High energy damaged punk rock a la Killed by Death.


Spitzz are a four piece punk rock and roll band from Boston. Spitzz started in 2001 forming from the ashes of local punk favorites the Showcase Showdown(Damaged Goods). Where the SS mined english punk, and oi influences. Spitzz are heavily influences by American and Austrialian punk with a heavy dose of pub rock thrown in. Influences include the Fun Things, Pagans, the Kids, Slaughter and the Dogs and the Sniveling Shits. The Spitzz recently recorded a full length album produced by the New Bomb Turks.


Sick, Savage, and Sensual. CD released on Tarantulas records. (2004)

I'm Not Alive/Blonde and Pretty - 7" on Tario Records

Get Kicked/Take me to the Hospital - 7" on Tario Records

Set List

Spitzz typically play a non stop 40 minute set of 12-14 songs. All original with the occassional obscure punk cover. Spitzz have a repetoire of over 40 originals . Random covers have included Ivy Green, the Wipers, Pagans, the Pack and Slaughter and the Dogs.