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s. poe

 Cedar Hill, Texas, USA
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Im not a rapper or singer looking for some record deal. Im grinding for fans. You might just be my next one. You can only wish to meet a real star like the ones you see in the sky. But you'll never forget the one you just met.....I'm S. Poe


S. Poe Bio
The competitive nature, the ability to convert past failure into something positive, the constant drive to perfect the rap talent, the non-stop working and grinding and not to mention various fans and thousands of copies of the music circulating the metroplex as a result. Los Angeles native S. Poe demonstrates through his hard work, lyricism, and attitude what many artists lack--- a vision of providing a positive voice to fans as well as accepting challenges in the music industry and applying them into his emerging career.
S. Poe was born in LA but moved to Texas at the age of 14. He began his quest to rap success as a concert promoter for the next few years. In April 2004, he received his opportunity when he networked with various connections at the annual Kappa Beach Party. S. Poe began to open up for many artists through his connections after deciding to take a different avenue besides concert promoting. His first major event as an artist was in May 2004 when he performed at a pool party with late Houston rapper Big Moe in Dallas. S. Poe’s performance gained much notoriety that the main artist performed an encore.
An emerging career also brings temporary downfalls. S. Poe applied a majority of his time into recording an album in his studio. However, a lack of knowledge about the business aspect of the industry led to a minor decline after about one and a half years.
By the end of 2006, things were starting to look back up for S. Poe. For the next
two years, S. Poe and his team began to manually manufacture CDs, he worked with local artists, and he assisted with local television shows including Slab Lab TV and Mike City TV. In addition, he threw about six concerts and opened up for artists.
In April 2007, the climax of S. Poe’s career took place when he received the
chance of a lifetime. He opened up for various artists such as Lil’ Wayne, Jim Jones, and
Young Jeezy for the Street Dream Tour in front of thousands of fans.
For the rap industry and the countless Dallas music fanatics, there is much more in store. S. Poe has successfully handed 8,000 copies of his music to music fanatics city-wide. In addition, his knowledge of artist development, management, and photography continues to increase. Last month, he also released his album “Will Rap for Millions.”
S. Poe is definitely not the average artist. His businessman mentality along with his refusal to fail foreshadows the start of a lasting music career. For this local artist, quitting is definitely not a part of his vocabulary. Currently living in a city consisting of a cutthroat yet unpredictable music industry ultimately stimulates S. Poe to utilize the competition and ultimately reach his goal as a highly successful artist.


26 inches

Written By: s. poe

I got 26 inches.
(Do they swang?)
Like a chain
and a pendent*

Humvee beat
crackin up land
in the front seat creased
as the cracks in your hand*

Like my game aint as crisp
as cracking a can
that ll be the day
You put crack in a can*

People chunk the duece
like snake eyes on the dice
the rims dont move
the tire look like i hit the brakes on ice*

I live a life
people wanna take pictures
since 26 inches
was the length of my britches

Am I gangsta ?
as the first g apprentice
Plus I dont work without
the paper like printing

They say you cant
teach a ol' dog new tricks
but you can teach new money
how to do flips

I past 25,
skating on two six
blades like aids
oooh that too sick


Even side to side
Im compared to nobody
riding by you see my head in the air
with no body

tell the police they dont like it
come comfront me
i never tell the truth or snitch
but im a come clean.

Bling aint a thing
when you fly as a wing
on a ballon with a jet engine
that tied to the string

Thats a mess
like peanut butter and jelly goo
the inside me, outside
who is you?

I dont know ,
and i dont care neither
rolling on shoes , and not hillies new
pair of sneakers

what goes up must come down
aint trying to damp the scene
riding by, treating the ground
like a trampoline

what you dropped
Is change that ll bounce back
You aint working with money if ya change
will drop back

my two feet , a few feet
on the ground flat
two feet , two inches from the ground
count that



Will rap 4 Millions
Check My shit Out

Set List

My Birthday
26 Inches
(5-7 minute sets)