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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Splatter Demo Review"

I like a good splatter movie, every now and then. Just to still my blood
thirst. Now I can rely on Vancouver, Canada based band SPLATTER, who thought
of a good name for their band. They have a good way of convincing people,
that their band is hot! They send their demo to us in a press map, where the
imprinted blood red letters seem to be ready to jump out right into your
room saying "Hello wake up, because now you're dealing with something
special you've never heard before, a band called SPLATTER!!!". Their promo
kit comes with a biography, a picture and a sticker, which are very well
taken care of. They also know that image alone is not good enough anymore.
You must have the balls to come with some good music as well these days. And
the three songs on this "Demo From Hell" have got this 'no nonsense' feeling
that I like so much in a band like ZAKK WYLDE'S BLACK LABEL SOCIETY for
example. That's the first band I thought of, when listening to the guitar
chords of "Bitch". It sounds a bit doomy, ultra heavy and it has got a great
groove. "Roam" is on next, and again I realize that this is pretty cool
stuff. It's the kind of shit, that I wanna hear. "Roam" is faster, maybe
punkier in a way. But it also shows, that SPLATTER doesn't stick to one
style alone. They can play slow songs as well as fast rockers. SPLATTER
consists of Connie Meyer on vocals, Martin Meyer on bass, Alex Cueva on
guitar and Matt Modder on drums. "Chauvinistic Pig" is a mix of TESTAMENT
and D.R. I. It has got an aggressive undertone, which could create a very
nice slam pit, when they play the song live. SPLATTER is definitely a name
to remember and they would fit great on an OZZFEST bill in the feature,
believe me!
- Metal Maidens

"Live Review Feb 2004"

Splatter both charmed and rocked next. Female fronted rock/metal/punk and woah what a set of pipes on our girl! Lots of attitude, AND lots of fun-whenever I see her I want to hold her up as an example of how to belt it out, command a stage, scare people, and be endearing and personable all at once. Yes so has got it ALL. The..drummer's no slouch in there either, the whole bands got a ton of energy.
- LiveMusicVancouver

"Shindig Night 2"

Featuring the Metal-grrl power of Splatter, the endearingly bleak Rain and The Sidewalk and the full on rawk of Elizabeth, week 2 shaped up to be significantly more enjoyable than last.

Splatter started off the night with a vociferous snarl of peppy, angry rock. A 4-piece, each member an unusual instrument, they used their extra strings & drums to good effect. The singer, a woman who had one of the deepest, growliest singing voiced I’ve ever heard lead them well, snarling into the mic, prancing around on stage to the music and keeping up a lively banter with the audience. As metal goes, it was fine enough. It might say something that beyond their surprisingly pleasant demeanor (particularly given the usual angry rock groups that populate SHiNDiG) the best part of the show was the unbelievable hair-windmill the bassist managed to get going during a few of the tracks. There was nothing particularly wrong with the group. They were really quite good, and possibly quite deserving of winning the night...... - Tannock

"Splatter Review"

Splatter is a band from Vancouver, Canada. "Roam" Very lively song. This is definitely straight ahead metal that boraders on punk at times. This tune reminds me a bit of Patti Smith. You guys have a definite sound of your own. I like it...would love to see you all live. This song kicks ass. "Chauvinistic Pig" Straight up punk rock. Like I said...Your shows must truly be a spectacle...reminiscent of Wendy O Williams and the plasmatics...now get in the moshpit and fuck someone!!!"Bitch" Heaviest tune of them all...definitely cool hard metal. Love the vox with this style of music. THe shout along "gang vocals" Kick ass. Depending on how lively a stage show you guys have I would see no problem of you guys opening for major acts across North America.
- Hell's Outhouse


Eccomi qui a presentarvi gli Splatter Band Canadese comandata da una Front-women molto aggressiva, Connie. Presentano un demo di 3 Canzoni che spaziano da Crossover quasi Korniano di "Bitch" all'hard rock tiratissimo di "Roam" per finire in un simil hardcore con "Chauvanistic pig". Un demo molto vario per una band che per adesso ha buone idee ma le mette in pratica in maniera un pò grezza, la qualità delle registrazioni non è granchè ma sono convinto che si possa fare molto molto meglio. Ottimi spunti sia per la varietà sia per la carica, le premesse ci sono tutte aspettiamo ansiosi il prossimo lavoro per vedere se dall'altra parte del mic ci sarà la riot grrrl che spodesterà Tarrie B. e Otep Shamanaya dal trono della violenza acustica.
- Noise Italia

"Splatter Demo Review"

Damn, its weird how people get in contact with us, recently Hardcoremusic.be received a promo package of a Vancouver (Canada) based band called ‘Splatter’, at first sight kinda a funny potential Walt Disney-movie name, but they surprised me in positive way with this three song demo.
Splatter tries to create a unique metal sound where crossing borders is no crime! For me the female-vocals let me think a lot on Kittie though the music these guys play is slower and let me think on something I would label as ‘stoner metal’. Not bad at all, also people who are into drunk and rockabilly will dig this shit I think, cus the sound reminds me on some rockabilly-gigs, I went to a while ago! If you want to know more about these guys, try to check out their website: www.splatter.ca!

- Hardcore Music Belgium


Demo 2003-Three song Demo featuring Bitch, Raom, and Chauvinistic Pig

Splatter (self titled)-Released Jan 2005. Recorded by Brian "Who Else" who has worked with the likes of DOA, SNFU, Hanson Brothers

Airplay: "Bitch" and "Chauvinistic Pig" have received airplay from: Heavy Metal Radio, 4Q Radio, Metal Storm, CiTR, UNFM, Mass Hypnosis, Autopsy Report, KFOX, CKLN, CBC


Feeling a bit camera shy


splatter (noun) -
1. the noise of something spattering or sputtering explosively

Splatter is a Vancouver, Canada based band with one mission: to make music and to have fun doing it. Splatter was the product of Connie Meyer (vocals) and Martin Meyer (bass) wanting to work on a project together and create a unique sound with members who weren’t afraid to cross musical boundaries. Martin had played with Alex Cueva(guitar) and Matt Modder(drums) before in a local metal band called the Unknown and remembered how well they worked together and so he brought them on board. These talented individuals had their first rehearsal in 2002 and created an explosive sound that was different from anything they ever heard before. Splatter was officially born.

There is no question about it, Splatter’s music is heavy, yet mixed with elements of punk, metal, grindcore, and rock. Combined with aggressive female vocals that drift from melodic to downright assaultive, Splatter enters a room like a tornado, leaving no stone unturned. Matt and Martin create the strong bottom end, Alex colors it with his distinctive riff patterns and Connie displays her various mood swings as only she knows how. Their high-energy live show engages the audience to do nothing but focus on what is going on in front of them.

Currently, Splatter is continuing to churn out new songs at a ferocious speed and is performing showcase nights at various local venues. Splatter has also finished filming a video for the song Chauvinistic Pig in an effort to reach a wider audience.

Like an explosion, you have to stop what you are doing and witness what is happening. This is Splatter.