If you’ve ever seen SPLINT all star frontman ROGER RAMSEY belt out the lyrics to their songs ANTI SOCIAL DISEASE, FREIGHT TRAIN, PLAY GOD and WHY it becomes clearly evident that Americas new rock quartet SPLINT is on the rise.


SPLINT is a fresh rock act whose final line-up came together in spring of 2004. The band was founded by Greg Moore and Gene Johnston, both former members of Strawhorse. Strawhorse gained world acclaim after signing a two song deal for the songs Atlanta and Fishbowl with SCEA to feature the songs on PS2 hit ATV Off-Road Fury. Atlanta was featured as the title track and Sony sold over 5 million units world wide which has made Strawhorse cult heroes in the gaming world. Hungry to go to next level, Greg and Gene, recruited singer Roger Ramsey from Florida’s STP tribute band CRACKER MAN. Roger’s recent side projects include work with ELECTRA RECORDS, JOHNATHON MOVER and AUDLEY FREED of THE BLACK CROWS. JOSE MORALES (DEVOUR), Boston's Rock Monster, is currently sitting behind the drums.


Splint - Freight Train