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"Reality Rocks"

Reality Rocks
Free concert sponsored by anti-smoking group draws young crowd

BY MICHAEL ANICH, The Leader-Herald
POSTED: March 9, 2008

GLOVERSVILLE — Just about the time opening act Hero of the Day lurched into their second song, the kids started to get close to the stage.

And as each of the four bands performed at Reality Check’s free rock concert Saturday night at Glove Theatre, the crowds got more daring to cruise on closer and take in hard rock servings of some of the area’s finest local musicians.

Reality Check of Fulton and Hamilton Counties sponsored the four-hour rock show — the first time it’s ever been done at the Glove.

Reality Check Program Coordinator Suzanne Hagadorn explained that her agency — committed to keeping young people off tobacco — has had hit shows in Johnstown before.

“We worked with Split 2nd Alibi at the Johnstown Area Community Center for two shows last year,” Hagadorn said.

But Saturday night was all about the Glove Theatre and kids of all ages — even those a little older — seemed to eat up the show.

Replete with lighting effects, the old theatre stage rocked as Split 2nd Alibi from Gloversville and Broadalbin, Hero of the Day from Mayfield, Bipolar from Saratoga Springs and Hyngd from Kingston left them wanting for more.

Master of Ceremonies Megan Paro shouted out introductions and each band went through its own sound checks.

Hagadorn said the reason for the rock concert was two-fold.

“It’s to give back to the community and gain some exposure for what they do,” she said. “Split 2nd Alibi really supports what we do.”

Split 2nd Alibi lead singer and rhythm guitarist Matt Shufelt explained that the band was auctioning off a guitar obtained from Dad’s in Gloversville.

“It’s a good turnout,” said Shufelt. “It’s difficult to get shows in the winter. We love it. Right now, we’re doing it as a benefit for Reality Check.”

There was no age limit to attend the show, which was well-supervised and well behaved.

Reality Check had free giveaways and raffles. Popcorn, soda, and candy were available for purchase.

Reality Check is a youth-led movement that works to expose what it sees as the lies, tricks and manipulation that the tobacco industry uses to get young people to smoke.

Hagadorn surveyed the surroundings beforehand and seemed impressed that the organization was able to pull the show off.

“This is so much like a real concert,” she said.

Michael Anich covers Fulton County and Johnstown. He can be reached at johnstown@leaderherald.com. - The Leader-Herald (www.leaderherald.com)

"Split 2nd Alibi Delivers"

So last night, as many of you are aware from the countless bulletins I posted, I headed out to the Skyline in Albany to see the up-and-coming rock band Split 2nd Alibi. And all I have to say... Watch out for these guys!! An amazing sound protruded from the small stage that combined catchy, unique beats, bold lyrics with the strong vocals to match. And although the cramped stage hindered the guys somewhat in their rockstar acrobatics, it didn't dampen their spirits or their passion for performing. The energy was so high you could feel it. I think it's safe to say these guys sounded more kickass live than they do on record.

I also got to personally meet all the guys and hang out with them for a bit after the show. The high energy they had on stage definitley carried with them off stage. Goofy, charming, and personable... Steve, Matt, Ricky, and Tim are cool dudes that should be on your list of people to meet.

All in all, one thing is for sure... keep an eye and ear out for Split 2nd Alibi. They are soon to be everywhere!!

Rock on

~Miss Rose - Miss Rose - Divine Angels of Rock


Local band Split 2nd Alibi was awarded the opening slot at the Saratoga Performing Arts Center’s Big Day Out rock festival Sunday. The band will open for artists including Godsmack, Sevendust, Alter Bridge, Nonpoint, and 12 Stones; the festival is predicted to be sold out. The band, formed in 2007, consists of lead singer and guitarist Matt Shufelt, guitar and bass players Steve and Tim Cornell, and drummer Ricky Little, all from the Amsterdam area. They have played all over the region, from Gloversville and Johnstown, to Glens Falls, Albany, Clifton Park, and Poughkeepsie. Describing themselves as a “high-energy rock band” according to Steve Cornell, they have a wide range of influences, from Breaking Benjamin and Three Days Grace, to Little’s favorite, Rush. Cornell explained that Godsmack, who they will be opening for, has influenced their writing. “Our music really incorporates so many different groups”, he said. Cornell’s brother, Tim, described the band’s style as, “a modern hard rock with aggressive guitars and melodic vocals.” He said that their vocals are what really set them apart from other bands, as their fans can sing along to their lyrics, something other hard rock bands usually cannot offer. Their unique style distinguished them from their competitors in the 103.1 FM competition held at Northern Lights in Clifton Park, during which their growing fan base showed their support. “When we entered the contest, we really didn’t know what was going to happen. You never really know how battles are going to go,” Steve said, remarking that there are so many talented local bands. They were confident going into the competition, however because they thought that their style fit well with the bands that were going to be playing at Big Day Out. They were happily surprised when their hard work to expand promotions paid off and their fans turned out in high numbers. “We had a great showing, the fans were phenomenal,” Steve said. “Without them, it wouldn’t have worked. It doesn’t matter how good the music is, you need the votes.” Because of their win at the competition, they were offered a half hour time slot at Big Day Out. “It is going to be really cool to step on the SPAC stage where so many great musicians have played,” Steve said. “We’ve been so busy getting things ready, we haven’t had a chance to stop and think about it all. We’re certainly excited, and a little nervous. Tim said, “We’re all blown away at the opportunity. We have worked really hard for it and deserve it. It is an absolute honor and total privilege. We are really excited.” Lead singer Shufelt agreed. “It is a lifelong dream to open for such a huge show,” he said. “It means our hard work is beginning to pay off”. Tim added, “The show is a huge opportunity, but we have to keep in mind, it is just one show.” He said they are always trying to improve and to take their music to the next level. “You can always make better music,” he said. Steve said, “We would like to think it will open some doors, but it’s not the finish line. We hope it will open people’s eyes to our music.” Shufelt explained that his goal for the band is to have them get signed, at least by an independent label, produce a full length album, and start touring. They are already beginning to extend their reach with shows next month in Binghamton and Bennington, VT. They are currently selling one demo CD and will be finished with a second one within the next four weeks. Their new songs have recently gotten airplay on radio station 103.1 FM and they hope that playing at Big Day Out will spread their influence even further. For more information on the band and a schedule of their upcoming shows, visit the Web site at www.myspace.com/split2ndalibi. - Amsterdam Recorder 7/08


Fall in Line EP (2008)
1. Fall in Line
2. Living Dead
3. Animosity

*Living Dead and Fall in Line have received air-play on WHRL Channel 103.1FM Albany NY, WEQX 102.7FM Manchester VT, and WZMR 104.9FM Albany NY.

S2A Demo (2007)
1. Bereft of the Label
2. Face of My Own
3. Follow Me

*Face of My Own was featured on XS BS Magazine's February 2008 Podcast (http://www.xs-bs.com/mag/podcast)

*Face of My Own, Fall in Line, and Living Dead have been featured on WHRL Channel 103.1 in Albany, NY

*Bereft of the Label has been featured on WZMR 104.9 FM in Albany, NY

*Follow Me has been featured on WZMR 104.9 FM (Albany) and WEQX 102.7 FM in Manchester, VT



SPLIT 2ND ALIBI is a High-Energy Hard Rock Band based out of Albany, NY. By drawing influence from modern rock phenoms like Breaking Benjamin and Chevelle while incorporating legendary groups like Stone Temple Pilots, Rush, and Rage Against the Machine, SPLIT 2ND ALIBI has created an infectious sound that is distinct yet somehow familiar. In two short years their intense work ethic has resulted in the release of a self-titled demo in 2007 and their first EP entitled Fall in Line in 2008. SPLIT 2ND ALIBI'S Electrifying live performance has earned them the honors of sharing the stage with some of rock’s most accomplished artists including Godsmack, Sevendust, Taproot, Alter Bridge, Nonpoint, 12 Stones, and more. “These guys have a real hard rock edge combined with melodic vocals” proclaims producer Tim Lynch of The Recording Company, who works regularly with Jason Bittner of Shadows Fall (Atlantic Records). Determined to make 2009 a breakout year, S.2.A. continues to add to their growing fanbase with each show as they expand throughout the northeast and beyond!