Mumbai, Mahārāshtra, IND

A chaotic, yet organised wall of guitar sounds meshed in with intense vocals and a lock-jaw rhythm. Live shows tend to border on frenzied. Think bar fights - without the blood shed.


Split's music is equally about conflict and resolution. The themes range from the epic to the mundane; from slimy evangelists to local trains, from revolution to traffic signals, and from existential angst to the eternal favorite – a broken heart. The band is most at home with a steady supply of new ideas, old grouses, and 7-year vatted rum.

The band released their debut album 'Counting Perfume' in February 2012.


P Is For Pig (EP)
Counting Perfume (Album)

Set List

13 songs from our debut album
4 songs from the upcoming album
An eclectic bunch of over 20 covers