that was met with great success.

After the initial spring release of Lost On The Run, long time collaborators Josh Ingram (Vocals, Bass, Pianos) and Robeen Dey (Guitars, Vocals), added guitarist Alex Lafley and Pat Felder to the final lineup. Ingram notes that “with so many options, it just took time to decide which direction we wanted to go in with this record and who we wanted involved in the final live lineup.”

After heading to Nashville to cut instrumentals, the group enlisted Atlanta producer Jason Andrews (Holiday Parade) of Spotlight Sound to engineer vocals. Finishing up the EP proved to be an arduous but worthwhile task for the group; they ambitiously produced, mixed, and mastered the record in its entirety while still full time students.

Rob admits, "our approach is that you can do all that promotion and pay people for this or that, you can cut records, whatever. All that is great, but at the end of the day all you've got is your music and your fans. So how do you do justice to both? You write good music and play shows. That's all we're trying to do."


Lost On the Run EP (May 8, 2007)

Set List

Spitting Images can play anywhere from an opening act(30min set) to a headlining act(60+min set) of original music.