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Toronto, Ontario, Canada | INDIE

Toronto, Ontario, Canada | INDIE
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"“The Best in Children’s Entertainment""

* - The Toronto Star

"“Splash’N Boots are authentic and sincere performers”"

* - Deanne Fisher, City Parent Magazine

"The Courier"

They’re bright, colorful, wildly entertaining and able to hold the attention of any young child. Splash’N Boots, the musical, energetic alter personas of Taes and Nick Adams, have released their first DVD, The Splash’N Boots Show, which promises to keep children entertained and on the move for more than 50 minutes.

It follows the lives of Splash’N Boots as they buy a new house, and features 7 new music videos and plenty of surprises. The main goal of the couple, since they created their characters was to produce a television show and, says Taes, the DVD is a great starting point for this.

As for the television show, the Adams have been in talks with a production company in Toronto and it looks as though there will be a show in the future, with an undetermined format in mind.
Taes says the concept for the DVD began to take place about a year and a half ago when they realized they were not going to get a TV show “just by sitting around and waiting for it to happen”. They partnered together with someone they had met when they were guests on a talk show and began putting together show ideas.

The bought a camera and, as production costs have the ability to climb, they built a complete living room set in Nick’s family chicken barn. Pooling the talents of the family, they constructed their on-screen home in bright “Splash’N Boots Styles” Taes admits she had Nick paint it three times before they arrived at the desired color!
“So everything shot in the green room is actually in a chicken barn.” She said.
What they didn’t realize, she added is that the chicken barn isn’t heated in the winter.
“So if our cheeks are rosy, or you see goose bumps on our arms (in the video) that is because we are freezing!” True performers, they stayed bundled up in warm coats until the camera and equipment was ready, then tossed the winter gear and performed the scene. “It was all very funny when we look back at it, but we did what we could with what we had, and we are so excited about the finished product”

The music video elements of the product were filmed outside. The “Whoopie” Video was shot on a farm near London, Ont. using local children. “Doing this video was a highlight for me. It was so fun working with the kids. They were stars for the day!”
The Pirate video was filmed in Kingston- the couple rented a tall ship for that one day.

The video features a wealth of new characters. Viewers will learn Jumping Jack Grannies new dance moves, check out Chef Brock Lee’s latest creations and tour down to Veggie Stock to meet the Rockin’ Vegetables. Harry the Parrot also returns to shake the house with his rockin’ dance moves.

“Our main goal with the DVD was to create a show that parents will enjoy as well,” she said.
Taes and Nick have brought their characters a long way since they first created them for a class project four years ago at Queen’s University. They have toured the world, including the Middle East, Bermuda and Australia, where they performed with the Wiggles characters. They have three award-winning CD’s to their credit. Buy the DVD and learn more at: www.splashnboots.com
- Energetic Duo Releases DVD-Ian Gray

"The next generation of children’s music is in good hands"

“Fantastic! What a treat is was for families to come and see this duo. At such young age Taes Nick appear to have tapped into the energy and creativity that make children and their parents sing, dance and most importantly laugh together. The next generation of children’s music is in good hands.” - The Perth Courier

""Energetic and Alive!""

“Splash ‘N Boots were great. Very Energetic and Alive. They had the audience interacting throughout the entire performance. In addition, I must add they are very professional. They most certainly stand apart from the rest.” - - Domenic Imbesi, Marketing Director – Cloverdale Mall Toronto

"The U2 of Children's Entertaining Groups!*"

* - The Ticket

"Pure un-adult-erated fun"

A pair of Queen's University grads continue to make waves on the children's entertainment circuit.

It's only been four years since Nick and Taes Adams, better known as Splash 'N Boots, graduated from the Kingston institution, but in that time they've achieved some pretty remarkable accomplishments.

The couple met in 2003 when Nick was studying concurrent education and Taes was enrolled in music and drama courses. Hired to write children's songs and skits for a summer work employment programme (SWEP), they next got a gig working for Theatre Kingston's Barefoot Players.

Graduation, marriage, four CDs, worldwide tours and now a new DVD, The Splash 'N Boots Show: Act 1, the multi-award winning couple are embarking on the next phase of their career.

It's certainly no bird course to decide upon a path in children's entertainment. The most discerning of audiences, kids aren't about to politely clap and make nice if they don't like your show. As such, Taes and Nick have always strived to individualize their performances and go with the flow, in whatever way their little fans want to let off steam.

It's apparent throughout the DVD the couple has worked hard, and spared no expense, to translate this philosophy into a video format. Filled with colourful animation, endearing characters, eye-catching choreography and catchy tunes, the warmth and exuberance of their shows shines through the 50-minute production.

The magical, song filled adventure begins when Splash 'N Boots buy a house and receive a package containing Cammy the Camcorder. He's going to help them film a television show featuring videos, stories and lots (and lots) of imagination. Although a 50-minute video might sound daunting to hold the attention of youngsters, it's broken down into segments so that kids can immediately access their favourites, like Harry the Parrot, or Cooking with Brock Lee . . . think a twist on the Muppets' Swedish chef, but à la vegetables. There's a trip to a farm with horsey rides, and a hilarious Jumping Jack Granny skit, courtesy of a much-pillowed Taes, who puts Nick through his paces. Why, there's even pirates on Lake Ontario.

Each segment is just the right length, and jam-packed with just enough action, to keep the eyes of kids' glued to the screen -not to mention adults eager for a little diversion.

Nick and Taes have been sneaky, too.

Into each of these skits and videos, it's clear the duo have deliberately made them as educational as possible. The Splash 'N Boots Show: Act 1, geared to ages 2 and up, helps kids to learn a myriad of skills, like counting, colours, memorization and motor development. Maybe it's by counting bales of hay or jumping jacks, turning imaginary knobs to change screen colours or learning dance steps.

But it's all very sneaky, and it works.

For instance, picture this living room: a five-year-old girl sits giggling as she watches the DVD, while her mom cuddles her two-year-old brother. The younger one isn't quite sure what to make of it, but when his 10-year-old brother comes into the room, then proceeds to stand in front of him, he squeals his displeasure.

Ergo, older brother moves, sits down and starts watching.

You know you've got a winner, too, when the little girl turns and asks: "Is it expensive?"

She's hooked.

However, she's not the only youngster they've won over.

During the past short while Nick and Taes have been the recipients of several awards including Favourite Children's Artist/Group of the Year (Canadian Music Week Indies 2007), Honourable Mention-Children's Songwriting (The John Lennon Songwriting Contest 2007), Top Children's Recording (International iParenting Media Award (2006) and Children's Album of the Year (Hamilton Music Awards 2006).

They're beloved around the world, too. In July 2007 they travelled to Australia to

share the stage with The Wiggles. They've been out west twice already this summer, including several shows at the Calgary Stampede, and earlier this year they were in Dubai, Bahrain, and Abu Dhabi. There's also been interest expressed by the Treehouse Network on a children's television pilot, and now there's the DVD.

It's a long way from the grassy knoll they once performed on outside the Queen's drama department only short years ago.

But, perhaps, what's particularly endearing about the The Splash 'N Boots Show: Act 1 is that Nick and Taes aren't afraid to be silly, or poke fun at themselves. Most adults get so hung-up on the images they project to others, they're mortified to let loose and be goofy. No making monster faces, no mugging for the camera, no morphing into strange shapes.

But Splash 'N Boots makes it easy for us grownups to relive our childhood.

Kids get crazy, adults get crazy: it's pure, unadulterated fun.

- - -


"Making a splash"

What happens when you win an Independent Music Award -- and beat out Robert Munsch in your category?

Suddenly, you're in big enough demand to land 300 shows in a year and a half.

Nick and Taes (pronounced Tess) Adams vaulted from popular children's duo to really, really busy last year, when their act, Splash'n Boots, was voted Canadian Children's Music Group of the Year.

We were completely surprised and honoured. Robert Munsch was in there too," says Nick between shows in Alberta.

"Since then, and (since) the new CD came out, things have really picked up. We just got back from the Middle East.

"I think it's definitely helped."

It also hasn't hurt that Splash'n Boot has been compared to The Wiggles (with whom they've toured), actually being called The Canadian Wiggles by some.

"That's a great comparison," says Nick. "We don't mind that comparison at all."

The high-energy couple, who were recently married, met while studying children's theatre at Queen's University.

"We were doing a class project, and it required us to write a short play. Within that play, we wrote a couple of songs," says Nick. It went over big with their small audience.

"We kind of went from there. We loved it so much, we didn't want to stop. We're travelling the world now together . . . so it worked out well."

Splash'n Boots, the name, emerged at a very wet show.

"We were thinking of a group name, like any other group, and actually one of our first shows was at the Kingston Busker Festival and it was pouring rain. We were performing anyway. The name Splash'n Boots kinds of came up . . . and it's stuck ever since."

For the record, Nick is Splash and Taes is Boots. Together, dressed in bright yellow and blue, and with help from Nick's guitar, they get their audiences moving.

"Every song we write and perform gets kids up singing or dancing, or performing actions. We try to get the parents involved as much as possible."

Both have music in their backgrounds. Nick grew up on a farm, and at every family reunion, the banjos and guitars were brought out.

"It was a hoe-down every time we got together. My family was very musical when I was growing up."

Taes's background was more in musicals, and she studied voice at Queen's as well.

"I think our songwriting reflects both those sounds."

Thus far, Splash'n Boots has three CDs out -- Getting Our Feet Wet, Manatee Bay and Popcorn, Pickles and Parrots. Their fourth, called Razoo, will be released in July. The Adams duo is also working on a TV show, the next step in their rising career.

Nick adds that all members of the family will get into the show.

"When we're doing Saskatoon, we're doing our show for the younger ones . . . (but) we have up to 11, 12-year-olds at our show jumping along with the young ones.

"We try to involve parents, and write lyrics to keep them entertained, too."


Splash'n Boots


Wed., Thurs., Fri at 9:30 a.m. and 11:30 a.m., 1:30 p.m.

Sat. at 11 a.m.,1 and 2:30 p.m.

Tickets 664-3378

- Joanne Paulson, The StarPhoenix

"Splash'n Boots Interactive Fun!"

Published: Thursday, June 05, 2008
A small group of adorable children were up jumping, clapping and singing along with Splash'n Boots at the duo's first Children's Festival performance Wednesday morning.

It's a high-energy and educational act created by Nick and Taes Adams, recent winners of an Independent Music Award for children's entertainers. Neatly attired in bright yellow and blue, they got the kids to warm up their mini-muscles before launching into I've Got the Rhythm -- a song that gets wee ones to find the rhythm in their shoulders, in their elbows, and in their hips.

In another upbeat song, the Adams' arms spell out Hello (not unlike YMCA by The Village People) in the chorus, while the verses introduce the same word in French (bonjour!) and Spanish (ola!).

Splash'n Twist had the children dancing like mad, but then freezing in place when Nick yelled "stop!" It was quite amazing. He struck a low squatting pose, and said, "Hold this one; it's good for your quads" as a quip to appeal to the parents.

The children also seemed to love Harry the Parrot, who claims to be a chicken but clearly is not.

This is a show not to be missed!

- Joanne Paulson, The StarPhoenix

"Celebrate New Release For Splash’N Boots*"

The Studio Theatre will once again bring to its stage the music and excitement of the 2007 children’s music group of the year, Splash’N Boots.

Come dance and sing with Splash’N Boots as they celebrate the much- anticipated release of their fourth album “Razoo”. Taes Leavitt (Native of Perth) and Nick Adams –aka Splash’N Boots, follow up their multi-award winning album “Popcorn, Pickles and Parrots” (2006) with 11 brand new songs that are sure to become an instant hit for the whole family.

Since their previous release, Taes and Nick have been touring full-time across Canada as well as performed sold out venues in Australia, Bermuda, United States, Bahrain and Dubai. Their live experience has played major influence in writing “Razoo”.

With 11 new songs ranging in musical styles and themes, Taes and Nick once again teamed up with the renowned producing team: Amy King and Bob Doidge (Raffi, Gordon Lightfoot, U2) at Grant Avenue Studio in Hamilton Ontario. From songs about an eccentric Hippo named Frieda to the gentle harmonies of Nature Sings, to the hardcore Rock’N Roll sounds of the famous Barnyard Bard, “Razoo” is an album charting on new children’s music territory. Described as "The U2 of Children’s Music" and “The Canadian Wiggles” Splash’N Boots are excited to come to the Perth Studio Theatre. So get ready to sing, dance, and learn the Razoo!

For more information please visit: www.splashnboots.com All concert proceeds will be donated to Afri-CAN Aids Foundation (http://africanaidsfoundation.com/index.html)

To ensure you do not miss out on this exciting concert get your tickets in advance as there are a limited number of tickets available!
- John Gittens


Splash'N Boots Music Catalogue

Music available at: cdbaby.com/cd/splashnboots2
Stay tuned for world-wide distribution through Koch Records!

RAZOO- 2008
Splash’N Boots are thrilled to announce the release of “Razoo”: Their 4th studio Album. Taes and Nick have once again teamed up with the brilliant Bob Doidge and Amy King at the famous Grant Ave. Studio in Hamilton, Ontario Canada to produce 11 new songs that will make babies bounce and grandparents groove.
Taes and Nick spent past the last 2 years touring and performing over 400 live shows across Canada as around the world, including Australia and the Middle East. This experience comes shining through in the song-writing as Razoo follows a musical path not normally seen in Children’s albums. This album was record over the span of 18 months. From the epic tale of “Frieda” to the rock anthem “Barnyard Hardcore” and to the symphonic journey of “Nature Sings”, Razoo leads you on musical trip that will make you want to return to again and again.

Splash'N Boots on the big screen for the first time!

POPCORN, PICKLES AND PARROTS- 2006 Winner of the 2006 iParenting Award and Hamilton Music Awards' Children's Album of the Year. 12 original tracks produced by award-winning Producer Bob Doidge. -"I Thought that this CD was delightful. The cover was really great and International. I loved that there was such an array of instrumentation and fun voices throughout. The music is reminiscent of The Wiggles" iParenting Awards

MANATEE BAY- 2004, 14 original tracks challenging all styles of music. "wonderful! original! new! sing-along songs that every child will love and every adult will enjoy listening to! a great cd" -Kate Brown- Glasgow, Scotland

GETTING OUR FEET WET- 2003. Independent release that features 10 original songs. "An album that breaks the typical 'kids' style of music. The future of Children's Music in good hands" - Northumberland Kids Parent Magazine

Available at:




“Splash’N Boots are fun, hip and edgy… not only were the children dancing the entire time; at one point every single adult in attendance was laughing so hard they were wiping their eyes. Who knew the “parents” were going to have this much fun?” –The Journal Argus

The Ontarian duo “Splash’N Boots” formed in 2003 when the twenty-something’s Taes and Nick wrote some children’s tunes for their drama class at Queen’s University. Soon they were recording in a relative’s basement and performing all over Canada. The success of their 2007 sophomore album: Popcorn Pickles and Parrots introduced them to an international audience. Taes and Nick then took their music to the hills of Hollywood, Australia, Dubai, Bermuda, as well as a performance for the royal family of Bahrain. An opportunity they never imagined four years earlier during their first performance on a street corner in the rain! They have since been voted "Canadian Children’s Group of the Year", performed over 700 shows in 6 different countries, and released 4 CD’s, 7 music videos and one full-length DVD. Their albums have been awarded an iParenting “Best of The Best” audio from the United States, as well as “Children’s Album of The Year” at this year’s HMA. In 2009, they also expanded from the world of music and filmed a television pilot. Stay Tuned! 2010 brings many new exciting projects and partnerships, including a record deal with E1 Entertainment, and a full time touring schedule.
They have been hailed as “the U2 of children’s music,” “the Canadian Wiggles” and “a cross between the Barenaked Ladies and Raffi,” but what stands out the most in their live show is their ability to tap into the energy and creativity that make families sing, dance and laugh together. Prepare yourselves for “an unforgettable interactive concert that gives Hannah Montana a run for her money and is guaranteed to bring out the inner rock star of kids and parents alike” – Troy Funk: St. Albert International Children’s Festival

•Canadian Children’s Group Of The Year (INDIES)
•Children’s Album Of The Year, Hamilton Music Awards
•John Lennon Songwriting Contest Finalist
•‘best of the best’ International iParenting Award Winner
•International Songwriting Competition Finalist
•Eastern Ontario Upcoming Artist Award

Live Shows
•Splash’N Boots have performed over 600 shows in the last 4 years across Canada from Coast to Coast
•Internationally recognized in 2007/2008 with performances in sold out venues in Australia, Bermuda, Bahrain, Dubai and Abu Dhabi, Hollywood, CA
•Splash’N Boots have shared the stage with Fred Penner, Judy and David, Al Simmons and the Wiggles Characters

•Released 4 award winning CD’s
•Splash’N Boots has recently been signed by E-1 Entertainment (http://www.kochrecords.com/)
•4 songs have been added to the Casablanca Label in a children’s music compilation along side Fred Penner and Sharon Lois and Bram
•Over 8000 CD’s sold from the stage alone
•Splash’N Boots have released 10 Music Videos and one full length DVD “The Splash’N Boots Show: Act 1”

Past Performance Venues Include:
Performing Arts School, Dubai (UAE)
City Hall Theatre, Bermuda
Fun4Kids Festival, Australia
Kidsfaire, Los Angeles
Calgary Stampede, Alberta
Rogers Centre, Toronto ON
Bayan School, Bahrain
Northern Alberta Childrens Festival
Calgary Children’s Festival
Saskatchewan Children’s Festival
Norman Rothstein Theatre, Richmond, BC
London Intl. Children’s Festival
Sherwood Park Festival Theatre, Edmonton AB
Western Fair, London ON
The Bell Centre, Surrey, BC
Red Deer Memorial Theatre, Red Deer, AB
Esplanade Theatre, Medicine Hat, AB
Abbey Arts Centre, Abbotsford, BC
Peanut Gallery Theatre, Hamilton, NB
Carousel Theatre, Bathurst, NB
Blue Skies Music Festival
Sick Kids Hospital, Toronto ON
Prince Edward Island Exhibition