Splinters & Sparrows

Splinters & Sparrows


Cheap beer and sleeveless t-shirts


Our influences include rock & roll, outlaw country, city nightlife, front porches and backyards, cheap beer, campfires, endless interstates, Springsteen, Jeff Tweedy, Johnny Cash, Van Morrison, Bob Dylan, Lucero, Against Me!, Cory Branan, Uncle Tupelo, Drag The River, Hot Water Music, The Replacements, Ryan Adams, Mike Ness, as well as countless authors and films.

It's hard to tell someone what sets you apart from other bands without sounding completely full of yourself. When it comes down to it different people like different things, so we try to make our live shows interesting and try to pull people in with the the dark humor of some of the lyrics.


Swingset Renegades

Written By: Greg Loftus

A newborn horizon steals my eye, well at least it’s new to me. Filled with homes that scrape the sky, it’s not the way it use to be. This highway’s littered with billboards and cigarettes, as I drive under spray painted sheets. That welcomes home a 20 year old kid tonight, who left when he was just eighteen. Well I’m lit up more that Vegas tonight and I’ve tackled every bottle before me. I’ll sleepwalk through the day, and you’ll see it on my face, so I guess I don’t have reason to complain. We used to run these backyards without a single doubt. We were swingset renegades. Now the sun’s going down over the blackheart of this town and I wake next to an unfamiliar face. The emerald green glow above the pool tables is the only thing to catch me slur my speech. I’ll sidestep my way home, and tonight I’m all alone. It’s not the way it use to be. Well everybody’s preaching but no has got the guts to be the first to throw a fit and speak. While we hide beneath our covers and we smoke and drink too much to hide us from our reality. Now the morning’s born again from the mistress of the night and I’ll pretend like it don’t concern me, and I’ll sing like hell, so I don’t have to fight. It’s not the way I use to be

Drawn and Quartered

Written By: Greg Loftus

Brown bagging on the warm hood of my car, waiting for it to kick in. The ain’t no reason you should be here with me, you don’t know where I’ve been. Still she hit me like a full-back out of hell and when she spoke it stuck like a syringe. As long you don’t make me promise anything, I’ll be there in the morning. I might be there in the morning. I’ve got a heart made out of metal and mind that doesn’t quit, good luck trying to get in. But then I watched her fire at the first sight of my whites, and she waltzed right in. Hell she waltzed right in. Well I ain’t seeing straight and I swear it’s not the beer that’s making, making, making me act this way. She strung me up and I made it very clear, we’ll hit the interstate and drive straight away from this place. No looking back tonight. I’ll be your only Smith if you will be my Wesson, believe me girl you’re paying for the brand. I’ll strap you across my waist and always keep you by my side and we’ll ride till morning.

California Collar

Written By: Greg Loftus

I’m sweating buck shots and trying to stay alive, if I could just only catch some sleep. Now morning’s at my front steps and I swear it’s my life. The evening’s bastard son it strangles me. Trestles caked in charcoal will wash away by stream, and eventually will carry out to sea. But the path that I came on it grew in right behind me, so I’ll keep burning every goddamn thing. It’s far too late to be awake and the only things I want are out of reach. I’m not exactly sure what all this change it for, but I know that no one uses payphones anymore. There’s a California collar I’m wearing as a tie and you’re the one that’s holding up my feet. Every time the wind blows I swear that it’s my life, but I don’t mind hanging around baby. There’s a thin white chalk line jotted on this street. It traces the person I used to be. I aint no good at acting and my lying is just as weak. Some people take me too seriously. I used be a basement where no one was to go. I was a wall that no one could breach. Now that I’m older my guard has left its post, my floorboards put up so easily.

One over the Eight

Written By: Greg Loftus

There’s a wall of televisions telling me not to fill my veins with well whiskey. It’s more ignorant then the sharpie script on a truck stop bathroom wall. I shrug it off cuz I don’t believe everything read. While I stand knee deep a lake of gasoline. And I’m just warming up so you better keep clear of me because even talk of the slightest spark will sear my sins to me. My Sunday’s best will be dropping jaws this week. Tonight I’m cashing in my chips. This time the house it doesn’t win, but all good things come to an end but now I’m swallowing my spit to keep my drinks down through all of this. When I thought you were my friend. Whether its city streets or amber waves of grain, I always stand for what I believe in. There’s a thin line between confidence and arrogance you see, it all depends in the company we keep. I’ve got a band of brash gunslingers backing me. Piss drunk and hell-bent but don’t lack loyalty. But we aint no match to the crass attacks on the adolescent cavalry. The few, the proud, the wrongfully deceased.

Two-Faced Heart

Written By: Greg Loftus

You're a million miles away but you're lying next to me. While you’re lying to his face and I keep trying to breathe. You've got a two-faced heart that’s made of stone in the depths of the chest that you call your own. And I know it weighs you down, it weighs you down. And you spit things you don't mean that should stay trapped behind your teeth. The back of your mind to the tip of your tongue is quite a scene, and I’m left with part of the one whose lost in-between. You've got a two-faced heart that's wrapped in thorns in the depths of you chest ever since you were born. And I know it ties you down, it ties you down. We lie like statuettes while we sleep and you lie like a labeled decider to say the least. When your lilac eyes wonder oh so regretfully, I know it’s time to leave.

I'm Here Huckleberry

Written By: Greg Loftus

Well she could make me feel tipsy in the driest of counties, but you know that’s just a place I’d never go. So I’ll stick with beer and whiskey whenever I get thirsty. On second thought I think it’s best if you just stayed at home. Well people say, well people say, people say I don’t write love songs no more. Does it count that if my love leaves with the first sight of the sun? I sure could be wrong, but I’m never too fucking sure. I went to bed at two with a ten; I woke up at ten with a two, old Willie sang it first but it’s the truth. This bottle weighs much less when there’s nothing haunting it. The poison I’ve picked put me right next to you. Last night my baby she left me, she said she’s had enough. There may be cracks in my foundation but at least I’m standing up.

You're a Trainwreck Darling

Written By: Greg Loftus

With bloodshot eyes and a stone cold face, she lights her cigarette. Rattles off her dreams of packing up and moving way out west. None of this is new to me as far as I can tell. She only dreams well after she’s drunk and embarrassed herself. She wakes up every morning and forgets half the night. A 750 of cheap vodka lies vacant by her side. She use to be my angel, but she dammed it straight to hell. Everybody saw her coming down, but no one knew she fell. You’re a trainwreck darling, I should have seen it a before. And there ain’t no way that I am gonna be your mechanic anymore.

Bad Day at Black Rock

Written By: Greg Loftus

She sleeps and she dreams in the sycamore shade on a bed made of green, soft, short blades. She’s the only one left at the masquerade. She belts out a tune from an old baby grand, bleeding out tears while her fingers still dance. The saddest of songs, that won’t ever breathe again. Like the ivy swallows the rusted out pick-up frames, the right group of notes can conquer anything. All I need is just one more serenade. Just one more line and I’ll be okay. Neon lights above a silver diner, filled with old drunks and people that hurt. Another cup of coffee aint the only thing they’re asking for. Kicked out of their apartments and bars, the jukebox screams and tares them apart. The saddest of songs don’t help their busted hearts. Like the wind that blows through those same old sycamore trees, some people hear certain things differently. All I need is just one more serenade. Just one more line and I’ll be okay.

Hopefully The Good Lord Goes to Bed by Ten

Written By: Greg Loftus

I’m half the man you think I am, but you’re seeing double tonight. And last call’s coming up real fast, you can’t keep your eyes off of my. So I grab two shots of Johnny, and we both reach fro the sky. Here’s to tomorrow morning’s worries. Here’s to the beginning of our night. We’re gonna set this town afire. No taking prisoners tonight. We’re gonna set this town afire. And if they ever catch us they’ll hang us high. There’s dollar drafts on empire, and nothing left to drink under this roof. It’s not the best way but it’s a way to live. And if there is a hell then all my friends will be there too.

The Darkest of Wine

Written By: Greg Loftus

Another cover charge for another cover band, I cover up my ears and walk out to the van. If they massacre another classic I’ll go insane. I’m sick of these bars, I’m sick of these friends. I love them all to death but I just can’t settle down tonight. The color of you hair is the darkest of wines, and if you weren’t here then I’d be alright. When you come up and ask me if I’m to drunk to drive, I’ll lie. But you know me to well; you can tell by my eyes and the next thing I know I’m in your car by your side. Walking up your steps to the second door on the right, alright, oh no. With every regret step I wish I didn’t take, there’s every thieve and every rogue that celebrates their getaway.
It’s time I throw those selfish thoughts away. So darling don’t be late, just don’t be late. I wake in the bag and you’re already up. You kiss me on my head and I try to act tough. I’m the captain of a vessel and your looks could stop the tide. Every broken bone and every broken heart, every tie that binds will someday pull apart. But just medicine and time will eventually calm these unforgiving seas and open up my eyes.


1. (2008) Debut Album "No Taking Prisoners Tonight"

Set List

One thing we enjoy is to never play the same set list twice, it keeps things interesting. We can play for as long or as short as needed. We usually try not to play covers often.