Splitting Adam

Splitting Adam

 Vancouver, British Columbia, CAN

Splitting Adam - 2010 GRAMMY nomination! "Best Recording Package". "On My Own" featured in EA's hit video game "Need For Speed: Undercover". Lush textures and contagious melodies in a U2/Depeche Mode style. Splitting Adam's live shows generate the electricity of area rock.


Splitting Adam - 2010 GRAMMY nomination! "Best Recording Package".
Based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Splitting Adam has been seducing ears with their charisma, hook-laden melodies and expressive songwriting for over a decade. Their distinctive style has garnered praise across North America, generating comparisons to some of contemporary music’s greatest talents. Seren's vocals and presence unite the finer elements of Eddie Vedder, Bono, and David Bowie. Combined with golden guitar riffs and pulsing rhythms, Splitting Adam continues to progress with its impressive list of accomplishments: four independent albums, featured tracks on major American TV shows (NBC) and best-selling video games (EA’s “Need For Speed – Undercover”), national radio support, and most recently being hand-picked to perform on the groundbreaking 2009 Video Games Live tour.

To step back, Splitting Adam established their formative roots in 1996 and have been gaining momentum ever since. They solidified the current line-up in 2005 and with the release of their new self-titled full length album, Splitting Adam has truly become an unstoppable force.

“Splitting Adam's sound is a fusion of musical influences that each member brings to the table,” Thompson notes. “We recognize our individual styles and by embracing these differences, we’ve been able to create our own identity.”

Their latest CD possesses lush, emotional songs brimming with sophistication and lasting melodies. Seren describes the band’s objective as being akin to what definitive artists such as Coldplay and Depeche Mode have accomplished: timeless music.

Splitting Adam thrives on that which any soul instantly gravitates towards: personal experience, thoughts, observations, and dreams. “Our songs are mostly personal and emotional, but we also infuse subtle political undertones in the lyrics. We want to write great music that crosses international boundaries, and put on tours that push the envelope of live performances.”

Produced by Joe Cruz and Jeff Dawson, the new album advances the distinctness and originality for which Splitting Adam is respected. Still, the band is not content to sit back and rest on their accomplishments.

While the band’s music has been generating considerable acclaim and attention, Antonio reveals, that in order to fully appreciate Splitting Adam, one must experience them onstage. It is in this capacity, "live", that Splitting Adam truly stands out.

“Our live shows never disappoint. We’re tight musically, we write memorable songs, and even in an intimate setting, we have the energy of a stadium show. It’s very important to us that we give the audience more than what they expect, and that they gain a new perspective of Splitting Adam from every show.”



Clouded Lens (album)
Vertical Drop (EP)
Distractions (album)
3 Steps Forward (EP)
Splitting Adam (album)

Set List

Typical set lists include 8 to 12 songs and range from 30 - 75 minutes.
On occasion we include a few cover songs.

A recent set list:
1. Outside In
2. Everything The Same
3. Daylight
4. Sleeping With Strangers
5. On My Own
6. The Sell
7. Follow
8. Vertical Drop
9. Saturn
10. Drive
11. Walking Out
12. Movin' On

1. Anger As Beauty (Hawksley Workman)
2. Middle Of Nowhere (Hot Hot Heat)
3. New Sensation (INXS)
4. Sunday Bloody Sunday (U2)
5. Under Pressure (Queen)
6. many others...