Splitting Stone

Splitting Stone


Splitting Stone is a kick ass hard rock band. Mean and loud, they will blow you away with there shredding guitar riffs, mean bass and dynamic drums. A new age sound with an old school feel, Splitting stone is keeping rock alive with their ground breaking original music.


.Splitting Stone is a heavy hitting rock band originating from Halifax, Nova Scotia. The band consists of four members: Jeremy Ryan-Vocals/guitar, Mike Donaldson-guitar, Mike Chisholm-Drums and Greg Fogarty-Bass. Splitting Stone has recently released their first full-length studio album titled “Driven”. The album contains eleven original tracks and showcases the bands unique style of song writing. The album contains a diverse selection of music ranging from heavy hitting tracks such as “Head On Collision” to lighter, more progressive and epic based tracks such as: “Things I’ve Left Behind” and “19 Years”. The band has started collaborating for their new album experimenting with new sounds and progressions but still looks to their hard rock roots for inspiration. They have started building a credible reputation around the Halifax music scene and continue to perform their high-energy, loud shows regularly. The band operates independently and is available on many web based sources such as their MySpace site- myspace.com/splittingstone. They have recently released their album online for digital distribution and it has attracted listeners from all over the globe and most notably in Europe. The band is dedicated, passionate and most of all they love to rock!!


19 Years

Written By: Jeremy Ryan

Every memory, collides with jealousy
Could i've been a better person?
What couldn't I see?
We fumble through the years
Tripping over our dreams
Roping ourselves into something we don't believe

It's not that we don't care
It's not that we don't see the light
We're just scared it's all going to end so fast

19 years have come
19 years have gone
Still I wonder, where I stand
We've only just begun
So let the passion run
Through your soul
Don't let it go


Written By: Jeremy Ryan

Everything you've said
Was it just a lie
I couldn't see it in your eyes
Were they filled with lust?
Were they filled with greed?
Did you not see me bleed?

Revelations of untold truths
Bestoed in you
You said you loved me too
Conformations of an untrue heart
Left in the dark

Lies in your eyes
Lust filled with greed
You watched me
Untold truth
Untrue heart
You watched me Bleed

So don't speak to me about truth
You lied to save yourself
You love someone else
There's nothing left to do
I'm fucking through with you my dear

Here for the moment

Written By: Jeremy Ryan

I gather myself, heading for the great dark unknown
Time is moving quickly now, yet I still feel I have nothing to show
If I could only ask you, these questions I have the things i seek to know
If you could only answer, these questions I have
Tell me what you know

We're only here for the moment
So have another drink with me
We're only hear for the moment
so stay with me

Removing myself, hiding from the people I thought I knew
I'm finding myself, lost in this world that I don't know
Seasons will come and pass, the sun will set the moon will be my light
Time will wither me, I'll hold my head as I walk into the night

Things i've left behind

Written By: Jeremy Ryan

Taken from my mind
I was trying to leave this world behind
There was nothing left for me
I had given up everything
Reaching for the glass
To drown the pain as it passed
The memories they still hurt
don't want to last

Tommorow brings a painful chill
That I don't want to feel
Another empty day
Your so far away
Thinking of you
It tears me in two
Life still stumbles on
But i don't, i don't want to go on

But i'm wrong

Written By: Jeremy Ryan

The fall broke us both
battered and shaken
the shock of it all
it took
the breath from my lungs
the way you looked
when it all came undone

The words you said rang in my head
I put myself out on this ledge
I'll keep these secrets to myself
I'm left alone with no ones help

I picked myself from the ground
But you were nowhere
to be found
I looked
but you
were gone
you stole my heart
but i'm the one thats wrong

The words you said rang in my head
I lead myself out on this ledge
I'll keep these secrets to myself
Im left alone without your help

So you ran away
You left me here
To stay

But i'm wrong
I'm so wrong
She's so wrong
its so wrong
But i'm wrong
I'm so wrong
But i'm wrong


Splitting Stone "Driven"

Set List

10-15 Song set list. All songs off debut album "Driven" plus additional new unrecorded material. Song titles- In another time, Here for the moment, I Can't See.